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  1. You can purchase short term access to the service manual via motorcraftservice.com and if you can't figure that out pay someone to look it up for you and send the info.
  2. Then you have SYNC which is good start. I can't find any kits for going from the 4" to 8" for the 11-14 Edge. I am thinking the APIM is buried in the center console then and any retrofit cable would have to be very long which is why no one may offer a kit. I can't find any info on where the APIM is located so you may have to check with a Ford dealer or get yourself a Ford service manual to find out.
  3. Thats not sync2, sync2 is MyFord Touch, but anyway...does your car currently have BT?
  4. jmr061

    2020 ST snow/ice

    Tirerack.com sells complete winter wheel packages. Great for someone who can swap their own wheels if that is the case with yourself. As stated summer tires in winter climate...bad idea. Can get yourself or someone else injured or killed. I waited until the first snow fall to swap the wheels on my ride this year. I have all season tires for non winter months. I drove those in the fresh snow in December, than swapped to the winter wheels and took a drive in the same snow. Night and day difference even just going from all-season to winter wheels.
  5. jmr061

    2020 ST snow/ice

    What tires are on it? Summer performance, all weather, snow?
  6. The TMPS receiver is also the receiver for the fobs.
  7. Did you plug an antenna into the TPMS module in the back side of the vehicle? If you did you may have unplugged it or damaged the wiring going to it.
  8. If anyone is interested I pulled mine from my 16 Edge a couple months ago and went back to stock. It currently has custom firmware in it and I have some other custom firmware files for it. It was programmed for my 16 Sport. If anyone would be interested in it send me a PM for more details as this isn't the for sale section of the forum
  9. You should already have that info it is asking for.
  10. Turn the lane centering off (its on the left steering wheel buttons) and on and see if that icon follows it.
  11. jmr061

    2016 Ford Edge 302A Package Black Screen

    It is likely the APIM has gone bad.
  12. jmr061

    USB Ports

    USB ports are powered by the SYNC system/APIM. When it shuts down, they shut down. No changing it.
  13. I have a 16 which I am going to guess will be the same as an 18 and it doesn't have the nice pop in clips like the 19. Frankly it was a pain to put back on after taking it off. Its a piss poor design.