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  1. There is a setting in the instrument cluster for sensitivity. At high, you'll probably get a lot of warnings.
  2. omar302

    Upgraded Lug nuts ?

    There are these from Veritek Performance, cheaper than Gorillas or McGards, for $40, but maybe stay with the chrome finish version, not sure the black paint will survive long term.
  3. If you dissemble the remote completely, you'll find under the number pad small flexible "discs" glued to the button pad that make contact to the board when the buttons are pressed. I recall in some cases with this Fob design (used on 2011-2014 Edges) that the discs move from their positions and then would cause unwanted button presses. If that's your issue, try to positions them back correctly & maybe use a tiny amount of super glue between the discs & the button pad.
  4. Problem is that signatures don't appear in the mobile view of the site.
  5. omar302

    Trans gear indicator question

    In Sport mode, if you shift manually it'll stay in manual mode and the display will remain on until you exit manual mode. Other than that, there is no way except with a tuner that supports it, Livernoise is NOT one of them.
  6. omar302

    Service Charging System Now

    See the attached from the service manual, in case you haven't already. P065B doesn't look easy to diagnose. Charging System - 2.7L EcoBoost 3.5L Duratec D and T.pdf
  7. omar302

    Service Charging System Now

    Any DTCs? Use ForScan with a HS/MS-Can capable adapter so you can read codes from all modules, not just the PCM codes.
  8. Just don't do changes no one tried before, even though you can revert the changes, there was at least one owner who made an irreversible change because of some security issue. I don't remember what it was exactly, but it happened to him when he used ABD mod data from a different generation on his Ford.
  9. This (link)? It looks like there is only one part number, so both might be using the same one.
  10. omar302

    Still not an Edge but nearly...

    What I was referring to is not a user selectable setting and I did not try it.
  11. Asking for opinion. I have the ESP Premium coverage on a 2015 MKS, the heating function on the driver's side outside mirror is not working and the dealer diagnosis determined that the fault is from the heating element that is part of the mirror glass. ESP Premium (attached) states under "Electrical" the following coverage: "Power Mirrors (Electrical Only – Not Mirror or Glass Damage or Bulbs) Dealer declined to fix it under ESP stating that the mirror glass is not covered. In my opinion, since the fault is electrical and can only be fixed by replacing the mirror glass, which is not broken or damaged, then replacement should be covered. I had raised my concern to our area Ford representative and they sided with the dealer. Do you think they are right? 516069_01_PremiumCARE_6_15.pdf
  12. omar302

    Still not an Edge but nearly...

    With ForScan, I recall there is a setting in IPC to use imperial gallons. Also, usually such settings change with the country setting of the IPC, again using ForScan. Things that change with country for example, in US it says "Door Ajar" instead of "Door Open", "Hood Ajar" instead of "Bonnet Open".
  13. Congratulations. Enjoy the new ride. If the 16 has a black interior, might want to consider taking the left drawer from it and replace it with the cover from the 20. It just pops out/in See this thread.
  14. That's good to hear. Try again to get the code using the 2 key method stated in the owners manual, I just tried it on my 2016 and it worked. (comments in red are mine).
  15. The poster did post later here & here. In short, that specific Edge was bought back by Ford as he faced other issues with it as well.