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  1. kalle3507

    2008 Ford Edge Master Cylinder, Maybe

    Replacing it fixed the issue for me. I found a video on youtube this guy had all the same symptoms and changed all the same things I did and after he replaced the module, it fixed his. Its a Flex, but same issue so I figured why not.... worked like a charm for me as well. Here is the part # for mine and I found that its the same part on 08-11 Edge and fits at least an 08 Lincoln MKX
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  3. kalle3507

    2008 Ford Edge Master Cylinder, Maybe

    So to anyone that may have been following this for a resolution, it was the ABS Module. The part itself runs 150-200 online and upwards of 700-800 from Ford. I pulled one off an 08 edge at a junkyard and all brake issues resolved. If not sure what to look for, follow the lines out of the MC and you'll track it down. You have to remove the Battery and Tray to get to it.
  4. kalle3507

    2008 Ford Edge Master Cylinder, Maybe

    I replaced the master cylinder and while I doing that i ripped the BB boot and replaced it. After i got everything back together, the same thing and I have no more bullets left in the chamber. All I can think of is that some where I'm getting air in the line or a vacuum hose is messed up. I am not leaking any fluid, but the back calipers pulled right off without any effort once the bolts were removed. Any tips or suggestion on tracking a leak in either the vacuum o system or brake line itself?
  5. kalle3507

    2008 Ford Edge Master Cylinder, Maybe

    Flushed the fluid and same results. I hesitant to call it the BB since there doesn't seem to be an vacuum loss to the engine, but I ordered a MC yesterday and plan on replacing it later today and will update this thread.
  6. kalle3507

    2008 Ford Edge Master Cylinder, Maybe

    It looked a little discolored. Not the black/rusty color that indicates needs to be flushed. However, as I am asking for help, I will do a full flush and see if that helps..that's a quick and cheap t-shooting step. Thank you!
  7. I have a 2008 Edge FWD that sat for a month while awaiting parts for the airbag recall. While taking it to the dealership to get fixed, I noticed the brakes were a bit mushy/spongy and had a "metal scraping feel to it" before the pedal recovered to normal press. I took the front DR caliper off (to start) and I notice the rubber sleeve for the lower caliper bolt was dry rotted and came apart when removing the bolt. I replaced the boot (loaded with grease) all the metal clips (the hardware kit came with all) and put everything back thinking that was the issue. Took off down the road and by about mile 1-2, same thing again....mushy/spongy metal grab feel then the pedal comes back to normal level. I wanted to rule out air in the lines, so I bled all 4 calipers and took off down the road and again, at about 1-2 miles same thing all the sudden. I came home and loosened the caliper bolts and noticed that this time, the calipers didn't need compressing to remove (both front calipers) as I was able to remove with a very little effort. At this point my options are master cylinder (most likely by the symptoms) or the brake booster. They are both a pain to get off, even more if its the brake booster as I have to pull the master cylinder, wiper arm and a several other brackets off. Has anyone else ever ran across this and may have a solution as I am out of straws to pull.