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  1. onyxbfly


    Congrats and welcome to the forum!
  2. onyxbfly

    My new-to-me 2015 Edge Sport

    Congratulations! She's pretty! Welcome to the forum!
  3. onyxbfly

    SSM 46412 - PTU Idler Gear

    Its not clear what year your Edge is. PTUs are not backwards compatible. You have to get one for your model. 2007-2010, 2011-2014, 2015-2018 etc. Everyone's financial tolerance is difference as well as their ability to make repairs etc. Personally I would not repair the PTU, I would replace it. If you do replace/ repair the PTU now is the perfect time to install a drain hole. A drain hole will infinitely make fluid changes easier. We change the PTU fluid once a year or every 15000 miles. With proper maintenance you should be able to get years of reliability out of it. HTH
  4. onyxbfly

    joined from new york

    Welcome to the forum! What part of New York are you from?
  5. onyxbfly

    New from Va

    Congrats and welcome to the forum! She looks very similar hahah If you're interested in tuning check out Special_K's performance mod thread. Shoot Special_K a PM and ask him about JnCPerf........
  6. onyxbfly

    Just joined from Northern Colorado

    She's a beauty! Welcome to the forum!
  7. onyxbfly


    Congrats and welcome to the forum. Sweet ride for sure!
  8. Try updating your Android Auto app. There was an update within the last day or so.
  9. onyxbfly

    Edge Owner

    Congrats, and welcome to the forum!
  10. I would aim for once a year or no more than 15-20k miles depending on your driving habits. I would change the PTU and RDU while shes in the air. I'd also suggest draining and filling your transmission fluid and coolant while shes in the air. If you're local to MD,VA,DE are check out JnCPerFormance. They will do right by you.
  11. onyxbfly

    SCT Livewire TS+

    Some tuners can provide tunes that are adjustable on the fly based on the octane level in the gas. More often than not those type of tunes are not fully optimized to provide the best performance. If you are not able to use multiple tunes because you purchased one tune, I'd strongly suggest using the octane that the tune specifies. If you find your self low on gas or in a area that does not have the gas you require, please revert back to your stock tune until you are able to get the gas you are specified for.
  12. Congrats and welcome to the forum! Point your browser in this direction..... EDIT: Unfortunately the eBay link is no longer valid. They have some other sets available on eBay but I would be leery of them as they do not seem like they are molded properly. Nevertheless Special_K performance/ mod thread that I linked you to is the place to sit back read and enjoy!
  13. When you select sport, it will ask you if it is a sport or not just like your picture.....then you get the unfortunate message.....
  14. onyxbfly

    Hello from Philly

    I may or may not have seen you at the Wawa on Aramingo!
  15. Unfortunately it can be done via FORScan. A member here using HP Tuner (I forget which tuner was tuning his edge) was able to get the gear to displayed all the time. If it can be done on the edge it can (in theory) be done on the ST.