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  1. Mine is leaking again. I don't know the exact mileage since it was last replaced but its over 30,000 I do know that. I think its inevitable that they leak unfortunately. Next time the oil needs to be changed I will be taking it in for the pan replacement...again.
  2. Ford does have an add on security module that has a shock sensor in it. No vehicle comes from the factory with it. It has been added at some point. It also is part of adding remote start if not equipped from the factory. You will have to find where the module is mounted and there is knob that turns and adjusts sensitivity. https://accessories.ford.com/electronics/vehicle-security/electronic-module-12157.html
  3. jmr061

    cluster swap

    wont work, completely different vehicle architecture.
  4. Either you have a loose connection or the APIM is bad. Chances are its the later.
  5. How did it get broken...was anything else damaged? Just curious if its a defect, poor harness placement, operator error?
  6. They are wired into the parking lamp circuit for dimming and the splice for that is up front in the parking lamp circuit, not inside so if you parking lamps work the circuit is fine.
  7. The seller does that list when they create the item. They could say it fits a Dodge in the list if they wanted to. Always double check with OE Ford parts listings when getting something from Ebay.
  8. Sounds like the classic sign of APIM failure as noted here: BAD APIM REPLACEMENT
  9. Those lights have nothing to do with the BCM and are not programmable. They are powered by the junction (fuse) box under the hood.
  10. Things like that are changing because of hacked software (Non-licensed) and programs developed in direct violation of reverse engineering agreements. You either have to be a licensed locksmith or dealer code access. You can't even read the door keypad code on newer model years.
  11. From the service manual: Factory Keycode Retrieval The factory keycode for the keyless entry keypad can be retrieved from a label on the BCM, a wallet card in the Owner's Literature, using a diagnostic scan tool, or by using 2 programmed keys. To retrieve the factory keycode using 2 programmed keys, carry out the following steps within 10 seconds: Place the first programmed key in the backup starting location and turn the ignition on. Turn the ignition off and remove the first programmed key. Place the second programmed key in the backup starting location and turn the ignition on. NOTE: Warning messages display in the message center prior to the keycode being displayed. The factory keycode displays momentarily in the message center. I have experience with a 2019 Fusion...the diagnostic tool no longer will read the keypad code....Ford killed that ability on newer models even though the service manual says it can be checked that way. My guess is that won't work for you either. As for retrieving it off a sticker on the BCM...For the Fusion the manual says that sticker is on the underneath side of the BCM and the BCM has be be removed for that sticker to be accessed. Not sure if the 19 Edge will be the same. Hopefully not so. I had to get a 2nd key programmed and use the two key method.
  12. You can have the built in remote start enabled (hood pin switch required if not already there) and get a new remote start IKT (key w/fob) that has remote start on it. This is the "Factory" remote start it would have come with, if it would have come from the factory with it. Or if you want better range then you can go with the long range kits which do require the security module. www.accessories.ford.com
  13. Send me a private message and I can hook you up.
  14. That is the latest for your vehicle and SYNC type.