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  1. onyxbfly

    Upgraded Lug nuts ?

    I have used McGard and Gorilla lug nuts in the past with no complaints. I plan on replacing my lug nuts with either or when the time comes. The mcgard website is pretty easy to navigate, the link below will take you directly for our lug nuts: 2015-2021 McGard Ford Edge Lug Nuts The gorilla lug nut site leaves a lot to be desired as its not a straight forward to navigate, It requires you to know the size. Some of you know and some of us don't know that information off the of our heads. I circumvent that by calling and asking what I want. Haven't used them in ages but I'm pretty sure the info you want is a click or a call away. https://www.gorilla-auto.com/lug-nuts HTH
  2. The "big break package" also includes a brushless radiator fan (I have not seen any reports that indicate that this is a much needed improvement) They also include "special compound pads" Not sure if there is anything special about them. They use the same part number. It may be something that is vin specific, but I haven't seen any data to suggest/ indicate improved stopping power from the previous generation. I guess its all bout the bigger wheels and the red caliper paint in the big brake package!
  3. Sheesh! Personally I think they gave you that price to turn you away and or scare you away. Then again I don't know any stealership that would turn down your monies!! I really doubt that they would have a 9 year old FCIM in stock...... anywhere. They won't install used parts, so it looks like you beat the stealership this time!
  4. I know that this is not the answer that you're looking for but here we go: If you have access to a rolling shell that can be titled, It would be easier to install/ replace whatever is wrong with the sport with parts from the SEL Easier and cheaper. But if you are interested in going down this road..... you can pick up a wiring diagram that is fully compatible with both vehicles for under $50 on fleabay! Or you can go with AllData. You can find the factory repair service manual on the net for free. It can be done, there are members who have swapped out entire interiors and added all of the goodies from the titanium and sport trim. The fusion and the edge are 90% compatible. Check out 2gfusions.net someone can point you in the right direction. HTH! Good Luck
  5. Is it Titanium, or a Sport? Only those two trim packages have the rear light bar. The SE and The SEL is all show and no go. Its simply there for esthetics.
  6. onyxbfly

    Help finding side window deflectors

    Good things come to those that wait!
  7. onyxbfly

    Hello from Phoenix, AZ

    Congrats and Welcome to the forum!
  8. onyxbfly

    Sync 3 Screen Modification

    Reach out to @jmr061 tell him the screen you have and 9/10 times he may have the bracket for it.
  9. You have 1 of 3 solutions: 1) You can buy a replacement APIM 2) You can do a SYNC 3 upgrade 3) You can do an aftermarket head unit replacement. Personally I would not be interested in option 1. Options 2 and 3 are around the same price. It just depends on which direction you want to go.
  10. Glad to hear that the dealership took care of you!
  11. Dare I ask what the dealer diagnosed and, or what their suggested resolution would be? Even if they found a brand new one to replace it with, the part and labor (all of 10 minutes) should not be $5K
  12. onyxbfly

    Help finding side window deflectors

    Looks similar to the AVS low profile window vent....just even lower and flows better from the lines on the mirror mount. Pretty sharp! Do share if you do get some info!
  13. Unfortunately people have been having issues since 2015 when the new gen/ body style came out. They do have vents in them. One of the main reasons the rear was redesigned is more than likely attributed to Ford's attempt to mitigate the expense of replacing the center light bar opposed to just having to replace the left and right sides. I'm not aware of any taillight differences between the models in the new refresh from 2019+