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  1. jmr061

    Tire Pressure monitor

    Sounds to me like the TPMS is working as it should. Did your other vehicle have normal "air" in the tires or was it nitrogen or something else? BTW Ford tells me on my Ford Pass APP that TPMS is NOT to be used as a tire pressure gauge.
  2. Ford is rolling out V3.0_19149 as of this weekend. Looks to be released on the dealer side first as I was able to upgrade mine through the official dealer process (OASIS/IDS) however the owner site did not reflect the download being available just prior to upgrading it via the dealer method. I checked before hand just to make sure. It does correct the IOS Speedometer issue. Be patient...Ford tends to roll out updates by vehicle models so some may have it and some may not at this point.
  3. Send me a direct/private message and cut and paste the contents of the autoinstall file. It can be opened with notepad or word.
  4. Curious...what was the build date of your new 19? Seems to me there was a software glitch that did just that and it needs an update. So if it was built a while ago...this is probably the issue.
  5. Did you get the update from Ford or a 3rd party?
  6. From the service manual: The IPC provides a tolerance that allows the speed indication to display between 3% below and 7% above the actual vehicle speed. This means that with an actual vehicle speed of 97 km/h (60 mph), the speedometer can indicate between 94-103 km/h (58-64 mph). Incorrect axle ratio, tire size or tire size configuration could potentially affect the speedometer accuracy. Sounds like it is within spec...just barely.
  7. Its a software flaw with the SYNC software. Ford has a newer version and hopefully will be releasing it soon (it corrects the issue). But we all know it takes forever for software updates to be released.
  8. All that is, is a language pack. Its not the 3.10 update.
  9. jmr061

    Adaptive steering fault

    Well it took a total of three visits including the original to get the job done properly. Frustrating but at least its done.
  10. jmr061

    Remote Starter Antenna and hood switch

    Yeah its less than $32 MSRP. https://accessories.ford.com/electronics/remote-start/aerial-asy.html
  11. jmr061

    Remote Starter Antenna and hood switch

    The antenna retails for less than $32.
  12. jmr061

    Remote Starter Antenna and hood switch

    The antenna alone is $130? It plugs into the TPMS module right?
  13. jmr061

    Adaptive steering fault

    I had 19B04 addressed on my 16 Sport on Thursday. The following day I noticed the steering wheel was slightly off center. Today I pulled the service manual procedure for the replacement and it calls for partial alignment which they obviously didn't do since the steering wheel was off center. I decided I better check all the programming stuff that was supposed to be done so I hooked up IDS and checked and nothing was done. All they did was do the physical steering wheel replacement and sent me on my way. I have a long email into them (polite) with what I discovered along with a print out of the service manual sections pertaining to everything that needs to be done when the steering wheel is replaced and everything highlighted that they forgot. The fun of waiting for a reply.
  14. Could be a ground issue. May want to check the two grounds on the headlamp connector and where they terminate on the frame.
  15. It’s NLA. Ford pulled the plug on selling it. No one seems to know why.