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  1. onyxbfly

    Selling my MKX

    Hope she finds a good home that will continue to dote on her affectionately as well as financially the way you did! GLWS!!
  2. onyxbfly

    2018 Ecoboost Mods?

    Its been said that a tuned 2.0 is as fast as a untuned sport.... We all know the worlds fastest edge is far from stock! He got some very big shoes to fill!
  3. onyxbfly

    2018 Ecoboost Mods?

    Welcome to the forums.....What a bold way to introduce ones self! I love the audaciousness of it! What makes you say you have the fastest edge in the world? What proof do you have to quantify that statement! There are quite a few members who would love to see proof of that......
  4. I can't speak to the level of your technical proficiency, Originally you had to download all the files individually and compile the install script etc.. Someone decided to build a better mouse trap! Here is a link to an site that will do all of that for you. All you need to do is follow their directions and have your USB drives ready....... Personally I don't have any personal experience with it, but there are tons of users that are thrilled with it.... https://cyanlabs.net/applications/syn3-updater/
  5. onyxbfly

    Bilstein Shocks Question

    I heard that the STs are equipped with the Bilstein B4 equivalent. Take that with a grain of salt. I heard it on the nets and you get what you pay for. What I can attest to is that H&R springs make for a tremendous difference in handling and cornering. H&R springs with the Bilstein B6 will make your car handle like a go cart on steroids! I can not recommend the combo enough!
  6. onyxbfly

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Doh! Thanks for the clarification! I know a lot of options are removed on the SE trim but manual driver and passenger in a edge is a first for me. Very strange indeed!
  7. onyxbfly

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Agreed its annoying. I had a 2003 Expedition with power fold seats. Want to lower them press the button.... want to raise them push the button.... I guess Ford decided that they were saving monies across the board..... Don't think you're missing out on anything by getting a new model..... New model....same nonsense. Perhaps if one of the Nautilus owners sees this they can let us know if they have power rear seats.
  8. At the very minimum your new pads and rotors and labor should free! Time to find a new shop post haste!
  9. onyxbfly

    Systems faulting

    Today's cars with all of their modern gadgetry and features require much more of a strenuous demand than say vehicles made 15-20 years ago. IMO aftermarket batteries tend to last longer than their OEM equivalents. I can get 5+ years out of an aftermarket battery and ~3 out of an OEM battery. Manufacturers cut corners wherever and however they can. They're not concerned with how long our batteries last. They're considered a consumable item. People will get them replaced at dealerships under warranty and move on if its not satisfactory or not convenient to go to the stealership. My brother had some crazy experiences.... IPC lit up like a Christmas tree on a few occasions... Random DTCs and CELs. Random starting issues.... Took it to the stealership and they took the entire day to test the battery.... Yeah you read that right! They took the entire day to "test the battery" They replaced it under warranty.... all of the issues went away... It happened again and he replaced with the largest aftermarket battery he could find. His edge has been rock solid for close to two years now! The stealership replaced my battery in April 19..... Seems like its starting to fail.... Guess I'll be shopping for a battery sooner than later.....
  10. I never used it.... How does it compare to Waze and other apps that are available?
  11. onyxbfly

    Systems faulting

    Check for a loose ground strap.
  12. For anyone else doing research and or following this thread. Do not use your MX+ to do firmware updates! DO NOT USE ANY WIRELESS OBD device to update firmware. All it takes is one errant packet and you can possibly brick whatever you're updating.