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  1. On my 2015 Ford Edge. The driver side 10way power seat just doesn't work all of a sudden. Checked the fuse for the driver side module (#74 I think) that is good. Also checked plugins and they all seem good and tight.. It's all the way back right now. What else should I checkout?
  2. Thanks, I'll see if local Ford Dealer has one
  3. What is the part number for original intercooler grille for a sport? With the block heater hole. Can't find any with the hole. It's on the passenger side. I found one but the plug is on the wrong side. Thanks
  4. I cant seem to get the link to work. PDF just fails to download. I would really like to see how. I need to replace my front Intercooler Grille.
  5. axeman_87

    Door seal

    Hi, on my 2015 Edge sport. Bottom seal under door ripped out of the clips. Where online can I buy replacement. I tried putting back on, lasted about a day.
  6. axeman_87

    Door Hinge Noise ?

    My 2015 Edge had the similar looking crack. It was from a rock tho. Front edge of sunroof was dinged and then spider cracked just like those pictures. Both windows did the same, the moveable and solid one. Covered under insurance claim, but yes it was close to 3000 in parts and labor.
  7. axeman_87

    2015 Edge Sport Code P0344

    Awesome thanks I'll check that out today!
  8. axeman_87

    2015 Edge Sport Code P0344

    I'm not even sure where to look for this sensor, it's all wiring and stuff jammed under there. Could someone point out where it is? I'll check the connections then will see if the code comes back again.
  9. axeman_87

    2015 Edge Sport Code P0344

    I'm using Pennzoil full synthetic 5W30. Oil changes done by Jiffy Lube. The light and code came on again this morning. Cleared as well.
  10. axeman_87

    2015 Edge Sport Code P0344

    Hey had this car for two years now. no issues. about 6 months ago this code came up. i cleared it and now it came back again, but only stayed on for half the day, this one cleared too. should i be worried or anything to check out? P0344 FORD - Camshaft Position Sensor 'A' Circuit Intermittent Bank 1 or Single Sensor
  11. axeman_87

    Spark Plugs

    okay. those NGK One step colder? Are they the Iridium plugs? never heard of one step colder
  12. axeman_87

    Spark Plugs

    Hey, so I know in the manual it says I should change spark plugs around 120000km. Should I follow this or change earlier. ? 2015 Sport 2.7L 78,000km now. Would I just get stock plugs or another iridium brand? Also the spark plug boot, I've read out there for the F150s to change the boot, is this recommended? Thanks
  13. Hi i just bought a 2015 Ford Edge Sport and love it! want to keep it immaculate if i can. I have seen, on my truck, the paint wears down from entering the vehicle often. where feet scuff the paint from dragging over. Hard to explain what exactly it is. Driver side mainly, like under the door when its closed? Its below the illuminated EDGE symbol. Anything go over to protect the paint and washes easily?