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  1. I see what you did there... no pun intended. There is/ was a member here that owns driverbright.com He did the signature lights on the previous gen that would change from solid to intermittent with the turn signals like the Volkswagen you referenced. I wonder if he would be interested in doing something for our edges. I'll drop him a line and see what he says.
  2. You're one of the lucky ones. There are a few other members that get longevity out of their OEM batteries. The various Ford forums have several threads about poor battery life from the OEM battery. I was on my second OEM battery. Sinjimm and SpecialK informed me that I needed to have my battery replaced. I was at the stealership for something unrelated and had them test the battery..... The stealership said it was fine. She started up fine with no issues until she didn't. AA and AZ both said the battery needed to be replaced. I thought about going back to the stealership and thought better of it. If I purchased another battery from them it would be a 50-50 chance that I would screwed on the battery. Considering my luck with the first two, It was a easy decision to make. I walk by my local Wallyworld every day. If for whatever reason she doesn't start, I don't need to make arrangements to get to the stealership.
  3. I have an H7 AGM battery, I did not need to remove the air filter box to install the battery. I removed the top and it was in like Flynn! I angled the negative terminal towards the battery in order for it to clear the brake fluid reservoir. This is where it got goofy. In an effort to double check my work. I ended up removing the air box to pull the battery forward to double check the negative terminal. The connector for the negative cable is slightly raised up, and I wanted to double check that it was seated and connected properly. If I was 100% sure and didn't second guess myself I would have been done with the battery install part. Removing the air box was relatively easy, you remove the two screws on the snorkel, remove the top of the air box if you did not do it previously and pull up on the bottom half of the air box. You're very detail oriented and meticulous with your maintenance. I'm sure you check your transmission fluid and are familiar with removing the air box to get to the dipstick. I don't blame you for not wanting to remove the air box. I certainly did not want to. I'm not fond of R&R parts, that are not necessarily needed to R&R, to get to the part that you need to R&R!
  4. onyxbfly

    Struts and shock upgrade 2021 ST

    Ironically enough this has been done or rather a variation of it. There is a guy on the FB groups (He's on here as well but I don't recall his name at the moment!) who installed the fusion coil overs on his edge. I don't recall the exact part numbers. It was significantly lower than a edge on H&R springs. Maybe he will chime in if he sees this thread. Just putting it out there that it can be done, if one should want to pursue it......Not advocating that it should be done.
  5. I believe this question was asked in the past but don't recall the answer. Do you know if your airbox will fit with a larger battery? I'd have to check but if I'm not mistaken I think my battery comes to the last hole on the battery tie down. Thanks in advance.
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    2015-2018 Edge TI and Sport with the 401a package came equipped with HID headlights.
  7. onyxbfly

    2013 Ford Edge Audio Upgrades

    Yes that is it. Drop me a line when you get to that part of your build.
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    Just joined the site

    Welcome to the forum.
  9. onyxbfly

    2013 Ford Edge Audio Upgrades

    I have a JL Audio Stealth box available with an amp and LOC if you're interested.
  10. They say a pic is worth a thousand words! Thank you for answering my question and explaining the answer with a pic as well. Your disclaimer cracked me up. Thanks once again!
  11. Here is something that maybe helpful. On other forums a new members first post usually has to go to the introduction section. Or a mod will tell them to introduce themselves. I suggest we take it a step further and have a new member first post be redirected to the introduction section so they can learn how to use/ navigate the site and have them list their MY and deets etc. It would also help to prevent spam if a new members first post was auto routed/ redirected to the introduction section... I don't know if this will fall on deaf ears..... not implying that a MOD won't read it, but its ultimately up top the site owner/ admin to implement it. Something for the mods and owner to chew over etc HTH
  12. I have a question/ concern that I haven't seen addressed so here we go. I don't know how far/ low your snorkel runs but have you given any thought to mitigating hydrolock? I know that water repellent filter socks are available but I don't know how much water they will prevent from entering the filter etc. Am I overthinking this? Is hydrolocking a concern with your design?
  13. I can dig it! Completely understandable. Only time will tell, perhaps Xtra may have access to extra parts if one decides to follow through with your concept.
  14. A penny for your thoughts......care to share? What did you have in mind? It may be to the benefit of everyone that is interested in the airbox.