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  1. I need your collective ideas on removing the gasoline smell from a leaking gas can which leaked gasoline in the back of the vehicle. Got any ideas, or tricks that will help deal with the resulting lingering odor?
  2. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/07/18/ford-performance-schools-expanding-moving-north-carolina/
  3. Ford part # OU812!
  4. Have any of you cut, modified, or possibly removed the fiber guard covering the oil filter & sump plug to facilitate an easier, simpler, oil change and filter replacement?
  5. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/05/28/2020-ford-escape-price-25980/#slide-7552442
  6. I don't think they do, but keep doing your research I could be wrong.
  7. I don't think paint will stick to galvanized metal, so no. There would be a series of other possible paint prep. primers used.
  8. Chipster

    For the love of aircraft

    A picture from my 9th SOS days in Nam. Two 02-B's coming home from a Psy-Ops sortie. This one is one of my favorites...
  9. Chipster

    For the love of aircraft

  10. Chipster

    For the love of aircraft

    Can you explain the components of this powerplant from front to back? I am interested in the mid-section. Are those some sort of exhaust headers that feed...What? I see what looks to be a primary gear box at the back end, but what about the assembly just aft of the exhaust header? Great picture!
  11. Pretty informative, be sure to watch the video. https://jalopnik.com/take-a-look-inside-acuras-special-nsx-paint-booth-1834197925?fbclid=IwAR1ISoMA0GzUKRROdn8IqSEi6u12TepGVotvBjbFPRpVmosunT1qCTjQTao
  12. This was my 95 S-10 Blazer in Teal. I really liked it, and as I said before would like to see an Edge in the same color.
  13. I would like to see Highland Green on an Edge myself!
  14. Chipster

    2015-18 Ford Edge items for sale

  15. Chipster

    Battery current draw issue?

    I have found the same to be true for my 2016 and I too have replaced my battery. Since there are periods of time where my Edge sits in the garage I went ahead and use a Battery Tender Jr. float charger hooked up to it when I know it will not be used for several days.With the quick disconnect provided with the unit it's a quick job to connect or disconnect for use. These new vehicles can do really weird things when battery voltage drops below 12.5 + - volts.