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  1. The SE & SEL don't illuminate the light bar. Only the Titanium & Sport models do. The complete rear taillight is physically different, the center portion and also the two side lamps.
  2. omar302

    2018 3.5 Considering battery replacement

    It has been confirmed in the forums that H6 & H7 batteries fit (Gen2). The battery tray has three holes for the bracket to allow to fit the different size batteries.
  3. On my 2016 Edge, I remember there are only two wires connected to the bulb connector. Ground and DRL. Are you saying yours has 3 wires? If yes, then that's different and my statement above would then be wrong or not applicable to your Edge.
  4. Physically it's not possible because the high beam filaments of the inner bulbs are not connected. That bulb on HID equipped 2015-2018 models is a H15 bulb. A two filament bulb designed for DRL and high beam. Only the DRL filament is connected electrically. Did you install LED front turn signal bulbs? If yes, that's your issue and you have to disable "hyper flash" or "bulb out", not sure exactly what's it's called. The fast flashing happens when the vehicle detects a turn signal bulb is out, and when regular bulbs are replaced with LEDs, the difference in current makes the vehicle think the bulbs are out.
  5. @Sunnyorlando Yes, it is a beta version just like what @onyxbfly & @vega stated. But the search box should be there in all versions. I'm surprised it is not showing for you.
  6. Probably yes, a cost cutting thing. Just like how the small drawer on the left side was replaced with a simple cover (link to discussion). On my 2016, the ambient light is still there (door handle & door pocket).
  7. They are not. The fronts have antennas and sensors while the rears only have sensors.
  8. omar302

    Mirror tilt with reverse?

    Not in stock form. It is a mod using ForScan. https://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/23250-comprehensive-list-of-possible-forscan-mods/
  9. omar302

    PTU fluid change issues..

    More info: https://www.autoblog.com/2018/09/12/2019-ford-edge-awd-or-100-percent-front-wheel-drive-665932/
  10. Gen 1 Edge is for model years 2007 to 2014 (years 2011 to 2014 are also referred to as Gen 1.5 as they had a significant face-lift). Gen 2 Edge is 2015+ model years as I. 2015 the Edge was completely redesigned. Most parts are new.
  11. omar302

    PTU fluid change issues..

    The owners manual states 23.7 fluid ounces for the Sport (2.7 EcoBoost). Where did you get the 12.8 ounce capacity? 2019+models have a different PTU , it can disconnect the rear drive shaft to save fuel when AWD is not required.
  12. omar302

    Driver Center Armrest

    So I just checked again, I actually put the felt tape on the console side. When the armrest/lid cover closes, the ridge would press on the felt tape instead of the plastic side.
  13. omar302

    Driver Center Armrest

    I had a similar issue on my 2016 Edge's armrest. I found out that cleaning the ridge shown in the below images and other side where the ridge meets would eliminate the creaking for sometime. Eventually, I put some felt tape over the ridge and it has been quiet for the longest time I remember.
  14. omar302

    Mirror tilt with reverse?

    Reverse Tilt will only work if the vehicle has memory seats. I don't believe the SEL trim has memory seats.
  15. On HID equipped 2015-2018 Edge the inner bulb is a H15 bulb with dual filaments. The low filament (15 watts if I remember correctly) is used for the DRL function, but the other filament is NOT used. Even the wiring is not connected. You will find only two wires on the bulb connector, ground and DRL. The high beam function is achieved by moving a shutter on the outer HID projectors (commonly known as bi-xenon). On non-HID 2015-2018 Edge that inner bulbs are 9005 utilized for high beams only. DRL function is achieved using reduced voltage (or some alternating current/voltage, don't exactly remember) on the low beam bulbs. Also, those "outer" lights are HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights, aka Xenon lights, not LED. You cannot remove them for cleaning, unless you disassemble the headlight and then gluing it back together. It is possible, but not simple and you could end up breaking them.