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  1. I assume CCS is for "Check Charging System"? These newer Alternators aren't like old models. They don't change on a contimuos basis. See the videos in MACT's channel (link). Also, @WWWPerfA_ZN0W will give you a much better answer than I could ever do.
  2. omar302

    Ford Edge "Dashboard Noise"?

    This is the first time I read/hear about a broken cabin air filter access door. Also I am surprised there doesn't seem to be a separate part number for the door itself. I'd suggest you check the access door yourself. If it really requires replacement, then try to go to a scrap yard. Look for any 2015+ Edge, 2016-2018 Lincoln MKX or 2019+ Lincoln Nautilus. Note, see the video below, at around 1:50 he talks about using screws if the clips break. See if this where your door is broken. My 2016 came from the factory with both, the clips & screws. Seems they stopped using the screws on newer models. https://youtu.be/nT8hlTHX8LA
  3. That's normal. The radio presets don't get erased with a battery replacement. The clock gets set from the GPS system, even if your Edge doesn't have Navigation.
  4. Actually, the PCM can determine what type of fuel is in, because the knock sensors detect knocking and adjust timing based on the what it finds. That is why modern engines, Ford's EcoBoost included, make more power on Premium (93) than it makes on regular fuel. This is even listed in the owners manual and Ford's brochures when advertising engine output numbers. Nevertheless, it wouldn't (can't?) do it just by filling it up. What others posted above is probably the reason, the only other exception I can think of is if the cars battery was disconnected for any reason between both fill ups as that would also reset the average mpg on which the distance to empty calculates.
  5. It is a cargo hook. It doesn't hold the cargo shade. Part number is H2GZ-78454A46-AA
  6. You can buy it separately, the dealer person was wrong. There are two part numbers, depends on if your door handle has a chrome strip or not. But will still need to be painted to match your Edge. Maybe you can find a used one eBay. https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/ford-interior-door-handle-trim-ds7z54218a15dc?c=Zz1ib2R5JnM9bG9jay1hbmQtaGFyZHdhcmUmbD04Jm49QXNzZW1ibGllcyBQYWdlJmE9Zm9yZCZvPWVkZ2UmeT0yMDE4JnQ9c3BvcnQmZT0yLTdsLXY2LWdhcw%3D%3D https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/ford-exterior-door-handle-trim-ds7z54218a15beptm?c=Zz1ib2R5JnM9bG9jay1hbmQtaGFyZHdhcmUmbD03Jm49QXNzZW1ibGllcyBQYWdlJmE9Zm9yZCZvPWVkZ2UmeT0yMDE4JnQ9c3BvcnQmZT0yLTdsLXY2LWdhcw%3D%3D
  7. omar302

    ST vs Sport airbox

    The part number for the OEM box is the same for both. But this doesn't mean the space where the box fits is the same. So even if the OEM box fits in both, the AFE airbox might not.
  8. omar302

    Wheel swap and tpms

    Looking at the TPMS part numbers, the 2013 & 2015 don't share the same numbers leading me to believe they are not interchangeable. Also, the wheel bolt pattern is different, so aren't going to be able to fit the wheels.
  9. I remember reading the same question but there wasn't a solution. My 2011 used to do 2 Km/h increments while my 2016 does 5 Km/h increments. I actually would prefer 1 Km/h increments so I'd get the exact set speed I want. The 2016 actual does the increments in 2 stages, the push rounds the set speed to next 5 Km/h and then next push(s) would add 5 Km/h. You can press and hold the +/- buttons to increase/decrease the speed more than the push increments.
  10. omar302

    Livernois Tune Update "Stage 4"

    Thanks for sharing. I have also sent them a request on Monday, waiting for an answer. Stage 3 was from back in 2017. It was reported at least in this thread.
  11. omar302

    2019 Edge ST ptu fluid service

    It will probably require changing the PTU, and at that cost, I'd change the fluid at shorter intervals to protect it.
  12. omar302

    Oil Pan Replacement

    Just as how many had bad results, also many others got good results. I believe that with time elapsed since the TSB's were issued, they are more likely now to do it correctly than before. Repeated failure of the same vehicles would have flagged them during warranty claim from Ford and their techs would have learned to follow the correct way to replace the oil pan.
  13. omar302

    New to the club! Need feedback!

    Did LMS release a V4 for the Edge Sport (2015-2018)? How would one if an update was released? Thanks.
  14. omar302

    2019 Edge ST ptu fluid service

    We get the US Edge with some tweaks (sometimes called "Hot weather group" or High Ambient / High speed package). Engine coolant components for the 2015 2.7 is attached showing the PTU cooler. Engine Cooling - Component Location 27l.pdf
  15. omar302

    2019 Edge ST ptu fluid service

    My 2016 Sport has a liquid cooled PTU. It is cooled with Engine coolant. The 2019+ has a completely different PTU because they introduced a new version that can disconnect the drive shaft to save fuel.