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  1. Most likely not. Check if you have the modem in the SYNC settings. if you do you will see a serial number.
  2. I solved it, I will post it in case somebody else will need it. Factory Mode: - cycle the ignition 60 times Transport Mode: - with ignition in RUN, press Brake 5 times then hazard switch 4 times (on,off,on,off) within 10 seconds
  3. Hi I have a 2013 Edge SEL, I installed the factory VSS, long range antenna and the aerial antenna. I enabled the BCM and IPC in Forscan, all looks fine. The VSS module programs just fine. The problem is that when I try to program the remotes I get a yellow warning as "Factory Mode, Contact Dealer". Did anyone knows what config do I need?
  4. laupetre

    2013 Airbag module location

    It's not about airbags but the airbag module or restraint module. I found it, it can be accessed through the right console panel, not needed to be removed entirely, just the front part. I have attached a pic, maybe it will help someone else.
  5. laupetre

    2013 Airbag module location

    Does anybody know exactly how to get to the module? Do I need to remove just the side panels, do I have to remove the center console entirely?