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  1. omar302

    2019 ST - Noise In Rear

    Yes, the rear drive unit is different on the 2019+ models. You could ask to hear other vehicles for your self to be sure. Make sure to find a model outside the build date range specified. Then you decide if it is similar or not.
  2. Welcome to the Forums. Most members here have the "Northe America" model, which some differences compared to the European Edge. One of them has to do with the collision raking feature. We only get the collision "Warning" and "Brake Pre-charge", on paper ours do not "brake automatically". This is for the 2015-2018 models, 2019+ is different. For your project: First: You can get VIN numbers by browsing for vehicles on Cars.com or US eBay. This example is a 2017 with ACC. Second: Your buttons should still work, the difference is only the markings on them. Third: for ACC, you also should have a "Radar Sensor" that in 2015-2018 models is in the lower bumper on the left (behind the blank piece). See below:
  3. Did you check for any codes in the PCM? Sometimes there are codes even if the Check Engine Light is not on.
  4. omar302

    Edge Sport with black wheels—pics?

    @Edge5280 posted pictures of his Edge Sport with black 21" wheels in his album here.
  5. omar302

    2011-2014 Ford Edge/MKX factory black floor mats

    Just a correction, these wouldn't fit 2015+ model as they are different. They would probably also fit the 2011-2015 Lincoln MKX since it was built on the same platform as the 2011-2014 Edge and shared many components.
  6. For the 2015-2018 Edge Sport, their "lifetime" free tuned stopped after their V3. Which was back in November 2017. And only for 91 octane & above. Before buying it myself, I had higher expectations from them. Now regret I did not go with one of the other tuners that could be used on other vehicles or offer more customization such as showing the current gear indicator.
  7. Since the forums new format, I have found this setting that I find very useful, thought I'd share it just in case someone was not aware of it. Pressing the "Unread" button on the top right takes to a view of all threads with new "unread" posts (obviously), but you can change a setting where clicking on any thread would take you immediately to the first unread post in that thread. Also, you can save this setting as default so it is always your default when viewing "unread" posts. The setting is under "Read Status" and to save it you need to click the button on the top left (green here since it is already set as default).
  8. omar302

    Put the ST steering wheel on

    Love steering wheel upgrades. It is the thing you touch and hold the most while driving and makes a huge difference. Unfortunately the ST doesn't have the adaptive steering, hence it is not an option for 2016-2018 Sports.
  9. If you still have time, might want to consider the OBDLink EX adapter that was developed with input from the ForScan team. I think they even benefit from it which which then support their work.
  10. The signature doesn't show in Mobile site.
  11. You have a 2011 I believe from reading your other posts. This thread is about the 2nd Generation Edge (2015+) which completely different, so the results might not be same.
  12. In the mobile view I can't see signatures. Attached screenshot is what I see (as akirby stated, only my details show for me). @robertlane, Can you please look into this? It was really helpful. Thanks. Another issue, were't ads disabled for Platinum members?
  13. omar302

    WTB: 2015 edge rear differential

    eBay would be a goo source. Also TascaParts is website I used a lot for OEM parts. Though are you sure the rear end is failing? I don't recall members with such issues. Also, if you do replace it eventually, remember that you will need to update the rear axle code into the PCM. either through a dealer or perhaps ForScan. Active Torque Coupling Configuration.pdf
  14. omar302

    Odd noise during cold drive cycle

    Can't open/play the attached file format.
  15. omar302

    URGENT: Oil Pan 2.7 EB

    That's for the F-150's 2.7L.