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  1. Just thoughts here, how are the tires wearing? Alignment checked? Try interchanging the rear wheels/tires and see if it makes an affect.
  2. omar302

    Transmission shudder

    Ford's powertrain warranty is 5 years or 60K miles, whichever occurs first.
  3. omar302

    Adaptive Cruise and brake lights?

    My 2016 Edge Sport that does Not have stop and go would usually disengage ACC at nearly zero speed before letting go of the brakes. I'll try to make a video of it next time.
  4. omar302

    Adaptive Cruise and brake lights?

    I thought in 2019+ models Ford added Stop & Go and that the ACC worked till 0.
  5. omar302

    Can Forscan do it?

    I am not sure if anyone tried it on an Edge, but I'd guess the fog lights acting as "cornering lights" should work. You can try the changes as per the 2015-2020 F-150 sheet. For the Fuel range on the right screen, I fairly confident it is not easily done. If it is possible, it will at least involve a firmware upgrade. You'll first need to check if the hardware is the same, then find the firware files for a new Edge ST and flash it on your 2020 ST.
  6. There has never been an option for power fold mirrors for that Edge generation.
  7. I eventually got a locally made H6 battery. Half the price of MotorCraft's BXT65.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, the previous generation issues were from the PTU. RDU failures are rare. As for @JGN12 point on maximum maintenance life, comparing vehicles (Ford) to other complex systems (including aeronautical), the difference lies, in my opinion, in designed service life. Planes & helicopters I believe are designed to serve a much longer life than automobiles.
  9. Looking how Ford's oil is specific to this application, I wouldn't recommend using a "regular" gear oil in its place. Link to Motorcraft page for this oil. It also states "Do not use in conventional high-offset hypoid gear axles where SAE 75W-85, 75W-90, 80W-90 or 75W-140 is recommended".
  10. Only the automatic wipers. The only warnings I would get are for the parking sensors.
  11. omar302

    Rear Differential Replacement

    So, I got some screenshots from ForScan to show where to program the rear Axle Code (Automatic Torque Coupling (ATC) Configuration). It is under PCM "Module Configuration".
  12. There is no extensive sheet for the Edge, only some personal (small) sheets and mods all over this thread (edit: and this thread). However, the 2015-2020 F-150, 2016-2019 Explorer and 2013+ Fusion sheets are mostly applicable to 2015+ Edges. Though I am not sure for newer Edges with Sync4A if it is still applies or not.
  13. Thanks. However, the title should be changed to 2014 as the 2015 Edge is completely different. The 2015 MKX is similar though.
  14. @1004ron posted a link to buy them from Amazon. Also, I was able to find it on TascaParts (link).
  15. omar302

    2015 fwd model TRANSMISSION #?

    For the 2015 to 2018 Edge models: 2.0 got 6F35 3.5 got 6F50 2.7 got 6F55