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    2008 Ford Edge Cooling Fan Malfunction

    I sat in the car last night for 10 minutes after I shut the engine off and the fans never shut off, so I ended up pulling the fuses. After the car sat overnight I went out and put the fuses back in this morning and both fans fired right up. So for some reason they are getting a constant power signal to run, even when the key isn't in the ignition. So I went from the old fans that wouldn't engage at all (which caused the overheating), to new fans that won't shut off! I tried everything I could think of, but in the end I took the Edge to a mechanic this morning. My only hypothesis is that the coolant temp sensor is broken, causing the PCM to think the engine is constantly overheating and causing the fans to run. Thanks for your help. I will post whatever the mechanic finds..
  2. I have a 2008 Edge with towing package. Last week it overheated on my wife and the check engine light came on with code P0480: Cooling fan 1 Control Circuit Malfunction. Assuming it was either a fan problem or the fan relay problem, I bought the whole cooling fan assembly on Amazon and replaced it today. After replacing it, neither fan turned on when I started the Edge. I took it out for a drive and once the car reached normal temperature (gauge in middle between hot/cold) BOTH fans kicked on and never turned off. Even after I got home and shut the car off BOTH fans continued to run loudly for 10 minutes until I pulled the fuse. I'm stumped... Could the Coolant Temp Sensor cause this kind of issue?