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  1. Ford did recently come out with a customer satisfaction program for the 1.5L in some vehicles (not the edge) for the same type of problem. Eventually if a CSP would come out for the 2.0 in the Edge owner's would be eligible for reimbursement. There is some hope based on the CSP for the 1.5L. Cross your fingers, keep poking the bear perhaps, etc and maybe wishes will come true.
  2. That isn't what TSB means. TSB's are only covered under warranty if the vehicle is under some sort of manufacturer warranty whether it be bumper to bumper or extended. If the vehicle isn't under warranty, a TSB is paid for by the consumer. A TSB is not a recall or customer service satisfaction bulletin.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if its months before an official fix is pushed out. Software updates, testing, validation takes a long time and even then as you can see, they don't always get it right. This is the future of vehicles as things get more technical and software based.
  4. Looks like an exhaust hanger.
  5. 9 times out of 10, multiple unrelated faults like that are a voltage issue. Even if the battery terminals look good, clean them anyway. If it still does it, swap out the battery. You don't have to install a Motorcraft battery. I have a battery from O'Reilly Auto in my 2016. If you have a friend that has a comparable battery in their vehicle and they are willing, try sticking theirs in your car for a test.
  6. jmr061

    New to me.. 2013 police edge

    Ive never heard of a dept running a tune on a vehicle. Newer vehicles are pretty quick these days just from the factory. They don't use undercover vehicles for pursuits and such for the most part.
  7. jmr061

    Drill Holes In 2019 Edge Muffler

    Exactly what @omar302 said.
  8. Both heat and cooling run the fan. There are no heat mats in the seat. It is a TED unit. What is a Ted in a heated seat? The thermal electric device (TED) is a heat exchanger that has a function to heat or cool the air flow from the climate-controlled seat blower motor. By changing the direction of the current from the power supply, the device takes or gives heat and adjusts the heat exchange process depending on voltage.
  9. jmr061

    Radio Reception Issue

    It could be the radio itself. Not having checked for DTCs yet is an issue. There could be a DTC waiting that tells you exactly what is bad rather than just throwing the parts cannon at it. I had access to the manual last week. It just showed that the antenna has a separate AM/FM versus Sirius/GPS antenna (both contained in the sharkfin). The antenna has a power wire running to it from the ACM. It didn't show any other parts other than a splitter for the GPS/Sirius signal. It could be the antenna or it could be the ACM. The FM radio in the ACM itself could be bad. BTW the 14D212 part you mentioned....14D212 is the base part # for APIMs, nothing to do with radio reception.
  10. For the Explorer a plastic brace has to be cut out and the PLATINUM cluster lens and PLATINUM cluster bezel has to be used.
  11. jmr061

    Radio Reception Issue

    I wish I had access to the service manual but I don't otherwise I would pull some info for you. I did do a parts lookup and the shark fin looks to have am/fm and satellite in it and also there is a part they call an isolator as part of the antenna system as well. I would guess its one of those parts or the ACM itself may be bad. Has the vehicle been read for codes? The ACM has the capability to throw codes for antenna issues.
  12. jmr061

    Radio Reception Issue

    The APIM has nothing to do with the quality of your radio reception. Did you read my previous post?
  13. jmr061

    Radio Reception Issue

    The antenna is connected the ACM (CD Player) and you shouldn't have need to remove that to install SYNC3 so doubt you messed with the antenna connection unless wiring harnesses got pulled on or something like that. The ACM will throw a code if the antenna is bad or not connected. Have you had it read for DTCs?
  14. Yes...you can get it here: APIM REPLACEMENT
  15. The tool isn't the spinning tool, you will also note they say if it doesn't bottom out then try to spin it while using the retractor.