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  1. Thanks.... there is a supplier nearby that sells them for next to nothing as well.
  2. I had a similar problem with 07 Edge at 100k miles. Occasionally the car would violently hard shift from first to second when slowly accelerating from a stop. Applying more gas alleviates this problem. The car would start hunting between 5th and 6th gears on a highway at around 1200 RPM. Applying more gas would drop it to 5th and then once it shifted to 6th at higher RPM, it would stay happy. This was more noticeable under load (AC running or trailer in the back). The hard shifting was noticed about 20k miles ago and I decided to live with it, but when the slippage crept up just recently - I thought it was time to do something about it. I picked up the input and output speed sensors (TSS and OSS) at RockAuto for less than 100 bucks. Replaced them just yesterday (about a 5 hour job - I'm a backyard mechanic, lol) and car runs like a dream now (knock on wood). Haven't had a single instance of hard shift or slippage during test drive. Also noticed the shifting is very smooth across the entire range compared to before. Fingers crossed here.
  3. Thanks guys... I appreciate the suggestions. Will definitely look into this. Since I'm pressed for time (need the car by Monday), I went with just a regular hardware store type o-ring for the time being. Not sure if it is petroleum friendly but it should hold me over until I get one that definitely is. Switching it out shouldn't take more than an hour. Just for the record, it appears the o-ring size appears to be 7/16" ID, 9/16" OD and 1/16" thickness. By the way, car runs great with the new speed sensors - knock on wood.
  4. Thanks for the reply and the suggestion ... the outside diameter of the inlet tube is 0.460". I'll drop by a few places around here to see if I can get something of that size. I would really hate to spend 185 dollars just for the sake of an o-ring but if need be, that would be the avenue to take.
  5. Hey guys... OK, so I went and replaced two speed sensors in my 07 Edge transmission as it was showing classic symptoms of hard shifting and slipping. All went well, except near the end I noticed the o-ring on the transmission cooler line fitting has disintegrated. (this is the end going to the thermal housing). I called the dealer and they want $185 for the two lines.....I just need a bloody o-ring, which they don't sell separately. Question.... does the o-ring have to be composed of something that is resistant to transmission fluid or can any ruber o-ring do? I was thinking of just buying an o-ring kit, find best fitting one and call it a day. Thoughts? Thanks for any help.
  6. I think my Edge has developed same problem as yours. It would hard shift from 1st to 2nd (sometimes, not all the time) and start shuddering between 5th and 6th gears. The first problem started happening about 2 years ago and it was very intermittent. I couldn't figure out if it was weather related or just tempermental. Second issue started happening about a month or so ago. One way to circumvent both from happening would be to make sure the engine is revved up slightly higher when taking off from the lights and doing the same when it shifts to 6th on a highway. I'm curious if this is something you've been noticing as well?
  7. Thanks Cellbine, I appreciate the info... the switch pack isn't exactly the same as in the picture but it gives me an idea as to how to access it and such. Bottom line is that I'll have to locate and remove the airbag fuse and proceed from there. thanks again!
  8. Hey guys... for the past little while my steering wheel cruise control switch would start sticking, especially in cold weather. I was thinking of taking the switch pack out and giving it a thorough clean with contact cleaner, etc... Any idea how do get the pack out of the steering wheel? I checked the web and can't find any info on it. thanks
  9. Hey guys... I'm going to be troubleshooting this problem this weekend but I'm wondering if anyone can provide some heads up to save me time. Basically what happens is that the car won't start due to a dead battery. I was just about to run out and buy a replacement (expensive suckers!) but decided to see if the alternator was fine. In the end I discovered that the car draws about 2 A of current when off (keys out of the ignition, etc...). I'm sure this is not normal. Has anyone come across this? If so, what did you find? thanks!
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