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  1. Sounds familiar, a couple of years ago I had similar symptoms. First the Adaptive Cruise Control said it couldn't work. Stopped, turned off engine, and sometimes it would work again, sometimes not. Then the power loss, though I could still drive slowly. Didn't notice an engine clunk, but I'm hard of hearing so I miss a bomb exploding. LOL Went to the Ford Dealership in Redding CA. I think by then I did have an engine code. Long wait to get service so ... I drove 200 miles back home and took it to my Ford dealer. There was a known problem which they fixed free of charge and gave me a loaner for 3 days during repairs. (Fortunately it didn't do additional damage to the engine to drive it home.) Sorry, I don't recall the actual engine problem. I'll try to remember to call them tomorrow and ask them to look up the service record.
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    zakatooi2012, what's a PTO? Back on the farm we called a power takeoff on a tractor a PTO. I have a new Edge with factory tow package and no problem yet but I'm towing a 2000# trailer a lot now and want to know of potential problems. Thanks. Deac
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    akirby & Redbow, thanks mucho. I'll definitely plan to get the factory tow package. So Redbow, you were able to order the class III package with the Edge? That's good news. Overkill for my plans, but always good to have extra capacity if someday I need it. Thanks to you both for the help. -deac
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    Redbow, thanks very much, very useful info. I Googled the Ford Victoria and it looks like the 33 model is about 2500# (though the newer ones are about 4000). Either way is more than enough for me and getting 14 mpg looks like about as good as I'll do with any vehicle. I love the 25 mpg with no tow. ​So you installed the Curt class II tow package, not a factory install. And it's all worked well, yes? Good news. Do you have the 7-pin connector? Would you recommend getting the factory tow package if available or just not worry about it and install one if I find the otherwise right car? thanks much, ... -deac
  5. I'm interested in buying a new Edge to tow my 2000# trailer and have some questions. Which engine do you have and which do you recommend? What is your mpg when not towing and when towing? Did you get the class II or class III tow package? How is your performance when going up steep grades in the mountains, say over 8000'? I would appreciate any information I can find before I decide to buy an Edge. thanks much, ... -deac
  6. I'm looking at buying a new Edge with class II tow pkg for towing a 2000# trailer including into the Sierras and Rockies. I would like to get the best gas mileage while keeping enough torque and power to do the high, steep hills well, say over 40mph. Here are some numbers I found to compare the two engine choices for the Edge: TowCap mpg hp Torque 2.0L EB AWD 3500# 20/27 245 275 @3000 3.5L V6 AWD 3500# 17/24 280 250 @4000 Can you all please tell me your experiences towing with the Edge? How big is your trailer load? How's the hill performance? What's your towing and non-towing mpg? I'm now towing my 2000# (1920 actually) TAB trailer with 2007 4 cylinder Subaru and it does okay, I lose 10 mpg when towing (from 24 to 14 mpg) and it slows on real steep hills to 30 mpg using 2d gear at 5000 rpm. It's not overheating but I don't know what the wear and tear is. (It looks like no 7-pin connector is available from the factory for some reason, so I'll have to get that and brake controller installed. Otherwise the class II trailer pkg looks good.) thanks much, -deac