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  1. Thanks, your to man..... (2015 the same)
  2. Ok, so it is not fixed or a different problem has arisen. For a couple of months or so all was OK. Then it started to overheat. Quick look under the hood showed neither fan was running. Relays (32, 38, 39) seemed to be OK (not 100% tested). ' Note: pins 3 is output on relay location #3 and 5 output relay location #1. Fan controller relay #3, has 0V at pin 5, this suggest that fuse F59 is open. But 12V from the battery to pin 5 turns on fan motor #2 so motor is OK On fan controller relay #1, pin 3 has 12V, AND when 12V from the battery is jump to pin 5on relay #1 the fan does not run suggesting fan motor is bad. Fuse F59 is located under the fuse/relay box. Looking at owners manual, it says to release the two latches, located on both sides of the fuse box. I can find the one on the left (standing on the driver side) but not the right side. Where is the right hand latch ???
  3. Solved (maybe) When it happened again, I felt each relay (32,38, and 39) and all where warm BUT relay 39 was hot. I removed 39 (fan stopped) and moved the relay in 38 to the 39 slot and the fan stayed OFF. Replaced the bad relay with a new one and all is well (so far - 6 day ago).
  4. I will swap relats today, I think I have some out of wrecks. (problem has not returned).
  5. 2015 SEL 2.0L Turbo 117,000 miles This has happen twice, the first time the radiator fan continued to run at high speed after the engine was turned off and ran the battery down, had to jump off. Car was ok, i.e. problem didn't return. Then yesterday the same thing happened and I disconnected the battery and the fan whet off, but connecting the battery again starter the fan running. Left the battery disconnected over night and reconnected the battery in the morning and the fan DID NOT START. . Checked the relayes (32,38,39) and they seemed to be OK. After several trips today, still seemed to be OK. I will pull the relays one at a time to see which one is closed. Any suggestions?