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  1. If it was pooling at that point I hope you have a service record with the dealer about it. The dealer is supposed to send pictures to Ford for approval or denial for water issues like that.
  2. Were you under the 3 year warranty period yet when you first took it in?
  3. Glad they are working on fixing it but wow, thats some bad customer service, Tuesday appt, keeping it till Friday to finally look at it.
  4. I just verified with the 14 Edge service manual the GPSM is located behind the instrument cluster. You need to remove to the instrument cluster to get access to it.
  5. The above information is incorrect if you have the OEM system in the vehicle yet. A 2014 would have SYNC2 or MFT (MyFord Touch) in it. The above info pertains to SYNC3 which came standard in 2016 and up Edges. For SYNC2 most vehicles have the GPSM above and to the right of the instrument cluster. I can't confirm this for the 14 Edge though as I don't currently have access to service manuals.
  6. Did it say it was updating? Shouldn't take a dealer more than an hour to update so whatever their hourly labor rate is.
  7. Could be that you took some short trips and the battery didn't have enough time to get a good charge as well.
  8. My experience with this is low battery voltage. Battery may be starting to get bad. The remote start is more sensitive to battery voltage than starting it with start button.
  9. It sure sounds like its working as it should. I don't think anyone leaves their vehicle running for 48 hours.
  10. Are you turning the engine off when this happens? Or is it continuously running?
  11. The HSWM (heated steering wheel module) is designed to remain on, heating the steering wheel and maintaining the temperature until switched off on the FDIM (the touchscreen display) or the ignition is turned off. The above is from the service manual. So if the indicator light for the heated steering wheel on the display is shutting off on its own, something is not working right. The heating element itself may turn off and on in order to maintain its set temp but the indicator should remain lit once turned on. It should have to be turned off by the user.
  12. Your issues are classic signs of APIM failure. Personally I wouldn't wait.
  13. SYNC3 version 3.0 is the latest there is for a 16. Version 3.2 and above is only for 19 Edge and up. Ford will never officially release 3.2 or above for any 16-18 Edge. For the OP, if you have an extended warranty take it in and get it checked. They likely will replace the APIM. If you don't have a warranty you are probably going to have to get the APIM replaced on your own.
  14. Do your usb ports function? Try a USB with some music on it. Your media bay could be bad.
  15. Please give us as much detail as to the process you went through starting with downloading the update. While it is tedious to give a blow by blow description of the process, the more info provided will get a better result from people here being able to help.