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  1. Any chance you were able to remove it from the Guage cluster too?
  2. So my wife and I had a few mis-starts with the remote start after adding an authentic RS key. 1. Press [LOCK] button on IKE 2. then double press [2X] button the parking lights would double flash and it would not remote start. I found the pin-point troubleshooting guide in the 2014 factory service manual. For those that are looking, it is under Engine starting not RKE. GROUP 3 - SECTION 303-06: Starting System Pin Point F is for remote start. I attached a PDF that contains only pinpoint F and separate PDF of DTC chart if it is needed Again, PinPoint test F is consolidated and just pertains to remote start. PM me if anyone needs the entire section. As soon as I had the troubleshooting tests in my hand, the remote start worked and I had nothing to test. So, Murphy's law for now. I have it ready in case it fails again. Edge-StartingSystem__PinPoint_F.pdf Edge-StartingSystem__DTC.pdf
  3. I can confirm, the keys included in my kit are my problem with range and intermittent remote starts. The generic keys are not good. I replaced it with this from ebay and works like it should. Authentic rs key from ebay. I paid $110 after shipping. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-OEM-2011-2018-Ford-Remote-Head-Key-W-Remote-Start-164-R8067-5912561-SEALED-/400622189183?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0 I spent $277 between the kit with bad keys and one good key. I would been better off buying the $150 kit from fairway.
  4. thesavo

    2013 Ford Edge SEL mods

    I'm sorry that the major hardware stores gave you such a hard time. I usually get a little push back as well. When I tell them "it's OK to say no to transponder key" they look at me strange. I just tell them I have a way to program and I'm not worried about it. I have never left with an uncut. Transponder. I just left Lowes and said to the kid , "scan your bar code for blank #24, but insert my key at the time of cutting " I typically offer to pay for the cut on my own key and after that they say, "no problem and, don't worry about it"
  5. Sorry for the long delay. I know it is bad form to leave a question un resolved. This issue only came up once. I was not in a position to work on the issue and it has not come back. As my mother was the primary driver, he hadn't reported the issue came back. In March, my wife and I inherited the vehicle and the issue has not come back for us.
  6. Update. The Generic kit that I got earlier this year is having an issue. This is the kit that I bought and would not recommend it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08YQT3V2Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The generic keys that came in the kit seem to have defective RS buttons after a few months of use. I would recommend a kit with better aftermarket keys or the official $150 - $300 kits from ford. I am having difficulty finding the keys alone. As stated in the first post of this thread; 164-R8067 is a supplier part number. When I search for that i get this link below. https://www.carandtruckremotes.com/factory-ford-remote-key-164-r8067.html They seem to have official remote start IKT keys and ilco aftermarket keys - Official ikt Price: $139.95 - Illco Price: $39.95 Official Ford kit. $150 https://www.fairwayfordparts.net/p-1-key-remote-start-fits-f150-super-duty-edge-and-flex-164r8067da8z15603a $300 https://accessories.ford.com/products/100-series-plug-n-play-4-button-remote-start-system-1
  7. thesavo

    How many Fords have you owned?

    I ordered a Bronco Sport in March and took delivery on June 23. I traded In the mariner at 20200.4 miles.
  8. thesavo

    Thinking about Hood Struts

    HI All. I have read though some of the other discussion on hood struts . Some of these threads are years old and I am curios if anyone is having rust issues with these in the northerns states. I have a 2014 that I plan to keep and would like to add them. I plan on getting a bolt-on set for my Bronco Sport. However the model for the Ford Edge require Drilling. Does anyone have a status update for their installs of these kits?
  9. So. I called etrailer. The model they make for SPORT is not compatible with SEL. They even added it to the faq. https://www.etrailer.com/question-525555.html?fb=yes Now, I did find that Ford offers a oem hitch on the accessories site. It also claims no drilling and not sport compatible. So I may have found what I was looking for. https://accessories.ford.com/trailer-hitch-8755.html#2014/Edge I'm looking for install directions. Part number BT4Z-19D520-A
  10. thesavo

    14 Edge radio swap

    Thanks for this.
  11. thesavo

    14 Edge radio swap

    Curious. I have a 2014 with sync2. How can this be achieved? I have searched and not found a good guide yet.
  12. OK, This worked. I can confirm you can install ford a Ford Plug n Play remote start kit in a 2014 ford Edge SEL w/o power liftgate. These Kits are sold for F150, and super-duty trucks. Watch any truck install video and it give you an idea. The pictures from another post show where the target module is behind the driver's rear quarter trim panel. Use care when pulling it out. I did not take a picture, but you don;t have to rip the entire panel out. Just pull it back near the top of the seat belt. The TPM module is mounted to the Trim panel. Purchased parts - BT4Z-19G366-A Hood Switch - BC3Z-19G364-A Remote start kit. 2 (generic) keys, antenna, and RF cable. I did not have to mess with As-Built codes as it had "presets" ready to go for BdyCM and IPC module. IPC changes were expected from previous posts. With all the Remote options added, just one row of AS-built changed. BdyCM changed as expected, however, it did change block 57. I compared exports before, after and then compared them with win-merge. I forget to take screenshots of block 57 in forscan. Since the Keys were clones, the Key Transponder had to be programmed separately from the remote built in to the key had. For the remote part, I had to program with 8 key cycles then press buttons on the remote. For some reason, generic keys are just a transponder pill and and remote fob kluged together The Clone keys have a 2x button, but it takes 3 presses after lock to start the car remotely. I am not sure why, but it does guarantee a start every time. Here are links to amazon items that I ordered. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08YQT3V2Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BI1CHCE/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. My key settings is really to see how many programmed keys there are. I'll find a video of the menu for you. I'm still hazy on the parts needed. I updated another thread asking to confirm parts. You should pull the driver rear quarter trim panel. That will show you if you have the remote start antenna. You can also check your Vin with a free account at etis.ford.com. You can pull your as built config from the factory wit Motorcraftservice.com/asbuilt
  14. It's odd that your key would have a 2x start button and not have remote start. It could be that the key you have is all that was available to the dealer or the previous owner when a key copy was made. You can sign up for an account with the Ford site below and check if you had remote start from the factory with your Vin. Etis.ford.com Also, how many keys do you have now and have you lost any? You can check the number of programmed keys in the cluster (IPC). Look for my key if it is an activated feature, it will tell you how many total keys, admin keys there are and how many "mykey" keys. Mykey is in the cluster settings, be sure not to "demote" your only key to a mykey. If there are more keys than you have, it would be likely, it was the only keyblank available. It would also be a diy programming or an inexperienced Lock Smith as a dealer would have erased other lost keys. If remote start is as plug n play as we are lead to belive, you need the following done. - Hood pin switch on the driver side. - working key with a 2x button that you already have. - a bar type antenna behind the quarter panel on the driver side. - (lastly) remote start enabled in your body control module. You can check the body control info with a windows laptop, obd reader like obd MX and a free copy of forscan for windows. This is in the bdy as built codes. Check out the quarter panel first. Link: 2011 Ford Edge 200 Series Remote Start DIY (BB5Z-19G364-C) QUARTER PANEL Removal instructions. The remote start setup is over complicated
  15. I have a 2014 SEL with a non power lift gate. I have re read the thread and I summarize i need the following. Would a forum adult please check my work? I plan to do all the work and not need a Dealership trip and Rotunda IDS. I have seen talk about needing a VSS module or an RMST module. IS that still a requirement on 2014 as i heard it was just Add the bar antenna, enable in IDS, and cut/program keys. I have no requirement for Cellular remote access. I only want to remote Start with IKT. I have no want for another fob to hang off my keys. - Hood Pin Switch - BT4Z-19G366-A. Very helpful pictures provided in another thread by @j3st3r - series 100 w/1 key - BC3Z-19G364-A - Enable Remote Start Function - As-Built Code - Taking codes from Explorer Forum, and @Tim Mallon here on Edge Forum BCM - Suggested 726-19-01 0047 = remote start disabled 726-19-01 0148 = remote start enabled - Enable Cluster Remote Start Climate options - TBD IPC remote start options - Suggested 720-01-03 C8F3 = without climate seats or wheel(Base model and Interceptor. Possibly some XLT models) 720-01-03 F823 = without heated steering wheel With climate controlled seats 720-01-03 FC27 = with heated steering wheel With climate controlled seats My AsBuilt w/o Remote Start - motorcraft.com/asbuilt BCM - 726-19-01 0047 IPC 720-01-03 002B - PATS Key Programming - ForScan service procedure References found. Link: 2011 Ford Edge 200 Series Remote Start DIY (BB5Z-19G364-C) QUARTER PANEL Removal instructions Link 2011 Ford Edge 200 Series Remote Start DIY (BB5Z-19G364-C) Hood switch Installation Instructions Link: Edge Form - Adding Remote Access to 2013 edge xlt Link: DA8Z-19G364-A Remote Start Link Ford Edge Forum - Comprehensive List of Possible Forscan Mods Link: 2013 Edge - Remote Start Kit - 100 Series Plug n Play (BC3Z19G364A) installation & Activation Link: Explorer Forum - Remote Start I am guessing that BC3Z-19G364-A is Kit that combines the following parts from above - DA8Z-19G364-A 5 button keys only. $241.95 - DA8Z-15603-A Antenna Kit. $25.30 Which IKT;s Should i Get? MY OEM keys are 3 button and My 2014 SEL has w/o power lift gate. I have programmed late 90;s fobs to it and they have trunk release buttons, but they do not release the liftgate for manual opening. On my Mariner it releases the liftglass. Since the ford Edge has no lift glass; is the double press trunk button able to be enabled for vehicles w.o power liftgate? I think I answered my own question, but is the trunk button only meant to power liftgate. Since I have no plan to add power liftgate, would I be best off with 4-button remote start? Update: 4/28 I'm going to order the following and see how it goes. - antenna module with rf cable and 2 keys - a hood pin switch I feel the RMST module may not be required. Update:5/3 . The kit arrives on Tuesday. I'm anxiously waiting. I'll only cut one of the keys for now; as the primary driver is the one that cares for this feature.