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  1. Maybe it's a conflict of interest issue 😄.
  2. omar302

    Oil Change timeline

    Did not read about it anywhere. Would be good to be able to change to a custom interval.
  3. omar302

    Oil Change timeline

    Page 432 of the manual "NORMAL SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE". You can download a "PDF" version of the manual or browse an HTML (website). Link to 2020 FORD EDGE OWNER MANUAL, WARRANTY & OTHER INFORMATION. In short, the manual states to follow the Oil change reminder which should come up at a maximum interval of 10K miles or 1-year. From the manual:
  4. omar302

    New California Smog Law Starting July 19, 2021

    As per the attached document, they'd look at the ignition cycle counter using mode 9. But the LMS tuner does not reset the counter, neither on a performance tune or when returning to stock. I have seen this myself. So it won't be detectable. G0000128 Gas Engine Performance Modifications.pdf
  5. As @1004ron stated above, you can lock a fob inside using another fob from the outside or using the kaypad by pressing & holding the "9-0" & "7-8" buttons. The kaypad will still unlock the door.
  6. omar302

    Check part by VIN

    You can use https://www.etis.ford.com to check using the VIN how the vehicle was equipped. But you need to register first. Also, you can contact US Ford online parts sites. They can sell you the correct parts based on your VIN. For example, https://www.levittownfordparts.com/ They are also active on this forum. Benny. @LevittownFordSuperCenter Another good site I use sometimes is Tasca Parts.
  7. omar302

    Titanium ST ???

    No. There is no Titanium ST. There is a "ST" & a "ST-Line". No Titanium ST.
  8. I suspect it is a mismatch between the Lincoln IPC's chime generator to the Ford Audio system, like some chimes or parts of them should have gone to a speaker(s) not available on the the Ford. The overspeed chime is enabled for the GCC market, a single chime & a yellow indicator showing (>120). This can also be enabled/disabled using ForScan.
  9. Can anyone confirm this? I also now confirmed that the liftgate closing chime & overspeed (+120km/h) chime don't come. If the chimes are switched to IPC they will come, but if the chimes are set to vehicle speakers they don't.
  10. Sorry, I might have not been clear, the gear shift interlock is still there and you still need to press the start button (with or without the brake pedal). It has been mostly the same process between my previous 2011 MKX & current 2016 Edge. The only difference was that on the 2011, pressing the shifter lock button before the start button while remote started would have shutdown the engine (even though the shifter is still locked). On the 2016 nothing happens when pressing the shifter lock button before the start button (shifter remain locked).
  11. I don't remember right now what would be shown on the IPC, but I can press the start button with or without pressing the brake pedal on my 2016 Edge Sport while it is remote started. It does seem strange that pressing the brake pedal would shut down the engine.
  12. Wouldn't be the first time the service manual was incorrect.
  13. That doesn't sound like a chime from a Ford. Are you sure it is not coming from your phone, tablet or some other device you have inside your vehicle? I don't have factory navigation, so I can't say if it might be from that.
  14. The shift lever is locked during remote start. With the key being inside & pressing the start button, the vehicle wouldn't move. Can't even release the parking brake.
  15. omar302

    back up camera problems

    Although this video is for an Explorer, the same thing might also be happening: