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  1. Congrats on your new ride. Hope you enjoy it to the fullest. A few members have already fixed that. The problem is Ford started to put only a single horn in 2019, the solution is to install the 2015-2018 model horn. See this thread. Sorry, I can't help on your other questions. For 2 & 3 there will probably be solutions for them, don't remember someone mentioning them though. For 4, that is probably not possible due to the Sync programming.
  2. omar302

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    May I suggest you add some indentations on the mold were the holes would be so that they would be easily located after making the product? Or maybe screw in screws so holes are ready? I am sure this is something you probably had it in mind, just in case.
  3. If you have 2 key fobs working for the car, you can display the code by following a procedure explained in the owner's manual. See the bottom in this link. Alternatively, a dealer visit or using ForScan will get the job done.
  4. omar302

    Key fob - engine shut off when out of range?

    The feature (or annoyance) started with mid 2012 or mid 2013 models, don't remember exactly. If you use ForScan, it might be possible to enable it. You'll have to test it.
  5. The 2019 ST uses a 2-way remote at 902 MHz (US) frequency while the Flex uses a 1-way remote at 315 MHz (US). Cannot be done with the stock remotes.
  6. I'm on my phone now, but remember there was a TSB on this that involved a software update to correct it. Try to also look for similar options under the BCM , body control module or FCIM. Greyed out options in IPC usually mean they are enabled for selection in the target module.
  7. omar302

    Key fob - engine shut off when out of range?

    Just to add one more point, if you leave the Edge idling for 30 minutes a message will appear in the instrument cluster and if no confirmation is given it will automatically shutdown. Hence if you find you had forgotten your key, make sure you don't leave the Edge unattended or turn off the auto shutdown in the settings menu (this setting will reset every time you restart).
  8. Maybe I misinterpreted what you stated as "Looks like´╗┐ a cost cutting measure´╗┐" as the filter being inferior to the one before the cost cutting. Nevertheless, Forums are for discussions like these, hope you didn't take my reply as a criticism to you, it is just my opinion on the filters themselves.
  9. No, it does not illuminate.
  10. omar302

    Oil Life Monitor % ?

    Just a reminder, Ford's Oil life minister does NOT actually measure the oil itself, there is no sensor sensing the oil. If someone resets the oil life monitor without changing the oil, the system will not detect it and will make a new oil life estimate with the assumption that oil was new when the reset was done.
  11. omar302

    Door Weatherstripping

    Mine is a 2016. The original part# are FT4Z-5820758-A & FT4Z-5820759-A which show up as discontinued. They installed the newer ones (with B suffix) which on the Tasca site show doesn't fit, but they obviously do.
  12. omar302

    2021 Edge Order Guide

    This will be easily determined once details of the ratios are disclosed. It is the 8F40 as stated in the Owner's Manual. What is also interesting is that the 2019 MKC with the 2.3L used the same transmission as the 2.0, the 6F35. For some reason the "35" transmission rating rating was ok before & now they put a "40" rating even though engine output was quite close. Guess they had developed it with the Bronco Sport in mind and saw it fit better with the 2.3 Lincoln. The 2020 Escape has 3 different transmissions, highest being the 8F35 as per the Owner's Manual.
  13. omar302

    Honk when Starting

    If the hood is open (or latch is faulty) an indicator in the instrument cluster will show that hood is open. But, even with the hood open it still will not honk. At least that's how it is on my 2016 Sport.
  14. omar302

    2021 Edge Order Guide

    The 2019-2020 ST's Transmission added 2 gears to the previous model's 6-speed. 1 ratio was an added overdrive (higher than the original for better highway fuel economy) and 1 ratio between the old model's 1st & 2nd creating a new 2nd ratio and making the old 2nd ratio a 3rd. This probably created too close ratios and an added shift when accelerating to 60 mph increasing the time. Since the old transmission's ratios were fine (no one complained all these years) I speculate they removed this 2nd and kept the overdrive. This makes sense to me because this is what I feel my 2016 Sport needs, an additional overdrive for highway fuel economy. By the way, here is media page for the 2021: https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2020/10/28/2021-ford-edge--smarter--more-stylish-than-ever--adds-standard-s.html
  15. Good luck with sales. Suggest you change the title to A11 instead of A-II. When I read A-II I thought it was A2.