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  1. omar302

    3.5 to 3.7 swap

    I thought the Lincoln MKS only got the Ti-VCT in the 2013 refresh.
  2. omar302

    Full Size Spare Tire 2020 Edge

    Just had a thought about this, Ford usually states that using a dissimilar size spare for a long period could cause damage to the AWD system. Also, when using the mini spare that the AWD will switch off to protect driveline components. So what if using a tire that is smaller than regular, but still larger than the mini will put the AWD system in a bit good situation, AWD does not disconnect, but still compromises the system? From the manual: What I mean to say, is that as long as you still don't get a fully matching spare whee/tire size match, you are still restricted to the same shortcomings of the mini spare. So just keep the mini, save space & make its installation a bit easier being much lighter.
  3. omar302

    Will 2015 Explorer Sport rims fit 2011 Edge SEL?

    If I remember correctly, it was a slight rub, but it was concerning. Wouldn't try to drive with it. Buy it was small enough that I think the smallest spacers could fix. By the way, I tried Limited wheels, the aluminum polished ones, not Sport wheels. So they might be different.
  4. Valve stem removal is NOT necessary. As @1004ron stated above, and I had tires replaced on my previous 2011 MKX & current 2016 Edge, the valve stems were not removed. But, the official statement is to replace the valve stems when installing new tires.
  5. omar302

    Radiator fan runs after engine is off

    If you're suspecting relays, it won't be closed all the time as the issue is intermittent. You could try to swap the relay with another one of the same rating and see if the issue changes.
  6. No. TPMS valves/stems don't need to be removed to remove/mount tires. I had my tires replaced without removing the stems, although the owners manual states to change the stems when installing new tires. Our local tire shops are not really well educated!!
  7. omar302

    Key Duplicate

    Though I am not in the US, for my earlier 2011 MKX I had with 1 key initially, I bought a used key/Fob from eBay and got a locksmith to cut it & program it. The locksmith has to have the proper equipment for programming the key. If you already have 2 keys, then programming can be easily done without any special equipment.
  8. omar302

    Will 2015 Explorer Sport rims fit 2011 Edge SEL?

    I once tried a 2013 Explorer Limited 20" on my previous 2011 MKX (similar to the Edge) and the wheels rubbed the front brake calipers.
  9. No. The hardware doesn't include what is required to do it.
  10. omar302

    Full Size Spare Tire 2020 Edge

    Just to visualize the difference in size between the spare & regular wheel/tire:
  11. omar302

    Parasitic Battery Drain?

    Do you mean accessories connected to the 12V power outlet(s)? The Power outlets on the 2015+ Edge will turn off off after a certain amount of time, i think ~1 hour & 15 min (I did not time it). If you are into ForScan mods, there is an edit that can change the timeout.
  12. omar302

    Will Explorer wheels fit 2013

    I once tried 2013 Explorer Limited 20" wheels on my previous 2011 MKX and they rubbed the brake calipers.
  13. omar302

    Livernois Tune - Engine Failure

    One more observation on the LMS tune: When applying the tune, the tuner has a progress meter, and for the LMS tunes, it would go through three (3) blocks (erasing block 1 of 3, then writing block 1 of 3, erasing block 2 of 3, then writing block 2 of 3 finally erasing block 3 of 3, then writing block 3 of 3). But the stock tune has 16 blocks! And restoring the stock tune erases/writes all 16 blocks. I asked them about it and they responded: "The mention of only seeing a few BLKS writing when installing the tune versus pulling the stock read is to be expected, so no worries there. When it reads the stock tune it does a full file and when custom tunes are installed it only has to write the segments not the entire file"
  14. omar302

    Livernois Tune - Engine Failure

    @UrbanFree @onyxbfly Did you get any DTCs before the Spark Plug change? I have had the LMS tune for about 1.5 years now, no issues except unacceptable (to me) harsh shifts, even at low throttle, that they corrected by going back to "stock shift tune". Just got worried from your experiences and want to be pro-active to detect if anything might go wrong. My personal displeasure with them are mainly with the lack of "features" and updates. I have asked them several times to enable the current gear status which other tuners can enable, for which LMS claimed is not possible, and lack of updated tunes. I know they came up with V3 (for 2015-2018 models) but that was back in Nov. 2017. And the V3 tune is not available on 89 Tunes!.
  15. omar302

    PTU Fluid Change

    You need to ask Ford that question. My guess is because of the much warmer weather here and that folks here assume crossovers are SUVs so they would still take them on sand dunes. Gen1: 2007-2010 Gen1.5: 2011-2014 Gen2: 2015-2018 Gen2.5: 2019-2021 1.5 & 2.5 are referred to as 0.5 updates because they are refreshed models with the same chassis & many shared components.