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  1. omar302

    full synthetic to semi?

    As @onyxbfly stated above, the Edge still uses Direct Injection only. The F-150 got dual injection in 2017 for the 3.5 EcoBoost only, then in 2018 the rest also got it. But all other EcoBoost Engines (AFAIK, and as per Ford's website as of today 07/07/2020) are still Direct Injection only, even the new Explorer, which was a clean new 2020 model & the first application of the 3.0 EcoBoost in longitudinal form. Edit: The 2018+ Expedition is also PFI+DI like the F-150, although Ford's website states its only DI. So there goes relying on Ford as a credible source 😁.
  2. omar302

    2016 Edge Titanium Blower/Glove box

    It doesn't seem you need to remove the glove box. See the attached procedure. Blower Motor R and I.pdf
  3. omar302

    Sunroof shade noise.

    I have 2 sounds from the sunroof. 1 is from the friction between the rear part of the movable glass and the seal. Cleaning the seal & glass surface where they meet. Some light grease also helps. 2 is from the rubber surround under the glass, this rubber doesn't seem to have a function as it doesn't seal anything, probably for sound purposes. This rattles a bit.
  4. omar302

    Exterior spare, anyone tried yet?

    I expect it would. I don't have any experience with it, but it does have several holes so it can give different clearances. Maybe there are other models that have a mechanism to sway away when opening the liftgate.
  5. omar302

    Exterior spare, anyone tried yet?

    Never heard of anyone doing it on the Edge. You should also consider if the tailgate sheet metal can withstand the weight or not. Suggest you look at a hitch mounted wheel carrier like this for example: https://www.homedepot.com/p/CURT-Hitch-Mounted-Spare-Tire-Mount-Fits-2-Receiver-31006/205631724
  6. omar302

    Cooled Seats

    Checked today in the morning before starting the Edge, both seat bottom & seat backs were at the same ambient temperature (33C). So yesterday's discrepancy was due to the few minutes of remote starting it.
  7. omar302

    Cooled Seats

    I got a screenshot today on the way back from work. This was after about a 20 minute drive. The passenger seat was off, but was initially turned on for a few minutes when I remote started the engine. The temperatures are in Celsius. Converted to Fahrenheit: Driver: Cushion: 59 Back: 70 Passenger (was off): Cushion: 91 Back: 100 I am especially surprised of the passenger seat difference while it was off!! And yes, the ambient temperature was about 105-110 F.
  8. Even after hearing the click on the driver's side the high beam is still not working? If that's the case then maybe the shield is broken or loose and not moving with the solenoid.
  9. Can be done, but also the taillights on the sides are different, the light pattern will not match unless all three are replaced. Then you will also to make some ABD changes (reprogramming) because the Titanium lights has amber turn signals that flash independently from the brake lights.
  10. Just have to let it out, Ford, with all of its wisdom, has equipped their Ford vehicles exported to our region (those optioned with it) with the AC outlet with the US plug style & 120v, even though we use the UK plug style and 240v. And they do have a UK plug 240v inverter because the Edge sold in UK has them.
  11. omar302

    Cooled Seats

    Yes, you should have 😁. We had some discussions on this issue in the ForScan forums here, maybe it'll help you recollect. I wouldn't recommend making any physical changes to avoid damaging the TEDs, they are not cheap or easy to replace. Just some notes: Some F-150 owners reported broken exhaust ports in Tim's solution rendering it useless. Check if the exhaust tube is getting hot air out to make sure this is not your case. There was a TSB for the seats that had the ABD updated to fix the cooling, so maybe get the ABD from a newer model, maybe a late build 2020 Edge. Please share next time. I also had monitored the TED temperatures in Forscan and always had that difference between the seat bottom & back. I'll try to get a screen shot to see the actual difference.
  12. The high beams in these light (in stock form at least) utilizes the same bulb as the low beam but with a shield that moves up/down to get more light out. There would be an audible click sound when they turn on/off. My guess would be that the solenoid that moves this shield on the driver side is shot. unfortunately it is inside the light assembly and is replaced with the complete housing.
  13. I think it is because he does not have Navigation in Sync 3. Therefore, the instrument cluster is setup for "Phone" & "Entertainment" only. Don't think any dealer will help in this case. Maybe try to enable the "Navigation" screen in the instrument cluster using ForScan, but don't know if the directions would work since there is no OEM Navigation.
  14. Anything can fail. I remember reading maybe 1 or 2 members with a failed light bar and I think even one who actually had an SE/SEL bar fitted from the factory to his Sport or Titanium but replaced under warranty. You have two issues: Your dealer. unfortunately, most are like that, whatever you report off they immediately answer that it is "Normal". If you find a dealer that really listens to you, then become friends with them, they are a gem. You purchased your Edge used. Maybe the previous owner replaced the original light-bar and for some reason (intentionally or not) got an SE/SEL bar installed. Reports of high level moisture going into the rear taillights/bar, were not uncommon, so might have been (mis)replaced due to that. Still, having the premium warranty, I guess it should still be covered.
  15. Yes, wireless charging isn't necessary but would have been nice especially that I usually charge my phone at night, so would have been a nice "quirk" when placing the phone down at night. The phone's battery life is great and rarely do i have to charge it during the day. Also, if you are serious about it, act fast as the stocks are finishing soon due to the newer models. Last off-topic post. 😀