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  1. mikenlaura

    Strange brake noise

    Turns out it was the brake booster, covered by the extended warranty at no cost.
  2. mikenlaura

    Strange brake noise

    Thanks for the info, I just drove it and the noise does occur when driving, just have to press brake pedal very hard.
  3. mikenlaura

    Strange brake noise

    Does anyone have an idea what can cause brake noise when the car is in park and pressing on the brake pedal, it sounds sort of like a vacuum leak. The brakes seem fine and the noise doesn't occur all the time and never when driving. brake noise.mp3
  4. I bought the panel from ebay, same p/n and color as mine, put it in and hasn't had any problems in several days so I'm pretty sure that was the issue. Not sure if it was the circuit board or switches on the panel or the flex but I think its fixed.
  5. Well it worked initially but this morning it acted up again so I ordered a used panel. I think its the problem because you can control the temperature using sync. I'll know in a week or so.
  6. I went ahead and removed the panel, it was pretty easy, like you said. I removed the cover to the circuit board on the back of the panel and cleaned the ends of the flex cable going to the board. I'm not sure that will do it, since the problem appears is temperature related (only happens when cold), I'll wait and see. I'm thinking about getting a used panel if the problem comes back.
  7. Thanks but its gotten worse. Today a bunch of the controls (fan speed, dual zone button, passenger temp up/down, etc) did nothing when pressed. I'm thinking maybe its a loose connection behind the console.
  8. I was hoping someone may have had a similar problem or recommend what to investigate. When I start the car up after it has been sitting a while the passenger side climate control temperature quickly lowers itself from its initial setting (maybe 73) to LO. I can press the temperature and Dual setting buttons and it does not stop unless I press the climate control OFF. The driver side is fine. If the car is warm and restarted I do not see the problem. Thanks.