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  1. well after the "you just need to change the settings" and "your model doesn't have that option" they finally took a look at it. just got it back and it works like it used to. Service request shows "Reprogrammed FCIM with as-built data, verified operation"
  2. the only remote start option I can change is the duration. The Seats and Climate control options are not selectable to change the options. The heated seats do not come on at all, after 20 minutes the seats are still cold. A search turned up some posts that referred to a software update, but none of them had positive confirmation of a fix...just curious if anyone has had luck with a dealer software update? I called my dealer and they couldn't confirm a fix either. I'm close to the 3 year/36mo warranty being up so wanted to get it taken care of. I THINK it used to work, but my wife normally drives it and I could be mistaken. Thank you.
  3. 2016 Edge, purchased 4/25/2016, On 6/23/16, 4768 miles, p2112 code stored. Dealer had diagnosis that same morning, but took a week to locate part (was apparently on "National Backorder". Per service order replaced with part number AT4Z-9E926-B. Haven't take time to look under the hood for any additional info on the throttle body such as Rev. numbers.