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    Full Size Spare Tire 2020 Edge

    Can you fit a full size spare in a 2020 Edge ST with 21” rims?
  2. I have already updated the USB hub to get Apple Carplay on my Sync 2.0. I asked Ford Service on Twitter about updating to 2.2. They were going to charge me $150 to do the update because they have to take the trim off to get to a USB connection near the APIM. They told me that it possibly could freeze during the update which then they would need to change the APIM (covered under warranty) but the new APIM would not have V2.2. Then do the update again with the possibility of it not working. So it sounded like a version of Groundhog Day. So I am going to wait until a new software update is available from owner.ford.com for the Amazon Alexa functionality. I might try a different dealer to see what they have to say.