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  1. Short answer, no. On GEN 2 Edge models, headlights are 2 bulbs on each side, HID models use the inner bulb (closer to the grille) for a dedicated DRL function. It uses an H15 bulb (a dual filament bulb) but only the 15 watt DRL is connected. Halogen equipped models use separate low/high beam bulbs and the DRL is the low beam. The only ForScan mods I have related to DRLs on my Edge are to enable the menu option in the cluster to turn DRL on or off, like the stock US setup for GEN2 Edges. My Edge being a GCC export market model was setup to have forced DRL always on when the conditions are right (headlights off, transmission not in Park).
  2. Hi @kc300c, Any plans to offer an LED DRL Kit for the 2015-2018 Edges? Similar to the kits offered for the 2011-2014 models? Thanks.
  3. omar302

    No Start and P2610

    Thanks again @Haz The non-working interior switches might be due to the "Inhibit Switches" function I had enabled using ForScan that is supposed to disable the interior switched when locked. I have now disabled it to see/test if the issue happens again. Yes. There was no cluster messages. Completely blank. I just made a test (normal condition) to enter my vehicle using the keypad only (keyfob away from vehicle) and it would show the mileage in the cluster once the driver door is open. Pressing the ignition start button (keyfob still away) will get a "No Key Detected" message in the cluster. When the issue was happening, the start button was not flashing. Next time the issue happens, I'll try to connect the OBDLink MX OBD adapter and see if can get any readings. Also I'll try tapping on the relays/fuse boxes to see if it makes a difference before disconnecting the battery. Visually, the relays look ok. Also, between the first time the issue happened, till the last times, the battery has been replaced, so that is out of the equation.
  4. omar302

    No Start and P2610

    Thank you @Haz. I feel that the code(s) I got are symptoms only, probably due to the battery disconnection. I went through the attached documents, but I couldn't find a link on what might cause the ignition power to be dead, completely, with no response in the IPC (no warnings or anything), the remote keyfob not responding to any commands, not even if inserted into the backup slot. Yet, the keypad on the outside still worked and opened the door. The horn also worked. The slight disconnection of the battery for a few seconds was sufficient to bring every back to life again. Makes me feel like a stuck relay, but did not find any relay that controls the dead functions only while keeping the others running.
  5. omar302

    No Start and P2610

    Issue happened a third time yesterday. No response from the keyfob or the engine start button. The keypad still worked and unlocked the door, but nothing in the instrument cluster. Disconnected the battery for a few seconds and then reconnected it, vehicle started completely fine. Again got a single code and was from the BCM related to the steering lock (B1026:87-08) - ForScan stating as "Missing Message". I know that without any codes or a way to repeat it, my dealer will not be able to help. I tried the self tests for KOEO, KOER and BCM, no faults.
  6. I found the attached updated TSB 21-2322 issued 23-September-2021 (superseding 17-0065) stating to just remove & discard the fasteners. Calling them "assembly aid fasteners". MC-10201635-0001 - TSB 21-2322.pdf
  7. omar302

    Sync 4A Versus Sync 4

    What is the difference between SYNC®* 4 and SYNC® 4A? I think that the major difference is the screen orientation. 4A is portrait with the volume dial and 4 is landscape.
  8. omar302


    Check this F150 sheet (fake engine sound). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1uDSQ1Z5a2Wt8-kjrSiVSlDFGFHnfeuhb3RTMVz95730/htmlview#gid=815852466 You will need to enable/disable it under ACM and DSP, as far as I remember.
  9. omar302


    If you use ForScan, it can be enabled/disabled using it. ForScan can also flash firmwares. If you really want it back, look at using ForScan.
  10. I'm curious too, will definitely check if I do take it on a long trip, however, given that the driveline is mostly FWD when cruising at highway speeds, shouldn't it cool off the PTU because of the reduced load? Maybe check your AWD gauge and see how it looks?
  11. Believe it or not, today I faced this exact issue. Left from work to lunch, parked normally. When returning to my Edge, started normally, then when I shifted out of Park to Drive, the shifter felt weirdly light the. Car didn't move, shifted back to Park but it got stuck there. Indicator in the cluster showed it was neutral even though shifter was in Park now. Now it refused to shift out of Park, figured it was the brake-shift interlock not releasing, due to transmission being actually in neutral as indicated. Released the shift interlock as per the owners manual (was really difficult) and when it finally released the shifter was light through the gears like it didn't actually shift anything. Got it towed to the dealer, thankfully it was stuck in neutral, so it was easy to get on the tow truck. Now waiting to hear from the dealer tomorrow. Edit: reading the recall description carefully, it is different from my case. In my case the indicator was showing it in Neutral and I did get a warning that the transmission is not in Park when turned off.
  12. Your post reminded me I had taken similar readings when the temperature here reached 50 degrees Celsius few days ago. Granted my trip was about 20km long. By the time I changed the unit to "F" the outside temp reading went down from 50C to 49C. The last one was after 5 minutes of leaving the highway and driving in stop and go traffic/signals. It is noted that my 2016 Edge Sport has the "Hot Market AWD" additional cooling. It includes a PTU cooler and an additional "standalone" Transmission cooler, not sure if there is anything else. Engine Cooling - Component Location 27l.pdf
  13. Nope. Ford pays for a job under a TSB only if the vehicle is within the warranty period. The TSB generally indicates a solution to some issues outside the normal diagnosis procedures, mostly something more common than normal and a fix outside the usual methods.
  14. This is the thread @1004ron probably referred to. I did the F150 fix to my Edge and the seat back is better, though still not as good as the seat bottom.