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  1. onyxbfly

    New Driver Mods wanted

    I think these are the best bulbs available for replacement HIDs XENARC NIGHT BREAKER LASER (NEXT GEN) XENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE (NEXT GEN)
  2. onyxbfly

    Swapping 20" wheels for 17"

    Off the top of my head, I know they have the same bolt pattern. Not sure of the offset nor hub size. More importantly 18" is the smallest wheel size for the edge. Your spare is 18" Not wanting to assume but I think 18" is the smallest wheel that you can use that will clear the brakes. There are a few members who have both vehicles. Hopefully they will chime in with clarification.
  3. onyxbfly

    New Driver Mods wanted

    Yes and No. It all depends on the options/ equipment group that your car came with. That being said even if she does have HID you can upgrade them. I'm currently running Osram Cool Blue Intense. I purchased them a few years ago and they have even better HIDs available now! You didn't mention which package your edge came with. You can add it to your signature.
  4. onyxbfly

    New Driver Mods wanted

    If she has halogens, swapping in some HIDs could make a nice Sunday afternoon.
  5. onyxbfly

    Hello from Mid Michigan

    Congrats!! Welcome to the forum!
  6. onyxbfly

    latest nav card

    Glad to hear that the card worked out for you! Spending $60 for the clone vs $140 at the Stealership (rounding up) is definitely worth it. Spending damn $200 to update the NAV in SYNC2 not so much! You could gather all the parts apart from the USB harness from a salvage yard for a hundo or so, and upgrade to SYNC3!
  7. onyxbfly

    WTB Stealthbox 2017 Edge

    In this post covid, supply line challenged world we live in, I have to ask. What was the damage?
  8. Greetings Guys and Gals, Just wanted to share the awesome experience I had purchasing from @Special_K and @snmjim! Everything arrived as stated, well shipped and even arrived early. If anyone is looking for good deals drop them a line! Great post sale support! Non of that it is what it is crap, you brought it the onus is on you nonsense! They are good straightforward and honest sellers! All around good people! Looking forward to doing business again real soon!
  9. I certainly hope so! Its been said there is nothing more overrated than sex and there is nothing more underrated than a good shit!
  10. Nah not at all, I'm not a big fan of social media. Although, I do understand and respect those that do. I just don't feel the need to put my life on display.
  11. SMDH!! Not that it helps, but their Instagram is fairly active. Their most recent post was of yesterday. Drop them a line via IG.
  12. If you're not making payments, you're making repairs! May she serve you well. If you plan on keeping her for longer than 3 years look into an extended warranty. If you sell or trade her in, you can recoup the investment from the warranty or get a prorated refund. Enjoy your new ride!
  13. You living on the EDGE! No pun intended!
  14. onyxbfly

    WTS : OEM wheels/tires