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  1. I got to wondering how the story of "wet floorboards" played out and how time has treated those affected vehicles? I remember that Ford did a sales hold once the problem had created a lot of "wet" issues for new owners and they also repurchased some vehicles as I recall. I seem to remember that the problem was determined to be a sealing robotic operation that was not programmed correctly. I remember at that time there were several large threads here talking about the issue and what Ford was doing about it. In any case, are there any owners of these vehicles here now and if so are there any lingering issues?
  2. It's interesting that many on this thread have the same purchase preferences. My wife drives a 2016 Fusion and I a 2016 Edge. Given the fact that Ford killed both of these vehicles we probably will jump the "Blue Oval" ship in the next year or so. Given the likelihood of her 1.5 developing an appetite for coolant, and my 3.5 needing a new water pump or worse we will have to look elsewhere. I think I am ready to make a move towards EV's for my replacement and have been following the trials and tribulations of the KIA EV6 and must say it looks to me like that vehicle still needs some development before I jump there. I am also looking to see how the new Blazer EV and Equinox EV fare with early buyers. The Blazer's styling is a bit over the top for my tastes, but its size seems to fit my needs better than the Nox. I like the styling of the Nox. but I think it might be a bit too small. I'll have to wait and see. I drove the Mach E and liked it, but it felt a bit too small so I ruled it out.Come on Ford get with the program!
  3. Ron; Do you have any idea as to the change procedure used for a windshield R & R? What I mean is; Are the wipers removed, and given the close proximity of the windshield edges to the body (flush) did you see any marks, scrapes on the body as a result of the replacements? What about the plastic on the bottom near the cowl, is it removed too? Thanks.
  4. I just had my windshield assaulted by a rock the size of a boulder, well it sounded like one when it hit. The impact created a 3/4 non complete circle about the size of a silver dollar with the actual impact area pitted @ the center. I suspected that it was not repairable and that was confirmed by the glass shop. The impact area is high on the left side of the windshield about 2" below the roof line. I was wondering what would be involved in replacing my windshield and this thread does not make me feel "warm & fuzzy" about that operation. I am going to leave it be for the time being and see if the the impact defect will grow with summer thermal cycles as I expect it to. I put a clear adhesive film over the impact area to try to keep moisture out and will most likely have to replace the windshield come my next state inspection due next April, if not sooner. I can only hope my replacement experience goes smoother than the example discussed here. I guess I need to congratulate the SOB cutting the grass in his driveway with the discharge chute pointed into traffic of a major thoroughfare for this issue. Good shot Dude! :>(
  5. Thanks, I had to laugh as I saw it coming. Sounds like a move I might have made, if not via "the snake" the hose on the petcock would have blown off. Well live and learn. Do you think it would be possible to "force" all the old coolant out using the compressed air? As it was, how much were you able to remove as well as you can guess, given what went on the floor?
  6. When drained your's, how messy was it? Perhaps, I should ask how much fluid went where you wanted it to go on a percentage basis?
  7. This is a timely thread as I too will be changing my 3.5 over to the "new" Yellow. I wondered what was involved. I also was a bit concerned about how many "partial" cycles it would take to do a complete change over, then whether or not I should get a vacuum refill so all the air gets pulled out of the system. I also wondered about what motorcraft uses in the 50-50 pre-mix? I bet it's not distilled water! Flymore did you get that drain valve opened?
  8. I was curious about trying to play a USB loaded with music using a “shuffle play” mode in my 2016 Ti. with the Sony 12 speaker system. I dug out the owner’s manual and while the instructions showed a different screen with hard buttons and said to hit the “media” button and go into the USB menu and select shuffle play I can’t find any such method available on my soft touch screen. I tried to use the verbal method and did get deeper into some different menu settings, none of them seem to respond to touching them. Can anyone here help and offer up a suggestion to use a shuffle mode playback?
  9. Chipster

    2018 3.5 Considering battery replacement

    Out of curiosity what is the result of not re-setting the BMS after a battery replacement? Would there be any point in doing a BMS reset a couple of years after that battery replacement? Has anyone used the info. expressed in the video above for said BMS reset and if so, what was the result?
  10. Chipster

    For the love of aircraft

    You guys will love this site! Take your time and look around there is plenty to see! http://www.nmusafvirtualtour.com/
  11. Chipster

    Your music, what are you listening to these days?

    This pairing is fantastic!
  12. Chipster

    For the love of aircraft

    I love these "Hogs"! Any of you pilots have a feel for how much "slide slip" the quicker aircraft might experience when doing the sharp banks @ say 400-450K. within the canyon walls?
  13. Is the small icon in the side view mirror supposed to illuminate when the de-fog / de-ice system is energized? I've had this vehicle for almost 5 years and just noticed that mine does not. So the question becomes, should it?
  14. Chipster

    From one veteran to another...

    It's "our" day for better or worse. To help make the best of it see if you can one or more of these: https://lifehacker.com/the-best-veterans-day-freebies-for-vets-and-military-pe-1839365637