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  1. omar302

    Adding Photos / Media to a Post

    Test: Edit: OK it is now working . Thanks.
  2. omar302

    New Ohio ST

    Congratulations. Hope you enjoy it and welcome to the forums..
  3. omar302

    Adding Photos / Media to a Post

    How do you post a YouTube video in the post? Previously all I did was paste the link & it automatically embedded the video, now it just leaves it as a link.
  4. omar302

    Touch Handle Unlock not Working

    On the 2015+ model, there is no raised area, only a ribbed area that is easily touched by mistake when holding the door handle, especially if try to open the door at an angle from the rear, like when near the rear door and reach out to open a front door. Here is a video of a Fusion that has the same design door handles:
  5. omar302

    Muffled Sound

    I don't know if it does have a sound tube, probably not since it was not mentioned before. Does the sound come when you in Sport mode? If yes, try shifting to Drive and see if it goes away. In Sport mode, the transmission only goes to 5th gear, so the engine would be at a higher rpm and that might be what's causing the sound. At least that's what I feel in my sport.
  6. omar302

    Edge ST boost gauge (Forscan)

    You'll need to compare the ABD for 2019 vs previous models to see what changes are there. I would think it will will require a software upgrade, not just an ABD change, would be hard to believe that the software from 2015 had the feature 4 years before being implemented, but everything is possible. A good person to ask is DAN from the 2GFusion forums.
  7. I wouldn't rely on a phone call with the dealer. They should look at it & try. If they can't fix it, they should ask Ford how to fix it. Since your warranty is close to ending, take it to a good dealer so at least it will be in their records that you have an issue before the warranty expires.
  8. omar302

    New Member From Wisconsin

    Congratulations. Hope you enjoy it.
  9. omar302

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    With my 2016, something I don't like I just remembered, the rear camera. 2 things: It shows a good portion of the rear license plate, feels like wasted space that the camera could have shown more from the top. What you see above the license plate is actually part of the rear hatch. You cant see the rear bumper! This is what I mean (not my Edge):
  10. omar302

    GPS not working in navigation

    I'd disconnect the battery for about 10 minutes & then see if it fixes it.
  11. omar302

    Front winshield wind noises

    Seems it's either a bad install or lesser quality replacement. This is the logo on my 2016 Edge.
  12. omar302

    2018 Edge Sport $34,233

    Congratulations on the new ride. Hope you enjoy. Good review. For the fuel door, it does not lock. Most (all?) Ford vehicles are like this. You can get a locking cap if your worried & need to. For the headlights, you can also go for factory HID by replacing the complete headlights & making a few edits in ForScan.
  13. omar302

    I really HATE this new format

    Found something useful, after saving a new stream and going to it, there are 3 little icons next to the stream title, edit, delete & a grey check. Tapping on the grey check will turn it green, then the button on top next to the search icon that usually takes you to the default unread view will start to take you to the custom stream view.
  14. omar302

    I really HATE this new format

    In the unread view, can't the extra lines be removed? I mean the lines showing that XXX replied to xxx's topic in.... etc. Also, to applying the filter to go directly to first unread post does not save. Have to create a new stream just to apply the filter.
  15. omar302

    Current Forum Problems

    That did it. Thanks. Edit: it doesn't save! I had to create a new stream just for this.