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  1. intermittent issues with the battery/electrical. replaced it in may 2023 with 3 year battery from walmart. lasted ~6 months. replaced with a diehard 3 year battery, and it lasted a few weeks now. yes, i reset the battery management system. been getting weird warnings; orange wrench for AWD, hill assist, etc. no codes stored and wrench would go away after restarting, but symptoms persist. stiff steering, lane management not working, remote start are some of the issues. checked voltage and battery was 12.67VDC and 13.6VDC while running. seems normal. sits overnight, and all was normal yesterday, ran fine. this morning; dead. battery was at ~6VDC. charging it now but this is is driving me nuts. any suggestions???
  2. thesixcar

    2016 sport 2.7L coolant leak

    113000 miles where is it going? pressure test will not hold but i cannot find the leak. no coolant in oil and no white smoke; i see the results of leaking in driveway. any areas where i should focus my investigation? i searched for hours in this forum but nothing similar. thanks in advance