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  1. Hello all! My prior issue was that the speakers had no audio when the car was turned on but audio worked fine when key was in accessory position. (I unplugged battery, fuse, factory resetted, all that jazz). The issue cropped up when I had the serpentine belt replaced, the guy struggled with it and battery died. So I caved and took the car to the dealership to have it looked at. They said I needed a new radio module ($600 - $700). I bought one on eBay and installed it myself. Same behavior. I am not convinced that the issue is the ACM. Do I have to take it to the dealer to have the unit flashed to my VIN? Is there a wiring diagram I could look at to test some stuff out? Is there a sync unit somewhere that can be reset? Like I said before, it works fine in accessory. When the car is turned on or key is in on position, no audio BUT the radio is on and functions (I can push buttons and do things but no audio from the speakers). I could just be unlucky and got another faulty unit (I am skeptical of that since it came from a wrecked Edge and was guaranteed to work but it's still a possibility). Do the speakers get power from the battery when in accessory but from another source when the car is running? How do I test if the speakers are getting power? I bought a voltmeter and can figure out how to use it but I'm not sure where to look or what to do. I am new but I've learned some things in this effort and I value that. Thanks for everyone's help! -Alex
  2. I will try all of those things but here's a new symptom that might/might not be tied to it. The heat does not heat. When I turn it to hot, it still comes out luke warm to cool. Thanks so much for the advice. I will update as I try those things. I did try the master reset/pull battery thing before but not in that fashion. Buying a volt tester off amazon now!
  3. They looked okay, I will try and replace them with some spares in the fusebox (the ones listed as spare in manual). Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Hey Guys, Figured I'd try this forum before heading to the dealer (there aren't any well reviewed dealers in my area). I went to a mechanic and while getting my serpentine belt replaced my battery died. Not a big deal but now my radio doesn't work when the key is in the on position. The funny thing is that it works in acc AFTER the key was in the start. I tried to unplug the battery, resetting the car alarm (a persuit car alarm system), taking out the fuse for the radio, still same symptoms. It's as if when the car is on, there's no power to the speakers. The radio still turns on and everything looks fine, just no sound from the speakers. When the car is off, it all works out fine. Any idea on what I can try? I'll retry anything again as I'm not getting anywhere yet. My last bet is to just take it to the dealer to have them reflash the radio firmware (if that's a thing). Thanks ahead of time for any help! -Alex