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  1. onyxbfly

    Ford edge st rear differential clunk

    Thanks for the info! I think he has the extended warranty. Good to know that it would be covered if he doesn't!
  2. onyxbfly

    Ford edge st rear differential clunk

    Ironically my brother and I were just talking about this. He said he gets a clunk from a standing start and on turns. Of course I never heard it while I was driving. I'll send him this video so he knows exactly what to look for when he gets her on the lift. The RDU is part of the drive train and that should be covered after the 3yr/36000 warranty expires? Thanks in adavnce!
  3. onyxbfly

    2021 Ford Edge ST Parts for Sale

    Thanks for the info! I wasn't aware of this issue. I gave my brother one a few years back. He eventually upgraded to an RXP can. When I asked him if there was a noticeable improvement that warranted the price. He said that he no longer had funky smells from the can..... I don't think I ever noticed smells from catch can. I believe, I brought mine in late 2018 or early 2019. Definitely good to know that JLT will send out new hoses if the issue arises.
  4. Thanks for the info! I'll pass it on to my friend!
  5. Whenever you have a moment, can you link us to the $22 purge valve?
  6. Not wanting to speak for Omar, but I think he may be running a beta version. I'm sure he will chime in when can and let us know.
  7. onyxbfly

    PTU fluid change issues..

    That's a pretty slick design. I wasn't aware of this for the 2019+MY. Thanks for the info!
  8. Peep the first post. Option 4: Obtaining free 2 month trial extended license.
  9. Unfortunately, I do not think you can do any of those mods in your wish list with FORScan except for tilting your mirror(s) on reverse. I've seen a lot of different mod sites, I don't think I've ever seen any of the mods you asked about. Not to say that they are impossible. Perhaps they haven't been discovered yet. Please share if you do sort them out. There are quite a few FORScan gurus and very knowledgeable members here. Hopefully they will chime in.
  10. Point your browser in this direction..... https://forscan.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=18697
  11. onyxbfly

    Virginia 2016 Edge Sport

    Welcome to the forum!
  12. onyxbfly

    Navigation Problem

    I definitely get the convenience factor. That's just it, my lady loves it. Several of my coworkers love it! (We have them in a few company cars) Unfortunately I've had more negatives that positives when using it. Like you, I've had similar experiences. I've had intermittent connectivity, phone overheating, poor battery life. I'm definitely not against them. In my limited experience, it just didn't work well for me when I tried. There's simply to much to keep up with technology. What's current today might be obsolete tomorrow. There's more than a few different ways to skin a cat as long as it can connect and work, that's all that matters. Ron has good taste! The unit that he linked has a shit ton of positive reviews. Might just be the one.
  13. onyxbfly

    Navigation Problem

    I have to ask what is the advantage of using wireless Carplay? I plug my phone in and slide it into the cubby where the USB cable is and keep it moving till, I leave my truck.