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  1. Thanks guys ! Had adaptive steering fault last year, and now this battery issue. Starting to look like the extended service plan wouldn't be a bad idea after all.
  2. Thanks guys ! As luck would have it, my battery just died. Quite strange given the car hasnt completed 3 years yet. California weather is not that harsh either. So new question, does the bumper-to-bumper warranty on 2016 edge cover battery as well ? The warranty docs dont mention battery anywhere (neither in covered nor in not-covered)
  3. My original warranty on 2016 Edge Titanium (fully loaded) will expire in a couple of days. I am thinking of not getting an extended warranty/service plan. Am I making a mistake. What would I be missing ? How much does an extended warranty cost approximately ? Many thanks in advance for your reply !
  4. luxpow

    Adaptive steering fault

    Most of the people in this thread had this issue and got it fixed under warranty. Atleast I did. Its been working fine since repair.
  5. Yes. I thought others are saying the same but adding that the zero doesnt mean much as they can drive another 20 miles or so after 0.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. So looks like I am not alone. And happy to know the number becoming 0 doesn't mean I am stranded. @akirby, I am getting ~18 mpg.
  7. OK, let me simplify. The car displays how many miles it can run until it runs out of gas. I think this number is not close enough to actual miles the car can run. It seems that my edge would show a number like 50 where as it actually could run only 10 more miles. i.e. 5x overestimation. Wondering if this much error is common on Edges.
  8. Is it just me or does every Edge overestimate the 'miles to empty gas tank' by a factor of almost 5 times ? My driving is pretty uniform and on same routes so I expected the miles to be a more realistic number but it seems to go down by 5 every mile I drive. The Escape I had earlier had a pretty accurate estimate.
  9. luxpow

    Adaptive steering fault

    Tested it today. Exactly 2 turns required end to end. So all ok I guess.
  10. luxpow

    Adaptive steering fault

    I got it repaired finally. They replaced the steering wheel column as expected. But I have no recollection of how light/heavy the adaptive steering is supposed to feel. Is there a definite way to verify the adaptive steering still works ? The menu entries do exist still.
  11. luxpow

    Adaptive steering fault

    Many thanks guys. You are awesome as always. Does the need to have the alert showing on the screen still apply or will they just trust me and my pictures that the TSB does apply ?
  12. luxpow

    Adaptive steering fault

    I have this issue now on my 2016 Edge Titanium. Quick questions : 1) Is this issue fixed under warranty ? 2) Is there anything I can say to the dealer so they go straight to replacement of the steering wheel and not waste time with other "solutions" ? Is my life at risk by driving the car with this issue ?
  13. What is the remote start feature btw ? I can start the car remotely using the key fob. And I dont see why I would want to start it from a distance longer than that range. Only use of this device for me will be to ensure I didnt forget to lock it and lock it if I did forget. Absolutely no other use case.
  14. And even when/if this device does get released, they might make it a dealer installable thing only (not allowed for users to buy and plug it in themselves). Plus it might be a $50 per month service and no options to add the device to your current carrier.
  15. why doesnt Ford quit making false promises. Features that never materialize. First it was wifi upgrades, now this thing.