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  1. So I obviously didn't think this through. I hooked up the ford oem remote starter then went to the stealership to have them fix the hood ajar sensor issue and activate my remote start. I figured the repair would be under warranty and I would get both done at the same time. NOPE. They charged me $120 just for the sensor because they said I damaged the hood ajar sensor when I put in the remote starter.
  2. No hood ajar message, so I dont have a hood pin or if I do have it then its not working. Where should it be located under the hood? I'm not seeing it in ford diagrams and when I search ford accessories a hood pin doesn't come up. Is it somehow connected to the latch?
  3. Hi, I am trying to install ford OEM remote starter on my 2017 ford edge push start. I bought a kit from a ford dealership on ebay which includes the VSS, antenna, and the key fob. After some research and looking under the hood I believe I still need a hood pin. However, I cant figure out where the harness for the hood pin is located. Where should it be? After google searching, most people seem to be able to just pop it in without any trouble. I dont know why I am not seeing it. Would I need to install the harness too? I am beginning to feel like the dealer will need to install this. Thanks!
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    Dealer beat ford z plan pricing

    Sorry there was a flurry of papers at the time but I realized that there was only one invoice from ford for that car. The two other papers were the dealership pricing out the car for me. When negotiating with the guy I had trouble understanding why the starting point was different for the same car. I never seen that before. The guy didnt explain it well but like I mentioned before he said he could change the retail price outside the z plan but if using the zplan he has to use the price stated on the ford invoice. Hopefully this make sense to someone.
  5. NoisverWen

    Dealer beat ford z plan pricing

    Its a 2017 Ford Edge SE AWD, interior ebony, exterior metallic, MSRP 31,535, VIN 98973, Zip 22312
  6. Hi, So I went into the dealership to buy a ford edge SE and expected to use ford's z plan. I can't afford much so I just went with the basic edge model. Dealer says he can beat the z plan. Shows me the invoice with retail price of about 29k and a bottom line price of 26.5k with the z plan and incentives. The dealer then shows me a second invoice for the same car with the retail price magically dropped down to about 27k and out the door price of 25.7k. He explained that he can't change the retail pricing under the z plan. Is this normal? It's still a good deal compared to truecar but it seems strange.