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  1. I just got my 14 edge a few weeks ago and it has the 8" MFT with Sony system, I have been looking into different options to replace the factory system with Android. Has anyone on here done and upgrade and if so does it work with all the systems such as steering wheel controls, Climate & Heated Seats? I found a 12.1" Tesla Android screen but the company says its not compatiable with my Sony system because of the speakers. I want to get 8" or larger if possible. The other option I saw was an Android Video Interface system which uses the factory screen but again not sure if its a worth while product. I know there is a lot of different brands out there but it seems like most of these places have no idea what works and doesn't. I also would like something with a newer android OS on it not like most that have the 4.4. If anyone has any info on this or has one that they installed and works with everything please let me know. Thanks
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  3. Hi. I am new here and I am looking to do the sync 3 upgrade on my 14 edge. My question is can I buy a unit from a salvage yard that already has sync 3 and what make and models match the edge. I know I need to buy some additional parts and program it for the edge but wasn't sure if this would be a better route then ebay