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  1. JosDown

    Weird issue with wipers

    Found a diagram. The left and right arms are in the correct position.
  2. JosDown

    Weird issue with wipers

    Thanks for the response. Yeah, for the connector I was talking about the connection between the blade and arm. Are you saying the arms might have been switched? Is there a way to tell which is left and which is right? I could see this possibility since the passenger side blade was at the bottom and still did the position correction cycle.
  3. JosDown

    Weird issue with wipers

    So I had my windshield replaced yesterday (2016 Edge SEL) and when I started the car this morning, the wipers came on (wiper handle was in the off position) and the passenger side wiper immediately fell off. I turned off the car and inspected the blade and saw the connector was broken. I figured the techs who replaced the windshield broke it somehow, so I replaced it. Once I put a new blade on the passengers side and turned on the car, the wipers came on again, and again the passenger side fell off. It didn't break this time, so I just put it back on. Turned the car on again, and same thing happened. Wipers are off, but they always come on for one cycle and the passengers side always falls off. I'm at a loss here. I've never seen this behavior when changing blades before. I've got the connector reinforced with a cable tie to keep it from falling off, but that's obviously not a long term fix. Any ideas as to what's going on? Are the wipers activating to adjust to correct position? Why would the blade keep falling off?
  4. JosDown

    Front Camera

    Sorry about resurrecting an old thread. Did a forum search and found this. How about with Sync 3 on a '16 SEL? Has anyone done this?