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  1. Beezz, All looks like the makings of a thorough project. Tips/Reco/Comments: - The caliper rubber grommets for the slide pins that come with the Power Stop pad kit should be greased inside & out with a non rubber deteriorating grease to ease install & movement, it can be a battle without it unless there's a special tool or technique I lack, - Stabilizer bar link locks to prevent horizontal shifting of the bar, especially since the tolerance from bar end to electronic brake servo will be close. - H&R Springs from Tirerack No, I didn't have any chipping on my pads however, I can't comment in detail without some Pics.
  2. Our specialty is research & development (R&D) and we enjoy helping those in need who appreciate & respect our efforts.

  3. HPTuner/Track Addict is using, displays & records GPS data
  4. snmjim

    Current Forum Problems

    We have lost several pages of postings, Pics & DIY Info on a high demand topic that was there in the past day or two, after the site transition: https://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/21117-intercooler-sport/?page=11
  5. snmjim

    Ford Edge RS

    Soo looking Fwd to having one... for lunch...lol
  6. snmjim

    Ford Edge RS

    Mine is handling well past that & doing fine. Totally agree & support your points!
  7. Do U know how Dragy data/Info compares to the Logs provided by the new HPTuner that plugs N2 the OBD port and connects to the HPTuner phone App called Track Addict?
  8. snmjim

    2.7 EB HPFP

    What Meth system do you recommend that's simple, cost effective, reliable, taps from the washer bottle and can be programmed in the tune to inject at a designated boost level?
  9. snmjim

    Current Forum Problems

    Where is the topic list I used to follow the topics I authored and/or contributed to?
  10. snmjim

    First Test: Edge ST

    Which motor? What is the crank & wheel HP? AWD? Gas mileage?
  11. snmjim


    Congrats Dude!
  12. Xtra & I both thank you all for your input & recommendations and truly appreciate it. We just ask for your patience with our slow approach to a hopefully fast outcome...;-) Is Dragy an App used on the phone?
  13. Per post #228 in topic string: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/21117-intercooler-sport/page-12 We are road racers, not draggers We are over 60 and no longer have to prove or substantiate ourselves however, as a courtesy to 037, yourself and few others we are working towards making that happen strickley out of courtesy. However, there have been several failed attempts made to date to provide slips but for one reason or another something would interfere with providing good solid data i.e. excessively high DAs, weather, track wait times due to accidents or fouling and my favorite "BLOWN OFF BOOST TUBE HOSE...LOL If it AIN'T one thing it's another but we'll be relentless and do our due diligence to make it happen before the winter shutdown.
  14. snmjim

    Intercooler - Sport

    Post #97 of this topic string answers your questions using Pics. The short of it...alignment is not the issue, it lines itself up when reinstalled as it was. You must remove the IC section of the AGS but leave the actuation fork on but cut the part of the actuation fork off that would have actuated the, now gone, IC portion of the AGS shutters and leave the AGS harness plugged in to actuate the radiator shutters...;-)
  15. Yes, they're coated and I use a shop lift.