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  1. jmr061

    Upgrade to sync 3.4

    Install it, that is the update meant for your vehicle. Your vehicle has what Ford refers to as SYNC3 Lite.
  2. jmr061

    Upgrade to sync 3.4

    Use the proper update supplied by Ford through the Ford SYNC update site.
  3. I had tires replaced at Firestone once on a Chrysler. They charged for new valve stems, $2 each. I was like I don't think they had the right valve stems Chrysler TPMS on hand and of course I looked at the wheels and definitely not new ones on there. They removed the $8 charge for them when I pointed it out. Imagine how many customers don't catch this. Nothing like a little extra charge for something not replaced. It should be noted that some TPMS units do have valve stems that can be replaced as part of a service kit and still maintain the original TPMS unit.
  4. @NoeYou can download the latest version here: https://help.ford.com/update-sync/ You won't get the available firmware update that is likely available for the system this however...that would be done in conjunction with the software if the dealer did it. Your dealer is fully capable of updating things. Sounds like they are lazy or just not knowledgeable.
  5. jmr061

    Upgrade to sync 3.4

    It shouldn't be laggy, perhaps try a master reset and see if that helps.
  6. I had remote access on my 13 Taurus early on it's life and have documentation published by Ford Sept 2013 showing remote access being available.
  7. Are you referring to SYNC Connect? If so SYNC Connect and Remote Access are two completely different systems. Remote Access is defunct as of the end of the year due to the backbone 3G service being shut down. To add the Remote Access RMU has a LISAU200 modem embedded in it and if you look up the specs it only supports up to 3G. I suspect advertising of 3G or 4G area fell back on that 4G areas also provided 3G.
  8. Ford has no solution that would fit your vehicle. It was rumored they were coming out with a replacement for SmartLink (which they quickly discontinued) but no one that I know has seen a replacement. You will have to go aftermarket (Viper, etc)
  9. Well your service manager is a tad wrong there...IT IS A RECALL. Ford just doesn't have parts to remedy it yet. Owner notification won't happen until mid September if I remember correctly (info from Ford OASIS which matches original post).
  10. jmr061

    2013 Ford Edge MFT Update issues

    You can dl updates without an account by using: https://help.ford.com/update-sync/
  11. Likely it will need to be programmed for your vehicle and then you will have to call up Sirius if you have a subscription and talk to someone competent that can change your ESN.
  12. jmr061

    Downloaded wrong maps for 2019 Edge

    @zog010@yahoo.com Then do a screen shot of the files in the SYNCMYRIDE folder for your map update. You have the correct 19 mapping files. That 18005 is meaningless to the install as far as the end user is concerned.
  13. jmr061

    Downloaded wrong maps for 2019 Edge

    @zog010@yahoo.com The first thing you need to do is upgrade to latest SYNC update for your vehicle. Get that done first. It should be 3.4 20136 I believe. After that is done let us know. https://help.ford.com/update-sync/usb/
  14. jmr061

    Downloaded wrong maps for 2019 Edge

    Don't use the cyanlabs!! You have a legit APIM that can be upgraded legitimately. You are just doing something wrong.
  15. jmr061

    Downloaded wrong maps for 2019 Edge

    My reply was for the OP's information. OP make sure you have the license file in the correct SYNCMYRIDE directory as well.