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  1. I just replaced the micro switch in my 2012 Ford Edge Limited with Eco boost. The hardest thing was to get the silver trim off on the right and left side of the storage console going up to the GPS screen. Two narrow strips. Just pull up with medium force. Once you get a section up, just work on the next section. I ordered 2 micro switches with leads on and spliced them into the old wires. I ordered them from Mouser Electronics part # 653-D2HW-BL-201M. Take plunger off of old switch and put on new switch. Total price for 2 switches (1 spare) and shipping was $18.04. Took me about 2 hours only because I didn't know how to take the trim off. Works Great. Ford is doing you a disservice replacing the whole shift column for about $900.00 Keith Nergaard
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    Shift in Park

    When shift is put in park, and ignition is turned off, dash board says not in park.