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  1. Mirror tilt in reverse only works on the gen2 Edge (2015+). It cannot be added to prior model years.
  2. omar302

    Hood Rattle on Highway

    Just today I find that SSSM 49931 was issued by Ford to address this issue for 2015-2021 model years. I also just realized that I was not adjusting the bumper stops (this) to try to stop the shake. Source.
  3. Using ForScan you can disable the "park" function and then the bulb will act as a turn signal light only. With an SEL/Titanium/Sport model, you still have the bumper signature lights to act as parking lights when the ignition is on. This way LED turn signals will work. Only issue I found is that the turn signal in the Edge's housing is designed different to most othe vehicles, the bulb is inserted from the bottom up, so the reflector is designed to utilize the glow of the filament from the side, aftermarket LED bulb are designed on the basis they are facing outwards towards were the light is going out of the housing. With an LED bulb inserted in the Edge's housing, it is pointed upwards, so most of the light emitted is not going in the correct direction, hence I find the stock bulb always brighter than replacement LEDs. I have tried 3 different brands and all with the same results.
  4. omar302

    Cargo Cover Recommendation

    My Edge Sport with a June 2016 build came with the same "updated" version with the spring loaded cover for the area just behind the rear seats instead of the straps as in the Carwow video review. The cover was part of the "Cargo Accessories Package" which also included the cargo area protector (rubber mat) and rear bumper protector (small strip on bumper).
  5. You don't need to be registered for Owner Manuals. Here is is the link, just select year & model or enter the VIN.
  6. omar302

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    Seems there is an updated TSB 21-2389 to also include 2021 (built UpTo March 11, 2021) model years to fix the issue. Again PCM update and Transmission Solenoid Strategy reprogram. (Source) MC-10203649-0001.pdf
  7. omar302

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    Should be covered fully. From the 2019 Warranty Guide:
  8. omar302

    Cargo Cover Recommendation

    I remembered seeing a different cargo cover somewhere, found it in this carwow review. At the 5:57 mark he removed and you can see how it's attached to the rear headrests.
  9. omar302

    Two different puddle lights

    There was supposed to be a link to an Amazon example, thanks for pointing that out. Corrected it now to your example.
  10. No. Outside of using ForScan you can't turn them off. The wiring for the puddle lights can easily be disconnected if you want.
  11. omar302

    Info Display /Lighting /Autolamp Delay

    I don't use it, but my understanding is that if you set a time, and the headlight switch is left in the auto position, the lights will remain on for the selected amount after you turn off the engine.
  12. omar302

    Two different puddle lights

    The OEM one is the sealed unit like this one. There is actually a bulb inside, but it is not easily replaced. What you can do is get some aftermarket LED replacements (example) that are cheaper than the OEMs and are brighter/whiter. Win-win.
  13. omar302

    Cargo Bay Light Always ON

    Looking up the part number online (DA5Z13776A) I found this Russian site with a photo from of the light from the back, it seems that it can be removed without pulling the side panel, you just need to know which side to pry from with a flat screwdriver.
  14. omar302

    New battery and odd signs it was needed

    My dealer uses a "rotunda" tool to test the battery, and if the result was "failed" they'll replace it immediately. Once I replaced a Motorcraft battery because of a crack at the battery post even though it tested "good", but the physical damage was clearly a defect and thus was replaced. I just brought the battery in and went out with the new one and replaced it myself to avoid the long waiting times of the workshop. Another option I had when under the 3 year bumper warranty is calling the roadside assistance (also under warranty) and let them tow the vehicle to the dealer. In that case my waiting will be at home. Just have to go collect it once ready. @txaggie if you still have the old battery, ask the dealer if they will exchange it for a new one, why let Ford off the hook for a new battery if they were supposed to cover it.
  15. Hi all, Can anyone confirm what firmware files works with the MKX cluster on the Edge? Or where I can find them? My cluster currently is stick MKX and is working fine, but I'd like to switch to the Ford colors and it would also be nice to get the outside temperature display.