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  1. snmjim

    2016-2018 Stock Turbo Set Excellent Condition

    Turbos sold Admin: please remove this thread Edit: \End Thread
  2. snmjim

    2016-2018 Stock Turbo Set Excellent Condition

    Mike, That's only $175 per Turbo, that's almost insulting, lol, considering we just sold a set for $600 with S&H. Checkout our packaging on Instagram @ edge_redefined. Recommend you do some homework to see what a quality set of used 2.7 Turbos go for. Note: we have 2 others that want this set that's packaged & ready to ship however their waiting on payday so it's a first come first serve and offers will be provided to all interested parties to allow out bidding for those that are ready to buy. Nice try, no cigar...;-)
  3. Can you swap these specific ecoboost engines as Plug-N-Play?
  4. snmjim

    Yet Another Intake Thread

    Yeah, Sorry for kinda dropping the ball here however, we lost site of this one since AFE never responded to our messages and we had such great success with our custom prototype. However, we propose that since Xtra is the closest to there location that he Champions this one across the finish line. Xtra, U up 2 the call of duty?
  5. snmjim

    Track Time Results

    For those of you who have been wondering what's going on with the dynamic duo father son team (SNMJimbo & Special_K) we figured you'd appreciate an updated SITREP. We are in the final stages of refining the trans tune and tweeking the rear coupler on the AWD system. We hope to have that done in time for when the tracks open and if all systems are a go and she is at her best we will be providing track slips and dyno sheets for our final record setting time, HP & torque. We are shooting for the elevens!!!
  6. snmjim

    Track Time Results

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  9. Here's a good starting point for what's been R&D so far by the pioneers on this forum: FYI, We're past 500 whp & torque and in the high 11s at which point the Trans clutch packs will not hold and WILL fail therefore we highly recommend a Trans bullet proofing by Level 10 transmissions in NJ, ask for Pat (Owner & proprietor)
  10. We've had ours on stock struts & shocks since 2017 without issues and we drag race periodically with it, 2016 Edge Sport...👍👍👍 Note: We're considering going with the Edge ST struts & shocks...😉
  11. snmjim

    2016-2018 Stock Turbo Set Excellent Condition

    Highly advise that you both keep your daytime jobs...lol
  12. Great for stock replacement or for having modified. Go ahead and make me an offer, you just might be surprised...👌😉👍
  13. snmjim

    The Ultimate 2.7TT Aftermarket Parts Thread!

    Recommendation: Add the Xtreme-DI HPFP to the list since it's tested & proven. Not sure of the p/n however here's the link: http://www.xtreme-di.com/product/xdi-hpfp-ford-nano/ Note: Recommend holding off on the injectors until we've tested & proven them...
  14. snmjim

    Downpipes (2016 Edge Sport)

    That is totally incorrect! We've been running Catless for at least a year using o2 defoulers and have had no o2 related codes and have no problem going through emissions inspections. Note: we've Tuned for 87, 93, e50 & e85 without o2 codes...👍😉🤙