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  1. Sellwynn Monteleone

    22 in Foose Rims With Custom Dust Plate

    Finally put the second dust cover plates on so you can see the logo what do you guys think? custom made and color matched to ext. Thinking about adding custom made and color matched insert for the rim
  2. Sellwynn Monteleone

    2016 Lincoln MKX

    i have the 3.7 in my 11 mkx and drove the ecoboost and can tell you i noticed a big difference. the ecoboost has more power
  3. Sellwynn Monteleone

    2013 MKX engine cover

    it just pulls off those 2 clips come right off dont worry
  4. Working on some mods for 2011 lincoln mkx awd limited dual headrest moniters nav,fully loaded 22" Foose rims with lexani tires Custom color matched Wheel Dust Covers with Lincoln Logo cut out (Looks Sick) chrome mirror covers window pillars chromed lowering springs on the way with camber kit will have installed in a week 1.65" in front 1.25" in rear custom dash kit matching red and black carbon fiber ghost light with logo on doors future mods will be magnaflow exhaust system cold air intake perfomance chip Was thing of putting chrome plate behind dust cover to showcase the logo in between the spokes on the rims