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  1. Brian1973

    (NEW) 2019+ Edge ST Stone Guards

    I would love to see some pics and order info.
  2. Brian1973

    2020 Edge ST radio swap

    I was just wondering if I was to swap my radio in my 2020 with one out of a 2019 with a CD player if it will be as simple as just plugging it in. I know I have to get the plastic face for it. Also are these radios pass code protected.
  3. Brian1973

    Need suggestions on new rims

    I have a 2013 Sport and want to downsize to maybe a 19 wheel. Does anyone have any suggestions on design. Im leaning towards black or gun metal.
  4. Brian1973

    Rear wiper arm

    Just curious I have a 2013 sport and was wondering if the rear wiper arm from the new edges would fit.
  5. Brian1973

    2013 sport ground effects

    How do I release the top. I took the 4 screws out and it feels like the top of the ground effect in the door jams are bolted on. I don't want to pull to hard.
  6. Brian1973

    2013 sport ground effects

    I found a crack in my right side ground effect and was wondering how do you remove them. I'm assuming there is some body molding tape.
  7. Brian1973

    Brand new set of caliper covers

    Front and rear covers?
  8. Brian1973

    Explorer sport rims?

    I have a 2013 edge sport and was wondering if the explorer sport 20" rims fit on the edge?