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  1. I have the same problem with my 2007 edge. My cars battery gone dead all of a sudden and I replaced a battery my self. After that the radio backlit light and the radio controls on steering are not working. I checked all radio related fuses and all are fine. I too looking for a good answer Any one please replyThanksShantanu
  2. Yes, My 2007 ford edge battery gone dead. I replaced the battery and every thing is fine except the audio controls on steering wheel. It is not responding at all. I can control direct from the audio set but not from steering controls. Other controls on steering wheel like temp. fan. and cruise control works fine. Any one faced this? Thanks in advance Shantanu
  3. Hi All,This weekend, I used a air blower to cleen My Ford Edge (2007) under bonnet. Now I found ,my left side back door glass switch on driver's pannel only able to wind down the glass but could not wind up. But from the back door it can do both. So some where a cable got loose or a fuse blown by my air blower.Can any one help me with a electrical diagram copy so I can do it myself. Thanks.Shantanu
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