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  1. Chipster

    Unreliable Motorcraft Battery

    Do yourself a favor. Go buy a smart float charger like Battery Tender or Battery Tender Jr. I had similar issues with batteries (2) on my Edge, but since starting to use my Battery Tender when I know I will not be driving it for several days, or even after a long drive. It is interesting to see how long it takes the Battery Tender to indicate that the battery is fully charged after driving it on fairly long trips. (as indicated by a solid green led on the charger) I offer this as a possible fix for your complaint only if there are no outstanding charge / discharge issues that may exist. Over the years I have discovered that these vehicles a voltage hogs!
  2. Chipster

    Some good news. We need it!

  3. Chipster

    For the love of aircraft

    Actually what you describe were "A" models. (02-A's) Our's were unharmed psy-ops 02-B's equipped with one 1500 watt speaker which we blasted the VC with propaganda. We also rocked our "Grunt" brethren manning mission local firebases with a little Jimi Hendrix "Purple Haze" which was always greatly appreciated. Here is a picture of the speaker on the side of the aircraft.
  4. Chipster

    For the love of aircraft

    Coming from someone who may have had involvement with F-4's, I consider that a compliment.
  5. Chipster

    For the love of aircraft

    Sorry I don't remember.
  6. Chipster

    For the love of aircraft

    I had another B-17 fly into my local county airport and you know I had to go see it.
  7. I just changed my battery. What a thrill that was!
  8. Chipster

    Would you?

    Would you give me a break, or perhaps I should say brake, so that you can word police me on that in the future too? Peals? That's it, but he is going to get you now! 😉
  9. Is this rear 12 volt port "hot" full time or does the PCM /BCM kill it after some period of time? If it a timed circuit, how long does it stay energized?
  10. Chipster

    What color Antifreeze

    I wish these damn coolants were actually the color indicated on the chart. My 2016 "Orange" looks Red to me. That seems to be the case with other color coolants as well, with them not exactly colored as indicated.
  11. Ahhh, but the reset of the BMS is the rub, at least for me. I don't have the means to do that. AK you indicate that you did nothing beyond the battery change. Did you reset the control module on your vehicle?
  12. That's good to know AK, what did you replace it with? (Brand & Group no.) It hear that two different sizes will fit. Looks like the longer battery might be more of a PIA.
  13. I've used this approach on my S2000 Honda and it worked fine. No loss of voltage to the radio security system and you don't want that, believe me.
  14. bud-d- Timely post for me and my 2016 Ti. I wanted to pro-actively change my battery, but was going to try a different approach. I was going to hook my battery tender Jr. on the battery leads before I disconnect the battery for the change over. I was going to make sure they connection was well insulated to avoid shorts and then slip in the new battery and re-establish the leads. I wondered if this could also be accomplished with the use of a cigarette adapter into the 12 volt receptacle in the vehicle. I thought I read in a previous post here or elsewhere that those receptacles go dormant after only a few minutes, so if true I am not that fast and don't want to risk it. Anyone know if the 12 volt receptacles do indeed go dead / inoperative after a short period of time?
  15. Chipster

    Would you?

    If by some strange alignment of the planets and Ford offered up a wide range of custom colors for the 2021 Edge, (or any gen 2) would you pay an extra $2,500.00 to get one of the colors that VW offered? If so, which one do you like? https://www.autoblog.com/2020/08/06/vw-golf-r-spektrum-breakdown/#slide-2255258 I think I would go for the "Racing Green", but would love to see an Edge in "TNT Orange".