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  1. Chipster

    Not Edge, but Ford

    On this we agree!
  2. Chipster

    Not Edge, but Ford

    The new Bronco launch will reveal whether a lesson was learned or not. "A weaker manufacturer would have stumbled, maybe even failed." Are you kidding me? The stock is trading in the $6.80 per share range. They are burning through cash like it's... They have taken a risky approach to their current market situation, all Mustang all the time, killing the sedan (Fusion) and possibly killing the North American made Edge. Very Risky product planning if you ask me!
  3. Chipster

    Reference Series 3-1/2" 2-way car speaker (only 1)

    I bought a "single" from another owner who bought a pair and can agree that the sound quality is greatly improved.
  4. It was a "file picture" mine is fine, but I just wondered if any of the "new" wizbang care products now on the market would save it before it showed signs of surrendering to the elements.
  5. Is there any "car care" product on the market that will prevent the failure of the Ford logo on the grille? How long has yours lasted before it failed, and what have you tried in an effort to save it? Maybe it can't be saved...
  6. Chipster

    Lowered 2nd Gen Edge?

    Thanks Nick!
  7. If you own a second gen. Edge and have lowered it I have a few questions for you: 1) What model year do you own? 2) What kit did you use, and who did you get it from? 3) How much cost was involved for all of the items needed to lower it? (don’t include new tires and wheels if replaced) 4) How much did your work drop the vehicle? 5) How does it drive? 6) How are the tires wearing after the drop? 7) Any alignment issues? 8)Are you happy with the end result and would you use the same “kit” if you were to do it again? Any other thoughts?
  8. Chipster

    From one veteran to another...

    For all you do and have done...
  9. I'll throw in my .2 worth and just suggest a Battery Tender. Because of my infrequent use of my 2016 Ti I had encountered low voltage conditions several times early in my ownership experience. In the first instance Ford replaced the battery. Maybe it was bad, maybe not, I can't say. I do know the issue returned again several months later and I just started keeping the vehicle plugged into a Battery Tender and have never had another problem. I just think this vehicle does too much thinking after it is turned off and become an insomniac gobbling up voltage like a wino thirsting after that last drop of Mad Dog. The Battery Tender is a smart float charger and it doesn't do anything more than keep your battery voltage topped off. (at least that is all mine does) I used them for years on motorcycles, boats and cars and it has always worked well and are priced right (read cheap). The only draw back is that you have to remember it is plugged in. They come with quick connects so they are a breeze to use! Good luck with whatever you use.
  10. Chipster

    Your music, what are you listening to these days?

    Times call for this one to be bumped up again! Enjoy this.
  11. Chipster

    2014 Edge jack and all weather mats

    IMHO you have to price items if you want to sell them. What do you want for each item and where are you located?
  12. Chipster

    Better check that spare!

    Good tip!
  13. Chipster

    Better check that spare!

    Consider this thread as a “Heads Up”! As a rule I am pretty good at keeping up with the changing seasons and their effects on tire pressures. Well I thought so until I finally got around to checking my (out of sight and out of mind) spare tire. I am embarrassed to confess that I found only 20 PSI in it when I checked it. It should be no more than 60 PSI so I guess I could say that it was that. In any case if you have one, you might want to see how much air is in it and is it serviceable.
  14. Chipster

    Not Edge, but Ford

    An interesting and telling overview on how Ford blew the launch of the new Explorer. Let's hope they learned from it.