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  1. Embarrassed but amazed, that I drove 220K miles on the original set of spark plugs. I have attached a picture of one of the 6, but they all looked identical. Maybe with electronic control systems this is expected, but the gap being over twice recommendation, and only about 10% of the electrode, let alone they were pointed (picture attached is of one of the 6, the other 5 looked identical). Gap on the original plugs was average 0.110. The vehicle ran okay, 21.4 mpg, I am hoping to see some improvement with the new plugs (also change the rear injectors, although they were replaced at 80K, only 140K on them. The front injectors have 220K). I have put around 500 miles on the truck since the change, and I definitely feel improved performance. Torque and Fillup (android apps) are showing some improvement on mpg, but will not pass judgement until at least I run through two full tanks. Interested in feedback, is this out of the ordinary, as I have heard that new systems with high quality plugs can go 100K?