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  1. omar302

    Oil pressure question

    I meant to reply earlier, I tried monitoring the oil pressure using ForScan lite (android), these are my observations: Driving, I did see low oil pressures, as low as 2.9 psi at one point, which seems to have been from when braking/stopping hard. At idle, or stopped in drive, the oil pressure fluctuates ~2-4 psi only. Oil pressure is the last graph at the bottom in below screenshots (EOP_PRESS): Fist screenshot is from while driving. Second is while idling stopped in drive. Third is while idling in Park.
  2. omar302

    Adaptive Cruise Malfunction

    So calibration was done, however, I'd suggest to redo it since the ABD changed. I don't know whether it affects it or not. Correct Calibration is to ensure it works correctly, so even if it is working, there might be something off. This is only a personal opinion. For the VIN, I don't know it is required or not, however, for modules that need VIN, it is part of the ABD, so programming the factory ABD will automatically add the VIN to the module. The VIN is actually some the ABD values.
  3. Did you try the solution stated in the thread linked above? This one.
  4. omar302

    HOW TO add OEM Remote Start (2015+)

    Did you follow all the steps mentioned in the original post? Did you replace the RTM? Did you enable Hood Switch in BCM? Did you enable remote start in FCIM & SCCM? Note: your Edge is a EU model, that could also be an issue. It is diesel, right? Auto or Manual? That could also be an issue.
  5. omar302

    Adaptive Cruise Malfunction

    Even though it is working now, if I remember correctly, there is a "calibration" process that you should do for the sensor to work correctly. I also remember that ForScan has this service capability to initiate the calibration.
  6. omar302

    2019+ Edge LED tail lights

    They are all LED Taillights, it is just how they illuminate that differentiates "Low" and "High" lines. Just out of curiosity and for confirmation @ADHCpilot, is your rear signal lights amber or red? I couldn't find a picture online to confirm what the "Low" line (SE, SEL, ST-Line) has in the rear.
  7. omar302

    2019+ Edge LED tail lights

    This was discussed before here. There are two types of taillights on the Edge (2015+), when lights are off they look the same. But how they illuminate is different: On higher trims, the red outline lights up as the "Taillight", with the brake & turn signal lights are separate/different LEDs. On 2015-2018, the signals are amber. On lower trims, the outer outline is just for show and the taillight is the same as brake lights, only on brakes they illuminate brighter (like traditional older American cars). I am not sure if 2019+ are similar to 2015-2018 where the turn signal is red, utilizing the same LEDs as the brake lights.
  8. omar302

    Adaptive Cruise Malfunction

    Not being able to select anything, tells me maybe someone changed some configurations (As Built Data), hence why it is greyed out. This is a guess only. For programming the VIN, it would be easier to just download the factory As-Built Data (ABD) from MotorCraft Service site (link) and then use the restore function in ForScan. Do it for all modules you suspect have been altered, at-least for the CCM, IPC & BCM (Cruise Control, Instrument Cluster & Body Control) modules.
  9. Thanks a lot, that's a simple fix, just rotate and mirror the image and it becomes easily readable.
  10. On the glass, center of the rear edge from the inside it can be seen. It is supposed to readable from the outside, so on the inside the text will be mirrored (flipped). Attached is what mine states (2016 original), "laminated safety glass". Newer models stared using "Tempered glass".
  11. My guess is that this new version oil pan (KT4Z-6675-E) is for use on all (2015+), however, for the 2015-2017 it would require the new Valve covers, my guess for the PCV Check Valve that is missing from the new oil pans.
  12. @Haz As usual, great updates, thanks for all your contributions. It's about time they made an updated oil pan with a gasket for the older 2.7s. I went through the TSB, but I couldn't find the figure 1 in the PDF, is there any attachment to the TSB?
  13. omar302

    2019 2.7L Oil Consumption Issue

    My doubt would be that it was not filled correctly from the oil change. Did you check it any other time since the oil change? Also, remembers that with these engines you have to wait 15 minutes before checking the oil level to ensure the level is read correctly.
  14. Sorry to hear that. Is the replacement glass tempered glass or laminated?
  15. Hi @Haz Can you please share the "Roof Opening Panel Track Cleaning (501-17 Roof Opening Panel, General Procedures)"? It is mentioned in the diagnosis & testing.