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  1. The background: I bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee (yeah, I know, it's not a Ford, but it was a great deal and it pulls the boat orders of magnitude better) to tow my boat and get deeper into the woods...we are considering keeping our 2016 Titanium, selling her 2014 Escape to our daughter, and selling her 2012 Focus. The problem: The driver's seat cushion on our Edge is not comfortable for my wife, but the passenger seat is fine. ...so what I'd like to do is swap them, if that's possible. Looked on line, and did a search here, was not able to find out how to do this. Seats are heated and cooled
  2. Did this Friday afternoon - worked great!
  3. Thanks - I did the download last night, but I think I'm already updated, I am running version 3.0.
  4. Do you know what the the "updated software" was? Or did you have that done at the dealer as well?
  5. Further North

    Titanium Seats uncomfortable

    I am fine with the seats...my wife really dislikes them. I've made 12 hour one-way trips and I am fine...if she drives it an hour, it hurts... ...definitely not a "one size fits all" seat.
  6. Took a while, and some work, but new light installed and looking great. Glad I didn't have to pay for it...these things are expensive...
  7. Further North

    Steering wheel leather coming off

    They already replaced the steering wheel, and fixed a small oil leak. They declined an indentation on the door panel (I assume previous owner drove with his elbow there all the time) and I'm fine with that. All that's up in the air is the liftgate light. We're still talking about that.
  8. Further North

    Steering wheel leather coming off

    What I said was We'll see where they go with it. I will continue to push until I'm out of options. People who take the first "no" they get usually spend life unhappy with what they get... If I were Ford, I wouldn't want a two year old, 40,000 mile vehicle with my name on it running around and the owner letting people know they didn't take care of it. But it's their call.
  9. Further North

    Steering wheel leather coming off

    Yeah, you'd be misinterpreting. Prolly oughta ask before you jump to conclusions. You also might want to brush up on your legal interpretation of warranties. What's covered is covered, regardless of whether it was current or previous owner. Without that in place there's be no benefit to CPO style coverage, everything could be blamed on the previous owner and the warranty issuer could duck out of every claim...unless they returned the vehicle to as new condition. Since they don't do that, they have to rely on their inspection of the vehicle being good enough to offer the coverage in the first place. As soon as they offer the contract and it gets signed...they own the problems the warranty holder finds. ...and a good company finds a way to go over and above to ensure repeat business, and good word of mouth (and these days, keyboard) from happy customers. I believe Ford to be a good company, we'll see what they choose to do.
  10. Further North

    Steering wheel leather coming off

    Um...no. What's with the aggressive attitude?
  11. Further North

    Steering wheel leather coming off

    We'll see. Working on escalating it past the people who are paid to say "no". I'm going to make an issue of it, covered or not because a part shouldn't fail like that at 40K and two years. We'll see how much Ford really cares about their customers in the process. On the plus side, the new steering wheel makes the edge faster, improves mileage and acceleration!
  12. Might be where they're at...but if they can show me how it can get damaged to that extent (all the way across the light and top to bottom) without the slightest scratch or scuff on the light itself, no damage to the lift gate and no damage to the lights in the quarter panels or the quarter panels themselves...I'm all ears and I'll file an insurance claim. But for now, I'm going with that defying physics. I double checked it tonight to be sure I'd not missed anything...the outside of that light is as smooth as a baby's butt...and there's no single place that shows an impact either...that'd be obvious... Heck, if I were Ford, I'd want the light so I could figure out what happened to it.
  13. Don't know. Faulty part? If it was as simple as an impact I'd have filed an insurance claim. That's easier than dealing with Ford...