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  1. snmjim

    The Ultimate 2.7TT Aftermarket Parts Thread!

    K, Here's one of your finds I think is worthy of the list, unfortunately not tested nor proven: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ABS-Front-Bumper-Grille-Honeycomb-Grill-Vent-Grid-Refit-For-Ford-Edge-2015-2018/362850116515?fits=Year%3A2018|Model%3AEdge|Make%3AFord&epid=8035770920&hash=item547b8d63a3:g:Ig0AAOSwaW1d9KMI
  2. snmjim

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    Hey SpecialK, Y R we putting the effort out 2 make an after market listing of HiPo parts when very few R even attempting 2 query for it???
  3. snmjim

    Downpipes (2016 Edge Sport)

    UPDATE!!! On behalf of FEF Members I personally contacted Zury Fabrications with a WTF Dude and here's what he's going to do for 2016-2019 Edge Sport owners but remember FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! Zury statement: Sorry, been going through emails to see who actually had serious injuries...a lot of them were asking about exhaust with it. I've also had another issue come up where the vendor we use for cats is no longer producing them. Been trying to source another brand. Here's what I can do, I can make a couple noncatted sets and put them up for sale. There just hasn't been enough serious inquires that would be worth the time and money to buy parts and make them. Give me two weeks and we will have a few sets. SNMJim Note: I requested he keeps me updated as to his progress with fabricating a catted set or 2 of which I'll Fwd that Info to FEF once it comes available...👌😉👍
  4. snmjim

    Downpipes (2016 Edge Sport)

    For custom eTuning I'd go with ZFG Racing, hands down! Out of the 5 Tuners we've been through, which includes all that you've mentioned, ZFG has done an outstanding job working with us to get the platform through some major barriers and to it's record breaking status...👍👍👍 NOTE: This is one of the most complex ECUs to Tune therefore you must have a well seasoned Edge Sport Tuner who knows the pecularities of this specific platform and can safely push it. Thank you again ZFG!
  5. snmjim


    Wheels are from an Evoque Range Rover Details posted here however, they're no longer available.
  6. snmjim


    We'll let the numbers do the talking...👌😉👍
  7. snmjim

    2.7L ecoboost tuning

    Let the numbers speak for themselves and ZFG Racing was spot on!👍👏👌👍👏👌
  8. snmjim

    Ford Edge 2nd Front Upper Strut Tower Bar Brace

    Thought this thread was suppose to be about "Ford Edge 2nd Front Upper Strut Tower Bar Brace".....hmmm...🤔
  9. snmjim

    Ford Edge 2nd Front Upper Strut Tower Bar Brace

    Xtra is best suited to chime in here considering he roads races his Edge through the CA canyons. We have nothing to contribute Tech & Spec wise since we have yet to find an auto-cross track that will allow an SUV. I guess they're reluctant because they're probably scared that we'll shame them...lol
  10. snmjim

    From one veteran to another...

    1978-1984: USN Aviation 2nd Flt Eng for VQ-4 out of NAS Pax River MD supporting the bubble heads with nuclear war standby alert initiation using a Cobalt security level C-130H. At the same duty station transferred to a VP Squadron chasing Typhoon class Russian boomers using P-3C. My career was over when I was deemed not fit for reenlistment after a motorcycle accident which severed my leg more than 75%. 1984-1986: I continued my service to the greatest Nation on the globe by transferring at the same duty station to the USN Test Pilot School as a flight status contractor where I performed flight status duties by performing in flight troubleshooting. 1986-1991: Supported NAVAIR & the Pentagon as a DoD contractor. Highlights: Deployments ranged from 1-9 months Supported the Faulkand Island war (INCIDENT) during night sorties Test Pilot school R&D 1 ejection 2 crashes Shadowed by Russian Bears constantly Did the first C-130 carrier emergency carrier landing 1991-to Present: Federal employee supporting DHS as a logistics Eng. Sorry to bore...lol
  11. snmjim

    Ultimate performance Intercooler

    Here's your answer to removing the front fascia:
  12. snmjim

    Ultimate performance Intercooler

    jamie1073 FYI The only MODs necessary to install the UP IC is the removal or cutting off of the lower IC section of the AGS and cutting back of the front section of the cooling table support bracket about 1". NOTE TO ADMIN: We had this MOD & many others posted on this Forums site with very detailed DIY with Pics however, many of those have dissapeared therefore we no longer put the extensive effort out to post these.
  13. snmjim

    Ultimate performance Intercooler

    Sometimes Special K and I just have to ask ourselves why do we even bother with our research and development let alone the sharing of the information considering most aren't using it because they don't try to do a little research before making uninformed comments & questions.
  14. snmjim

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    Would 50cc more allow e85?...