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  1. Dave33

    2013 Edge 2.0 with small evap leak P0456.

    No not yet. It stayed off all winter but now that the warmer weather is here it's on almost all the time. I'm thinking it may be the filler neck or capless fill port. I'll be making an appointment soon to have it smoked because the inspection is due in a couple of months.
  2. Dave33

    2013 Edge 2.0 with small evap leak P0456.

    The part number for my car is BB5Z-9G271-B. Cost was around $90. It didn't fix the problem. CEL is still coming on so I'll probably take it to our local shop to be smoked. I'm not throwing any more money at until I know exactly what the problem is.
  3. Dave33

    2013 Edge 2.0 with small evap leak P0456.

    I replaced the assembly from your picture above which was the valve and all the hoses. It comes as a complete assembly.
  4. Dave33

    2013 Edge 2.0 with small evap leak P0456.

    Edit: I had the vent solenoid valve or "purge valve" checked and it wasn't holding a vacuum. I replaced the valve which comes with all the hoses with an OEM from the dealership. All was fine for about 800 miles and the light came back on. I then cleaned the fuel filler door flap but again the light came back on after about 500 miles. Now I'm at a loss. I have also sprayed all connections with soapy water but have found nothing. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
  5. Dave33

    2013 Edge 2.0 with small evap leak P0456.

    Thanks for the reply and diagram. I guess it's called a canister vent solenoid and not a purge valve and It's about $100. I'll have to have the system smoked to see if I can find a leak. I don't want to throw parts at it at that price. If it were a $25 purge valve I would take the chance.
  6. My daughter's car has code P0456 small evap leak. Doing some research most issues are with the purge valve however there is no such valve on the 2.0 turbo. There is a part called evap canister valve which is much more expensive than a normal purge valve. Has anyone experienced this with a possible fix. Thanks.
  7. I contacted Apple Ford and for my inconvenience they agreed to issue a refund for the full system plus 2 hours of tech time to install. All Good now but still will never go this route again.
  8. Here's what I received. These parts in this box that was sealed.
  9. Because Apple Ford sold me a sealed in box Ford part. It's not their fault the wrong part was put in the box. I bought the part from Ford. Ford needs to go after the company they bought the part from to reimburse them....
  10. The parts I bought are in post 15 above. These parts are correct and were confirmed correct by the service tech. The remote module I bought and installed was correct and is in the vehicle now. The security module was incorrect. Wrong part in box. The tech installed the correct security module which they had in stock and is the same part I had ordered but received incorrect one. The incorrect part I received looked exactly like the correct part and the remote module plugged right in. The remote module plugs into the security module and the security module connects to the OBD port. My advise to anyone thinking about doing this is Don't do it! You can same quality syatem at any "reputable" remote start installer for far less. They usually come with a lifetime warranty as well.
  11. Here's my final update. I took the car back to the dealership this morning to hopefully get it programmed. I waited 2 hours and the tech came out to say he finally figured out the problem as to why it would not communicate. He stated the security module I bought was incorrect. When I questioned him I told him I was absolutely sure I had the correct part number and told him the box was in the back seat. When we looked at the box it had the correct part number which is DT4Z-19A361-A. The security module that came in the box had a part number of DL3J-19G367-AA. Long story short I had to pay for 3 hours labor plus a new module which cost me $50 more than the one I bought online. Grand total to have this remote system up and running was $1109.38. I can return the module I bought that was incorrect ($152.00). I then called Ford Customer Care, stated my case and they totally refused to do anything. I should have gone with my first choice of using a reputable car accessory store nearby as their charge for a smartphone remote is $399 installed. By the way this was the first smartphone this dealership had programmed so I was the Guinea Pig. Next guy to have this done will pay a much less price as now they know how to do it. I am sick to my stomach and never again will I go through this and will never ever buy another Ford.
  12. Ford service tech can't get the car to communicate with the remote module so there is no remote showing on he cluster. They keep getting an error code on their computer. This is why they need to speak with Ford tech.
  13. The kits I bought were: Parameter Alarm DT4Z-19A361-A Smartphone Remote DL3Z-19A390-B Hood Switch BT4Z-19G366-A Kits were purchased from Apple Ford in MN. https://www.appleautosparts.com/ Fast shipping and good prices.
  14. So I made an appointment with my local Ford dealer for Saturday as my daughter was coming home from school. I installed the remote and security module and hood switch. All very easy and took an hour from start to finish. The hardest part was fins a good location to mount them. Took the car to dealer today and was quoted over the phone $29 to $49. That was a great deal. When checking in the service adviser told me they had never installed a smartphone remote before but did have a very good tech to do the job. I brought all the manuals and instructions and handed them over. 2 hours later and the money meter running I started getting very nervous thinking they were going to hand me a huge bill. Finally the service adviser and tech came and said we have good news and bad. The good news was there was no charge. The bad news is they couldn't get the remote to communicate with the car and were receiving an error code. They tried calling the Ford tech line for help at 2:15 only to find out they closed at 2. Now I have to bring it back when the tech line is open for them to call and troubleshoot. (Sigh). My daughter may be able to come back next weekend weather depending. Stay tuned.
  15. I see it. I did start looking through that thread but it didn't really pertain to my situation as I'm going with the the OBD connection. I didn't go far enough to see the hood switch. As I mention it will be a couple of weeks I will post back when complete. Thanks again. This is a great forum.