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    So, I was able to get the Premium Care from Lombard Ford...with their emailed discounts, it was less than $200 more than Flood and Anderson. I asked Lombard if they would match it since they were the first dealer I had contact with and surprisingly, they did match. Total was $1110 for 0 deductible and 60,000 miles. I was impressed that they did it...I did have to pay in full but considering it was 1/2 the price as Ford was charging, no problem. I don't put a lot of miles on the vehicle (I just hit 4,000 and it's 11 months old)...thank you all for your advice and recommendations. Dave
  2. Hey...with all the technology and expensive future repairs (if necessary), I am considering the purchase of an extended service contract for my 2016 Edge Titanium. Has anyone purchased one and did you purchase it directly from Ford, your dealer or from an online dealer? And have you had any problems using it? Thanks, Dave
  3. I am glad others feel the same way...when I first saw Too Good To Be Blue in the brochure, I really liked it. Pictures on the internet looked real nice. When I saw the true color, I realized I didn't like it. It changes depending on the sunlight and sometimes it was green, blue, Aqua...my wife hated it. We ended up with ingot silver metallic...whit would have been the preferred color but we've had white for the last 18 years.
  4. The salesman did show me stuff but by that time, I just wanted to get out of there!
  5. Thanks for the replies. I forgot it even had the lane keeping system and I suppose I should read up on it. Incidentally, it's the Titanium trim...originally I was looking at the SEL but decided last minute to splurge a little.
  6. Hi...I've had my 2016 Edge for a month and a half. There is a push button on the turn signal stalk, when I push it, on the dash is a diagram of the 4 wheels and the front two are "highlighted". I forget what happens when I push it again, it might disappear. I can't find anything about this in the manual and I am beginning to obsess about it lol... Thanks!