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    New guy in it for the knowledge-base

    My guess would be a GPS tracker similar to this https://intouchmvc.com/xcart/product.php?pr...=243&page=1 For an empoyee vehicle or helicopter parents. Don't tell the wife it's there
  2. DJ Starr

    Important Question ('09 EDGE)

    Ok, I know my reply was obnoxious, I just couldn't resist. I see also bbf beat me to the punch, all beit, with much more tact. Don't sweat the small stuff mate, enjoy the Edge!
  3. DJ Starr

    Important Question ('09 EDGE)

    Or someone could use any random rock to break your window. Better get an armored SUV. http://www.alpineco.com/ That outta do it...
  4. DJ Starr

    Serius Satellite Radio

    Wouldn't ya know? Now you all have to deal with my bad luck again. I got a Fusion with Sirius and guess what? Looks like it's going belly-up... http://www.reuters.com/article/mergersNews...030553520090210
  5. DJ Starr


    Glad to hear no one got hurt. Nice cobblestone, I always wanted that, too harsh here in Minnesota though. Someone should do your neighbors a favor and tell them their hollywood is hideous...
  6. DJ Starr

    Burning Smell?

    Yeah, I guess that should be fair warning to you all, DON'T BUY A FUSION. Don't buy anything DJ has!!!
  7. DJ Starr

    Burning Smell?

    Got a Fusion (09 SEL Tuxedo Black) Wednesday, missing the Vista roof BIGTIME. I am very impressed with the Fusion, solid car, great value and I love the Sync. It's been years since I've driven a car. Kind of fun, truth be told. This thing has some go juice and style but it's not near as comfortable as the Edge. I know it's hard to compare them, I am just glad I got to have both, if not at the same time. Big Ford fan here, always have been likely always will be. Best of luck folks, I hope for Ford's sake they get this sorted, Edge is an otherwise awesome vehicle. I would not hesitate to jump into another one when I am done with the Fusion if they get everything straight.
  8. DJ Starr

    Burning Smell?

    Dang near 30 Turns on mine by now, just started to think I was smelling something the other evening but it is/was -20 and my lease is up in 45 days, truth be told, I don't have the energy to chase this one down anymore. Shame too, I love the vehicle, best I've ever owned. With a buyout of a whopping 25k and this recurring PTU issue, decision to turn it in is made for me. Sux too, I will likely end up in a Fusion or a Focus..
  9. DJ Starr

    I got 2 $750 bonus cash coupons

    I don't know what his plans for disposition are but I gotta tell you, I HONESTLY believed they were free to a person who would use it. If they were for sale, why would he vet true buyers or not? Either way, they're his to do with as he pleases I presume...
  10. DJ Starr

    Ford Edge Forum and political Google ads?

    How about this for a unique sign of the times? I read on a gaming forum that Obama spent +/- $50k to advertise on virtual billboards on Xbox Live. CLICK HERE No matter what side of the aisle you are on, this campaign has permeated every facet of our lives recently. Go vote, go enjoy!
  11. Mine's still on 18 months later...
  12. DJ Starr


    This thread makes my head hurt...
  13. DJ Starr

    How Many Miles/Kilometers Do You Have?

    Hit 20 Turns today on the way home from work. Still enjoying the Egde very much...