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  1. jmr061

    Dorman Engine Oil Drain Plug

    I actually have that in my 16 Edge Sport but have yet to change oil since getting it. Last time I changed my oil, the OEM drain plug broke. The Ford dealer didn't have one and that plug was the only one my local auto parts store had.
  2. Did they inspect it and then tell you that or just tell you that when you brought it up to them? If they didn't inspect it, they are just talking out of their ass. You keep having to add brake fluid....there is a leak somewhere. An inspection needs to be done. Now if they inspected it and determined the ABS module is where the leak is, either things need to be tightened up or the bad part needs to be replaced. Brakes are not something to mess around with.
  3. SSM 48993 - 2020 Edge - Adaptive Headlamps - Selection Greyed Out In Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) Some 2020 Edge vehicles equipped with adaptive headlamps may exhibit an IPC selection of adaptive headlamp that appears greyed out or is not able to be selected. This selection does not affect the operation of the adaptive headlamps. This is characteristic of the vehicle and no repairs should be attempted. APPLICABLE VEHICLES 2020 CAR: DQ CD539N EDGE
  4. jmr061

    Bluetooth not connecting

    Sounds like it’s time for a replacement apim or upgrade to Sync3.
  5. I’ll say it one more time… Pay someone to program it properly.
  6. That is because he mainly deals with 15 plus Mustangs which runs CGEA1.3...he doesn't know everything. I have been dealing with SYNC stuff since 2013 and I don't know everything either, always room to learn. Yes the CAN BUS system is different. It's programmable though. I suspect Ford is writing the older can bus out of the newer software which is why dual climate won't work with 3.4 via SYNC (works fine if you have hard controls though) as I stated earlier. The newer generation of APIMs were never installed in the older can bus system from the factory so they have no reason to keep supporting it. I don't recommend your specific APIM be used in your vehicle but that doesn't mean basic things won't work. If you stay with 3.3 you will be perfectly fine as long as it is programmed properly.
  7. Where did you hear this?
  8. jmr061

    Bluetooth not connecting

    I deal with MFT a lot. 15 Edge with that version of APIM, I can't recall any issues. Doesn't mean things can't go bad. It is the early version Edge's 11/12 model year that have high failure rates.
  9. Yeah those are way wrong...it has to be programmed specifically for your vehicle which it clearly is not. If you messed with the ACM programming that needs to be changed back to what it was originally as well. There are cheaper places to have it done too.
  10. jmr061


    That is not factory remote start. Might have been installed by the dealer but hitting the lock button three times def. is not from the factory. You need to find out what system you have first.
  11. If this is what you are using for SYNC3, its way off.
  12. jmr061


    How are you activating remote start since you don't have the fob with the led?
  13. @TxBucki if you can't figure out the proper APIM programming there are a few sources on the internet that can supply proper programming for a fee. You many want to consider that. Also be aware that with an APIM running 3.4 software your dual climate will not work correctly from the SYNC unit and as Ford pushes out updates more features may not work right as that generation APIM was never intended to be used in a CGEA1.2 vehicle such as your Edge. So if you upgrade from 3.3 that will not function right.
  14. jmr061


    You can't find the setting in the cluster to turn it off and on?