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  1. It could be the android interface or simply just my phone. My lady has an iPhone and time it takes to start is very similar to your experiences/ time etc I like to use it when my coworkers and I would car pool. I can start my car an exit or two away and shes nice and toasty/ or refreshingly cool by the time I get there!
  2. onyxbfly

    DIY PTU Seal Fix?

    Look under DIY Maintenance. Then information by generation.
  3. To me and it may just be my phone. It seems like the app takes about 40 -50 seconds to open then i have to go to the keyfob screen. Its not horrible by any means just noticeable. The transition to the keyfob screen is about 5-10 seconds.
  4. In fact the vehicle will start faster than navigating through the app....
  5. onyxbfly

    TPMS False Signal?

    The more you know. Thats a very interesting theory. I'm not doubting it but I have had a contradictory experience. I had a flat once and threw the wheel in the back till I could get it fixed. It transmitted just fine. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that your wheels with TPMS are transmitting and when you get close to your garage your edge detects them. Then when you drive away the TPMS reading that you have in your edge will stay there until it doesn't detect anything anymore and then it will disappear till you get back to your garage.
  6. AWESOMESAUCE glad you got it sorted out!
  7. https://www.12volt.solutions/products/2015-2017-ford-edge-remote-start-plug-and-play-kit-1 https://www.12volt.solutions/products/smart-phone-module-usa-canada
  8. onyxbfly

    Rims size difference by year

    Your bolt pattern is 5x114. The 2015+ edge bolt pattern is 5x108. Unfortunately they will not fit the previous generation.
  9. Glad you got it sorted out. I was having trouble pinpointing where the disconnect was. I assumed you used the same info that you would use to update SYNC. Your dealership did not do right by you. They should have activated it and explained how it works when they do the final walk through before you take possession. It may be able to be rectified with a phone call or it may require a visit to the stealership. Enjoy it!
  10. onyxbfly

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    Ford failed to do proper justice to the introduction of the 15' sport. They dropped the ball on it. Here we are in time for a refresh and ford says to self what can we do to distinguish a new generation from the previous ones... And the ST was born. They gave it an aggressive fascia, bastardized the back of it and gave it some bells and whistles that the uninitiated may not be aware of and rolled them out! There are a variety of improvements that the ST has over the Sport. Mainly I see them as safety features. The 4 main selling points of the ST is engine HP, Suspension, Transmission, Performance brake package. The 8 speed transmission is new territory for Ford. IIRC this is the first year that they have tested/ implemented them in vehicle for public use. Day 1 fail, damn year a year later they sorted it out. Remember it had to be different... The performance brake package is essentially the same except for red caliper paint and a brushless radiator fan. The parts numbers are exactly the same. Size of pads right down to the size of the rotors. I asked the parts guy at my preferred dealership about the brakes and he showed them to me. If the brake pads are made of some secret sauce he said he didn't know. But to the naked eye and the wallet they are essentially the same. According to various resources it has been stated that the ST is 20% stiffer suspension. Some say that the ST handles better than the Sport, but they share the same part numbers. I do not know if its one of those issues where multiple vehicles will share the same part and you have to enter your vin to get the one suited for your vehicle or if there is any actual difference. I'll discuss the suspension query with my parts guy the next time I go in. The engine is the exact same. It shares the same tune as the MKX. Nothing new there. In fact the Sport sold in the middle east and other parts of the world have 335HP i.e the Lincoln tune. I like the ST I really do. I just think it needs to be viewed correctly for what it is. If Ford did not give it the ST badge, and called it a sport would they generate the sales numbers that they do? Of course not. Do we know if ST redesigned anything for sure? To much conflicting information to be sure. Lets just enjoy our rides for what they are. There is plenty of road out there for all of us!
  11. onyxbfly

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    The more you know!
  12. onyxbfly

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    Least you forget the brushless radiator fan. That has to add to the stopping power for sure!
  13. onyxbfly

    Track Time Results

  14. onyxbfly

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    Ford does not consider the Edge Sport/ ST performance vehicles thus the lack of parts available for the edge. They never have. The edge sport debuted in 2009, not a single part was available on the ford performance site. 8 years later and there still aren't any parts. The majority of performance mods/ parts will transfer over from the sport to the ST. The parts we do have for the edge sport are due to the hard work and tenacity of our very own forum members. Special shout out to @snmjim @Special_K @Nick Halstead @Xtra (apologies to anyone that I missed)
  15. Once you fully log into Ford Pass with your credentials and vin number etc go to the account gear in the lower right corner. Then go into settings. Then go into Synconnect.