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  1. Seems it just pulls out. This image is part of the B-Pillar removal procedure. B-Pillar Trim Panel R and I.pdf
  2. omar302

    Will Tire rotation need TPMS reset?

    It is my car. Took the video myself 🙂. What is different?
  3. Nice ride and nice photos. Take care.
  4. omar302

    Will Tire rotation need TPMS reset?

    On my 2016 Edge I found out that it will relearn the positions of the tire automatically after a tire rotation.
  5. omar302

    Tire Pressure monitor

    It is normal to have 3-5 psi change between readings from a cold tire (parked overnight) and a hot tire (ex. 10 mile ride). Also, the TPMS low light would come on when the tire is around 25% under recommended pressure, for the Edge the recommended pressure is 35 psi and the light would come on around 26-28 psi (not sure exactly). From what you have explained and see anything unusual. Also remember that the readings are sent from each sensor every 2 minutes or so, so there might be bigger differences between tires depending on when the system updates. One last variable is the rounding of numbers, 35.4 & 34.6 will both probably read as 35, but then one will read 36 psi much quicker.
  6. omar302

    New Member, 15 Sport

    Welcome. Nice pair.
  7. omar302

    Reason Exhaust Tips Don't Extend Further

    This is what they did with the previous generations of the Edge & Explorer as part of a TSB to fix exhaust odor that was entering then cabin at high acceleration cases. Edit: I just remembered I posted pictures about it when it was done to my old MKX.
  8. omar302

    2015 Edge Sport 2.7 Ecoboost - Code P1450

    @Scott98 See the attached if it helps. Evaporative Emission Canister Purge Valve 27l.pdf
  9. Ours would have KPH on the outside and MPH on the inside. I'd always know it's is not the correct one! Bad case of OCD.
  10. Congrats @2FAST4U, nice ride. Also those wheels are amongs the nicest on the Edge. Definitely better looking than the ST's wheels.
  11. It is most probably a glitch. You can force a restart by holding the power and seek (forward/right) buttons for a few seconds.
  12. Is it possible to remove that orange banner at the top (Edge ST enthusiast)? Or suggest to make an option to dismiss it. It just feels like there is a warning every time I access the site.
  13. There was a message on it with Ford foe a fix. Though it seems what @onyxbfly suggested might be a similar fix. https://ford.oemdtc.com/3616/remote-start-selections-grayed-out-for-heated-steering-wheel-heated-seats-2015-2018-ford-edge-2016-2018-lincoln-mkx
  14. See the attached Ford General Service Bulletin to see how your concern should be classified by Ford. G0000179 Window Glass.pdf
  15. Thanks for the feedback. Now that you mentioned it was sitting outside, my Edge's driver seat-belt seems to be affected if it was heat soaked. Though it does not fully lock, only locks a couple times while trying to buckle up (have to retract it a bit then re-pull). Other than when being heat soaked, it works fine.