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  1. Navaidstech. I'm about to do the TSS AND OSS myself. Couple of questions - 1. How long did it take? Understanding you have an o-ring issue 2. What were the biggest concerns/trouble points while removing or installing? Minus the o-ring? Ie handling the solenoid, lining up the manila pin, etc. Looks like a relatively easy job but as as all things in a car, nothing is easy. ? Thanks.
  2. Update - All blend doors are working fine. Last night I switched out the thermostat as it seemed to be stuck on. This worked for the night. I was getting all kinds of heat in all different settings driving home. UNFORTUNATELY, this morning I did not have heat again. Is there a reason the thermostat would stay open on a new thermostat? Thanks, Shanej
  3. Update - the driver side blend door is for the hot/cold door. I removed it and was able to manually move the door back and forth, no blockage. After talking to the service department at ford they said that the 2008 edge is Plummer for dual climate control even of you didn't get the model that has the feature. What this means is that there are 3 blend doors. The 2 already mentioned and the one up by the evaporator or under the dashboard. This one is used for the dual climate control; again, even if you dont have the feature. So what seems to have happened is that this valve or door or whatever you want to call it is stuck/moved, into the cold position for the driver side. This is why when I turn on the A/C and high heat, the driver side gets cold and the passenger side is hot. Now, the fix.......any ideas? I assume I have to remove the dash board but I am really hoping I don't have to. Help? Thanks
  4. Just joined the group and I am having the same issue - driver side always like warm when heat is on. But passenger side is nice and hot. I have the 2008 Edge SEL w/o dual climate control. HOWEVER, I have a driver side and passenger side blend door actuator. Since the passenger side works perfectly (fan 1-4, with A/C or without, hot and cold setting, and all the vent configurations) and the driver side works the same EXCEPT HEAT, I am assuming it is either the driver side blend door linkage that is out of place or the driver side actuator is bad. I will be testing tomorrow to figure it out. Ill posy an update. Here is a manual for this issue Ford Edge HVAC blend doors.pdf
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