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  1. What tune or what module? I can't seem to fimd anything for the Edge 2.0T.
  2. Thanks guys. Overall I think I just had higher expectations with fuel economy for a modern turbo 4. A big reason I went with FWD was to maximize performance and MPG. I tried to have my cake and eat it too... didn't really work. On a full tank (premium) our FWD Titanium will get 550kms (350 miles) consistently from normal city driving. Long highway road trips get us to 650 - 670kms (400mi). It's OK, but our old Civic still kills this (I know it's not an apples to apples comparison). It's all good for the wife. I just need a Focus RS and a track day
  3. The torque steer my wife even noticed. She has avg car knowledge and I didn't lead her into this either (I actually tried to hide it from her... ignorance is bliss). It's not bad at low/mid speeds, but more noticeable near the limit. I passed someone on a 2-lane 80kph side road once and the feeling was like riding a motorbike over a steel grate (front wheels were wandering like a snake). I'd say it was borderline dangerous... and I used to track a FWD car before. It's OK for my wife and I think she'll be even better with dedicated winter tires and summer wheels. I only read 1 review that ripped the Edge for torque steer and unfortunately the model I test drove was AWD. In hindsight, I wish I didn't cheap out and got AWD.
  4. Preface; I like my Ford Edge so far. Suggested changes: 1. Fix the torque steer. FWD is not good. I majorly regret not getting AWD. I seriously might trade mine in if/when the new transmission comes out (segue). 2. Throttle response. Not sure if the issue is turbo lag, transmission, electronics or a combination, but the vehicle needs to be smoother with better responsiveness. 3. Fuel Economy. The 4cyl is a nice, powerful engine but using the term "EcoBoost" should be illegal. I expected much better MPG from this turbo 4. 4. Trunk light. I really, really can't believe the poor effort on the 1 small, dim, low, light they put it. 5. Middle console storage. Overall it's poor. The "trap door" above the display is a bit sightly, the "pass through" behind the console is just useless and the "cubby" with the USB's is great if you have hands the size of a 5yr old girl. Make the premium models better... don't make the lower models bad. 6. Tires. They spin (or try to) way too easy. I'll be getting winters (as planned) and 20's with summers to try and help cure. If not, she's gone What I like (not in order): 1. Value 2. Interior. It's nice, very roomy, seems durable, modern, etc. 3. Trim / options. The Titanium had exactly everything I wanted (I think someone at Ford really did their homework). I wasn't forced much I didn't want/need and had lots of options to choose from (loving the roof rails and hitch). 4. Technology. The Sync3 is good and overall this mid-value vehicle is well equipt.
  5. No Sprint Booster available for the 2015+ Edge (yet?) either ?
  6. Wouldn't it just stay in 1st gear then? I've driven the Edge in sport mode before (and a 488 GTB) but I just dont think that's a good solution for my wife to have a smooth ride. Coming from a AWD V6 NA Murano with a variable transmission this was an unwelcome change. This is part of the reason I was looking for an ECU tune to try and smooth this out a bit more.
  7. Sport mode?? Now that my 2.0T has 20k on it I can give a much better review. To echo "jamesacastro", the throttle response is slow and inconsistent at best. Blame electronics, turbo, transmission, etc, but its weak. The little 4cyl does move when you giv'er, but the fuel economy is well below avg. My Titanium is FWD... big regret. This vehicle does not put power to the ground well and the torque steer is terrible... even my conservative driving wife has discovered this. Not sure how lomg we'll keep this.
  8. Interesting. I did not know Royal Purple was not a full syn. So many people rave about it. The Edge will get M1; hopefully it doesn't burn too much.
  9. Correction. I'd have to prove this in court. Most people don't go that far.
  10. Good to know, thanks. However, first and second hand I know many-a-stories about dealers (many different brands) looking to excuses to deny warranty claims based on any modifications. I'm waiting for an ECU tune for this engine. Anyone know what the factory boost is?
  11. Cool, keep us posted. That's on my to-do list to, but apparently it's a warranty voider. I use premium fuel already, but I'm looking to see if MPG improves after I switch to full synthetic.
  12. The engine doesn't deserve it's "Eco Boost" name, but you'll see a good improvement with MPG on your long trip. I'm still on our original oil, but we gained 150 kms on our first distance trip. Power is impressive for a 4cyl, but I think this vehicle will really benefit from the new/anticipated 9-speed transmission. I find this high output 4, turbo, auto a bit notchy in some situations. The current AWD system is not very sophisticated and there was also talk about an upgrade (not sure if/when this would make it's way to the Edge), but the torque steer on the FWD is terrible. These all-season tires are terrible in the snow too. I was planning to buy snow tires eventually anyway, but I didn't expect them to be required right away.
  13. Partial answer to my own question; Ford does offer these cross-bars under part # VFT4Z 7855100 A" for $594.83 cdn plus tax. A quick google search shows this is a Thule rack. It appears Ford did offer an OEM rack for the previous gen Edge, but apparently it does not fit the '15+ Edge. Given this I'd rather pay and extra $100 and get the nicer Thule Aero bars, but ideally I think there should be a roof solution that is significantly cheaper.
  14. Does Ford offer roof rail cross-bars and an OEM accessory on the 2015+ Edge? I'm looking at the Thule AeroBlade Edge 7602/7603, but they're $700 cdn! They're nice bars, but $800 (after tax) is absurd. It was only $150 to get roof rails factory installed. I plan to use these bars for snowboards and a box. Anyone have other suggestions for cross-bars?
  15. What's the boost? Its fun to play with the ECU's... after warranty of course ?