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  1. Liptoss, I have had the same error message. I tried about six times with 3 different usb drives. What I found out, after much searching and frustration is that the Ford website's instructions for updating tell you to not unzip the files before putting on usb. Then they show to unzip or copy and paste the files with Windows Explorer and show an image with the contents unzipped AND the zipped file on the usb. What they do not tell in the instructions is to DELETE the zip file from the usb, then do the update in your car. This finally updated the software to 3.1 without the error message. I know you were using a Mac, but maybe they showed the same image with all the files and the zip file. This was what was causing my usb error message. Hope it helps. David.
  2. Ha ha, yeah guys, I feel your pain. uh...gotta go mow...
  3. Enigma-2, I pulled fuses #6, #18, #20 (as I don't have IA, I left #23 and #26). Waited about an hour and replaced. My remote lock/unlock and panic alarm now work from the key fob again!!! You are so very helpful in these forums. I have read and learned so much here, and you are a big part of it. Many thanks. You are awesome!
  4. Thanks for the reply Enigma. I looked and cannot find a box with a Siemens label or the "CONT.ASY-R/CONT LK & ALAM SYS MN" . I had an installer put an aftermarket Clifford remote start on it about a year ago. Would they have removed/replaced the Siemens box, or am I just not locating it? I have seen a picture of one on a ford focus forum, so I have an idea of what it looks like, but I haven't located it.
  5. I have a 2012 Ford Edge with three button smart key. Today the three buttons (lock, unlock, panic) just stopped working. I replaced the battery in the key. No luck. Also tried my spare key, it doesn't work either, so I'm guessing that the car isn't receiving the signal and needs to be reset? The car still starts, just can't remotely lock, unlock. Any suggestions? Thank you.