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  1. So the Ford recommended fix only lasted six months! That's not good.
  2. omar302

    Rims size difference by year

    Although the 2011-2014 years have the same bolt pattern as 2007-2010 years, they have a different hub size. 2007-2010 uses 70.6mm 2011-2014 uses 63.4mm Not really direct bolt on.
  3. omar302

    Windshield Wiper Arm Park Issues

    Right side. Left side. They also Motorcraft. The Owners Manual states them as: WW-2755 (driver side) WW-2760 (passenger side)
  4. @onyxbfly I tried to message you but seems you can't receive messages. Wanted to ask how did you get the Cluster programmed. Did you ship it to Dan or was it only a matter of ABD edits using ForScan?
  5. ๐Ÿ˜ I'd like to have one screen with guages (round tachometer, fuel & temp) and the other for the balance scrollable information screens already available currently. Also, make the digital speedometer visible in a corner of the screen, with other selected information, instead of taking the whole screen. One more is to put a small distance to empty reading in the fuel gauge. I like my information to be always available. ๐Ÿ˜†
  6. What makes this even sadder is that they have been using the same layout since 2011!!
  7. omar302

    ST at race track

    And the ST had a passenger with A/C and the cooled seats on ๐Ÿ˜.
  8. omar302

    Spark Plugs

    From reading around, if your symptoms come after refueling, it might indicate a bad EVAP solenoid valve. This thread has some information on it.
  9. omar302

    Another Lighting/FORScan Mod

    For the 2015-2018 models with factory HID, the projector for the low beam (outer lights) has a shield that opens and closes for Low/High beam operation. Bi-Xenon is the more common name. In the inner lights there is an H15 bulb that is only wired for the DRL part. I came to know that the H15 bulb is a dual filament bulb designed for DRL and High beam operation, but the Edge only utilities the DRL part.
  10. Anyone has news if there is any updated tune for the 2015-2018 Sport or is the V3 the last? I have sent LMS a request for update but still no answer. Also I asked if we can get the "Manual" mode disable by holding the "+" paddle for a few seconds like the newer models and current gear indicator in auto mode. Another thing I asked them, though got negative answer previously, is if it is possible to prevent 6th gear lockout in "Sport" mode as it really kills fuel economy or I have to keep shifting between "D" and "S" frequently.
  11. omar302

    2017 ford edge wind noise

    replied to your other post on this.
  12. omar302

    Wind noises on sides

    Take it to the dealer? Since it is a 2017 I'd assume it is still under warranty. I had a similar issue in my previous vehicle, 2011 MKX, that some wind leaking noise come from the driver's side. Couldn't figure it out for several years until I took a chance and changed the driver's door window channel that finally fixed it because when pushing out on the window reduced the sound.
  13. omar302

    Another Lighting/FORScan Mod

    @Gadgetjq For for sharing. But like what @2FAST4U stated, even my 2016 had this from the factory, but I guess this is because I have factory HID and factory enabled DRL. Never the less, it is still very useful for those who don't have enabled from the factory. I have a suggestion/comment, instead using your Highbeams as DRLs and losing power with LEDs their, why not use the turn signals as your DRL? you already have switchbacks, so they will be white anyway.
  14. omar302

    Adjusting driverโ€™s seat

    The seat bottom controller can be used to raise/lower the whole seat or raise/lower the front part only. Try lowering the front part only by adjusting the front edge of the controller. Also if you have the 10-way seats you can raise the back part of the seat.
  15. omar302

    2019 edge SEL

    Welcome to the forums. Nice review. For hilly driving, did you try to put it in Sport? Press the S button in the shifter dial, it should hold gears more and even downshift as you brake. For the exhaust smell, turn on the circulate button so it doesn't get outside smells in. Also the HVAC would operate more effectively.