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  1. omar302

    2.0 ecoboost..how is working in the new Edge?

    Yes, it works the same way in the Edge.
  2. omar302

    Does your climate control start up with own settings?

    For the seats & defrost, if you remote start the vehicle then take over, the seats & defrost will be at the setting dictated by the remote start conditions.
  3. omar302

    Ford Performance sill plate

    A person with a 2020 Explorer ST got mismatched side view mirrors! Different factory, but seems Ford has assembly QA/QA issues.
  4. This is the post from the F150 forums I read a while ago about the extra required sensor.
  5. I would be very interested for this, but I remember reading a reply from Dan on the Fusion or F150 forums where he stated something that there is an additional sensor on the windshield required, hence it is not an easy upgrade.
  6. omar302

    2013 Ford Edge MFT Update issues

    Try to to redownload the file and redo it. Also, what app did you use to unzip it? Try another app, just to be sure it is not a file issue.
  7. @TomCinMI Good info. Looking at the replacement parts (#1 here), they are used for all 2015+ models including the 2019. Also it seems the a available part numbers now are superceding older numbers, so there has been revisions to them, meaning they are probably fixing issues.
  8. omar302

    2013 Ford Edge MFT Update issues

    First, since the update process did start, then your MFT was on an older version. Second, did you try to recopy the update file to the USB drive? My guess is that one of the files is either missing or corrupt. Try that, and if it doesn't work try another USB drive.
  9. To have the DRL turn on, the headlight switch (dial) should be on auto, the transmission lever should not be in P, and it should be daylight. Otherwise the DRL will be off.
  10. What do you mean by you can set them...? If you mean using the instrument cluster DRL setting, then it seems the DRLs for your Edge are set like that. Maybe a previous owner changed them using ForScan or through a dealer.
  11. omar302

    Evaporator case? Really? I doubt it

    I think in case there is binding in the flap then the case itself would require replacement, though I don't remember anyone bringing this issue up here. All the cases brought up here are for the actuator as what akirby stated above.
  12. omar302

    Door not opened by the key

    Are you sure the door lock was never changed before? Try spraying some WD40 inside the key hole and try again.
  13. Yes, that is normal. See the owner's manual.
  14. omar302

    Still not an Edge but nearly...

    Since @BeDevil79 is talking about a UK spec vehicle, it is important to remember that the imperial (UK) gallons are not the same as US gallons – a UK gallon equals 4.55 litres while a US gallon equals 3.785 litres. So MPG numbers will be higher than in the US (~20% higher).