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  1. snmjim

    Ultimate performance Intercooler

    Sometimes Special K and I just have to ask ourselves why do we even bother with our research and development let alone the sharing of the information considering most aren't using it because they don't try to do a little research before making uninformed comments & questions.
  2. snmjim

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    Would 50cc more allow e85?...
  3. snmjim

    Track Time Results

    27 lbs +/-
  4. snmjim

    Track Time Results

    Thanks for your support & encouragement Xtra but it does get crazier... We were limping at the track due to top end breakup caused by a o2 sensor that was going bad and eventually went bad after the first run which in turn set off the nannies to protect the motor of which the ECU started pulling back power on the last 2 runs and we still pulled those speeds & times... The hybrid Turbos performed way better than we could have imagined, providing lots of boost!!! Up to this point we and the Tuners were very frustrated with the complexity and depth of the Tune tables for this platform however after the top end breakup at the track and some other potential Tuning scenarios that could have ended in catastrophic engine failure we have come to realize the rational for this complex Tune program/tables, Ford programmed in a large amount of motor protection. Therefore thank you Ford... To be continued after an o2 sensor replacement, more Tune Revs, Dyno time then off to a warmer track or wait for Spring... BTW, she's still a great daily driver with climbing mileage!
  5. snmjim

    2018 Fusion Sport intake

    We ended up fabricating our own from scratch using our HPTuner software to measure & substantiate gains. The short of it is if your going to use the stock snorkel entry point through the front cross member you will NOT make any measurable gains. Hint: you MUST have a larger than stock or multiple fresh air entry points into the air box...yes, we've tested & measured to validate this statement...🤔
  6. snmjim

    Track Time Results

    Sorry it's been a year plus since we promised to post a track slip and Dyno sheet however after multiple scheduling and Tuner set backs we did manage to get a few runs in on the last night of the season. Car #69... Notes: - Due to a bad o2 sensor we weren't at 100% which caused high end breakup but we can promise an improved showing at the next opportunity of which we'll update this this post with. - Dyno sheet will also be posted here once we can squeeze into one of our sponsors Dynos schedules... Thnx @zfgracing Watch Ford Edge Sport Record Quater mile (12.29): https://youtu.be/ZwkMhzYebAE
  7. snmjim

    Track Time Results

    Duplicate, Ref next post...
  8. snmjim

    Downpipes (2016 Edge Sport)

    On page one of this topic string and about the 22nd entry down by me will provide all the pricing and contact Info necessary. These are being produced by a custom fabricator (Zury) If your unable to contact Zury (fabricator) with the Info provided on page one then PM me and I'll reach out to him personally...👍😉👌
  9. snmjim

    Need help with 2018 Edge Sport Rims

    Here's the answer to all of your 20" wheel issues, these wheels, tires (All-Season Performance) & TPMS sensors were all new and only have 500 Hwy miles! Make me an offer I can't refuse so I can use my garage again before winter gets here...lol...
  10. snmjim

    3500 lbs towing

    Based on general engineering knowledge and a gear head to boot, I wouldn't even give a second thought to attempting a 4 Cyl gasoline engine tow trip of that capacity and would be reluctant with a tow package...of course unless it was a diesel...wish you well...🤔
  11. Haven't noted any mention on this forum. Besides if your not Tuning the majority of engine Mods will not have a significant benefit until the Tune is modified to know it's there and tweaked to take full advantage of it...
  12. snmjim

    Thermostat 2016 Edge Sport

    It's not required but if your changing the T-Stat to run cooler then you should be aware that the fans & AGS operate in conjunction with that and to optimize your intent to run cooler you may want to consider adjusting the settings for the fans & AGS...
  13. No one on FEF that we're aware of and if you did you'd first have to ID the Duro rating of the stock bushing and use an equivalent or else your wasting your time & money. The front mount is fine for stock & so far for up to 500 whp and resonably easy to access for your average gear head. So if your not interested in giving your Edge an Edge and the stock mounts are proving fine with higher performance then I'm not getting your concern...