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  1. 2011edgese

    2015 2.0L P0456

    Also.... Just checked my 2015 2.0L easy fuel entry. First door is not locked by any clips, just a dustor debris door, now the 2nd entry door door push in with my finger. No latch or anything that makes it lock unless you stick in a fuel nozzle. Can ANYone confirm this on their 2015 please?
  2. 2011edgese

    2015 2.0L P0456

    Ok, came across this video. Does anyone know if this PUSH the fuel door test is the same with the Edge? The guy says that the door latch SHOULD not push open with your fingers. Just wondering if this applies the the edge.
  3. 2011edgese

    Not really a complaint, but an observation...

    Wow. Had no idea you can do that. Always thought gas means gas and nothing else. Wonder if it will help with Mt P0456 code. Lol. Yeah right!
  4. 2011edgese

    Not really a complaint, but an observation...

    So you can dump that mystery oil straight inside the gas tank? That's what you are saying? What are the benefits?
  5. 2011edgese

    Mileage or oil life indicator?

    I never follow these oil monitoring systems. I do every only change at 60%. That's about 3500 on average. Specially with these turbos, you want clean oil all the time. Just my preference.
  6. 2011edgese

    Not really a complaint, but an observation...

    Wait.... You can dump oil inside the gas tank? Really? Won't that do long term damage?
  7. 2011edgese

    Spark Plug Change

    Doing the v6 is harder for sure but not terrible if you have time and patience. The 2.0L , you can do with 1 hand tied behind your back. ?
  8. 2011edgese

    Idle RPM's

    My 2015 2.0L has that shutter with the AC kicking in. Always noticed this with almost all cars except V6 engines.
  9. 2011edgese

    2.0 ecoboost..how is working in the new Edge?

    Personally I noticed going from a 2011 V6 fwd to a 2015 2.0L has given me less mpg. I was able to get 30mpg on cruise control steady and straight long trip roads with the V6. Doing the same roads on my 2015 2.0L, max is 28 MPH. So much for 4 cylinder gas savers.
  10. 2011edgese

    2.0 1/4 mile times

    Lol. 80k is amazing.
  11. 2011edgese

    Fear of the Unknown

    My 2015 SE V6 model lasted to 189k miles before the water pump gave out. About 2400$ to fix since it's internal and runs of the TIMING CHAIN ?. Very good car though, never left me stranded. My current 2015 has also been very good. Just had my first CEL, p0456. Currently looking into it.
  12. 2011edgese

    Transmission oil bolt check

    It should be behind the driver side wheel well. You might have to remove the cover. I changed my fluid recently and I measured the amount that came out and put it in. Also... If the car is level... It drains almost exactly 5 qts. But keep in mind, it's a 2015 2.0L model. Not sure if you have the same.
  13. 2011edgese

    Why is there a lag in direction change?

    Sounds like my experience. I had a 2011 edge se V6. Then traded it in to a 2015 titanium 2.0L. Immediately noticed it wasn't as responsive as the V6. I recently tested another 2015 SEL 2.0L and had the same feeling. I think it's how the 2.0L is. But, once it gets going it GOES.
  14. 2011edgese

    Engine sounds like an old diesel tractor

    Wow... 2 times. I wonder if there's a manufacturing issue where the flex plate mounts. I'd trade that in.
  15. 2011edgese

    2013 Edge 2.0 with small evap leak P0456.

    Is this diagram valid for the 2015 2.0L model? Also, if you remove this Valve... Can you do the mouth blow test?