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  1. Well Dudester, I couldn't agree more. Always good to hear simple common sense. But they did give you the self parking feature! LOL
  2. Thank you very much! You get it. It would be like if Ford sold LED light bulbs and when they failed it took out every appliance in the house! Ford would then say, just replace the bulb every year to avoid the issue because MOST of the time they fail within the first year. This, as you, and most people understand is NOT a solution, it is, as you say a risk reduction. If Ford were willing to stand behind this risk reduction and state if the water pump fails after following their recommended maintenance prior to 150K miles they will cover ALL costs related to the failure. It is because they know it SOLVES nothing. It lowers the risk, nothing more.
  3. I understand the problem now. You don't understand the difference between a solution and a preventive measure. For those who do, change your fluid every 30K miles and pray you're one of the lucky ones to get +100K miles from your water pump.
  4. That's one big false "IF" and has not been the case. Failures at 65K and 95K miles are what customers are complaining about. Ford is not saying if you change the fluid every 30K miles and the engine blows due to a water pump going bad, prior to 250K miles they will replace your engine free of charge. They are stating the best way to avoid the failure of a water pump is to change the fluid every 30K miles. That helps prevent the failure, it SOLVES nothing, regardless of what you want to call it.
  5. Thank you for the response. I understand and 100% agree regular maintenance is required on all vehicles. If you perform all the regular maintenance (as many have) and your engine is lost because of a faulty seal and the best they can come up with change your fluids regularly.... Perhaps you don't understand what I meant by a "band-aide solution". If the problem that occurs (lost engine) from a poor design and location is not completely resolved, that to me that is the definition of a band aide.
  6. I was reading about this class action lawsuit. Link below. Sorry if this topic has been raised I looked and didn't find it. Many of the Ford V6 engines (my 2016 Edge) have these internal water pumps that when they fail take the engine with them! Set aside this is a poor design; take something easy to replace and make it a dealer service item and hide the failure symptoms until it is too late. Ford is recommending coolant changes every 30K miles. What a band-aide solution! https://www.carcomplaints.com/news/2018/ford-water-pump-class-action-lawsuit.shtml
  7. Ralph31

    outside censers acting up ?

    Hi GL, I am also new to this Forum. I have a 2016 loaded Edge Titanium with the 3.5 V6, AWD. Bought it new and love the car. We have put on just over 30K miles. The sensors do that from time to time. Not sure what it senses when the alerts come in. They clear quickly enough though. It does have a lot of features, I have the self parking as well and have never even tried it. The AWD works great in the snow! I hope you enjoy the car.
  8. Ralph31

    2016 Edge performance chips

    Thank you very much for the great advice on the marine fuel in my bike! Just have to go find it. It also solves a problem a friend has with his boat. 3 month old premix without any stabilizer added! It runs, but not well. I told him the fuel is questionable being premix it breaks down quick. I agree the "chip" is actually a resistor to fool the computer into thinking the engine is still trying to warm up. Consumers pay $40.00 for a $0.10 part. Complete waste of money and can be harmful. What I hoped to find is the tuner that optimizes the performance of the engine and not sacrifices it to meet smog. My belief that the summer blend had less performance was based on my experience back in the 90's I pulled a boat with a 92 4L V6 with manual 5 speed. I could take the hills in 5th without much trouble when they switched to the summer blend down to forth I went! Perhaps the blend has since changed. Either way I appreciate the information and this will help extend the life of my bike, and other gas engines I use less in the winter. Thank you !
  9. Ralph31

    2016 Edge performance chips

    Thank you for all the inputs. Not surprised there is little that can be done to justify the cost of a couple hundred dollars for very minimal gain. I noticed everyone that responded is from outside California. The reason I mentioned this is this state has stricter smog requirements than most others. I had driven my sisters Envoy a few years back in Pa. and was impressed with the performance. Decided to look at one out here. There was a noticeable performance difference. So this is what brings me to the performance chips, suspecting the car has been de-tuned to meet Ca. requirements. Not to mention the "summer gas blend" that serves to also dramatically reduce performance. I have also noticed this on motorcycles as well.
  10. Ralph31

    2016 Edge performance chips

    Hi thanks for the input. That is what I would expect. I know there is more power available through the mapping and maybe additional through the advance curve. What tuner have you used on an Edge and what were the results?
  11. Has anyone purchased a performance chip for their Edge? I have the V6 no turbo. There is plenty of performance, the gas mileage I'm getting is about 23MPG's combined. I was curious if anyone had purchased a performance chip and their experience.