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  1. A 2011 VIN and SYNC3 ESN will be an automatic fail. The map updates are tied to the ESN and the VIN that ESN is registered to in OASIS. Since a 2011 never came with SYNC3 its simply not possible to have that match in OASIS.
  2. I am a little confused...you have a 2011 and are trying to use SYNC3 map updates?
  3. My request only applied to 2019 model years....it appears there may be an issue with it displaying the correct map version even though the upgrade to 18 was successful.
  4. Curious if anyone with a 19 has completed the map update yet and is it reporting 1-18 maps in the "about" page of general settings.
  5. Map updates are out....you can download them or have them sent to you via usb. The site lists the options: https://syncnavigation.com/ford/home Appears 16/17s have to pay but 18s and 19s are free for downloading. Some vehicles may not be available yet.
  6. jmr061

    Navigation Update

    The same message was up months ago and said July 2019...that came an went...they changed it to Sept. now. I don't have much faith.
  7. Glad to see the redline fixed...the option that you say is in the latest Edge firmware....that Icon is for lane centering isn't it. Had nothing but issues on the interstates with mine when I tried that, 2 lane roads were fine. If that is what it is, the 17 Edge doesn't have that option. What firmware is the cluster running? I finally opted to run 18 MKX to keep it as close to the Edge model as possible. I had it tweaked back to Ford colors along with adding a pic of my Electric Spice Edge in the middle during startup. BTW glad to see someone else doing this with their Edge now. It really is a nice upgrade.
  8. I see some errors ...No redline and whats the little car in the lane by the large graphic showing the same? I think thats an option not supported on the Edge. Trying to go from memory. And 458 till empty...what motor you got? LOL never seen my sport that high.
  9. jmr061

    Apple Car Play

    I believe the OP is referring to the software version.
  10. jmr061

    Apple Car Play

    OP said he has a 16 Edge Sport...those all came with SYNC3 from the factory. The software just needs to be at 2.0 or higher and the hub installed. $479....wtf are they smoking.
  11. jmr061

    Oil consumption - 2016 Sport

    There is an updated TSB for this...#19-2243
  12. jmr061

    Backup camera stays on

    If the setting isn't the issue then make sure you update SYNC to the latest available or if its under warranty go to the dealer have it done.
  13. jmr061

    Backup camera stays on

    Have you actually taken it up to speed when putting it back in drive? There is a delay setting for the camera that is speed related. Did that get turned on? Although you didn't specify what year you have?
  14. Those instructions are for MFT/MLT/SYNC2 by the way.