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  1. Hey guys, Looking to get some upgraded speakers for my 2013 Edge Sel (non sony) Seems simple enough. Look for a good set of 6x8's or 5x7s and use the Ford wiring adapters to make it plug and play. Problem is the 5600 series adapters all seem to specify 2007-2010 Edge's not the 2011 and up. Is there a difference? Ive found one link to a possibly compatible 5601 series, but is that right? Only found one link with that reference. Someone installed a metra kit and said the polarity were reversed? I'm looking for a lower cost adapter, thought they were all the same, i can get a on ebay for $5 for all 4 adapters: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Car-Auto-Audio-Speaker-Horn-Wire-Harness-72-5600-For-Ford-Mazda-Fukesixuefulai/183341577445?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2763.l2649 id like to get that but am now concerned a bit. Any help from someone thats done this?
  2. sgkukov

    2015 Mustang wheels on a 2013 Edge

    yup.... just said that. they changed the bolt pattern. i know these things happen but it would have been nice to have more year options. can anyone tell me with certainty... using a larger bore wheel on a smaller bore hub is fine right? The wheels are lug centric meaning a larger bore wouldnt cause any problems
  3. sgkukov

    2015 Mustang wheels on a 2013 Edge

    yes, the 2015 mustang still uses the 5 x 114.3 .... unlike the edge which saw the need to change the damn bolt pattern
  4. sgkukov

    2015 Mustang wheels on a 2013 Edge

    the wheels are lug centric... so a larger bore on the wheel should be fine then right?
  5. sgkukov

    2015 Mustang wheels on a 2013 Edge

    Ok so found out the 2015 Mustang has a 70.5mm center bore 17x7.5, 18x8, 19x8.5, 19x9, 20x9​ 5"x114.3mm (5"x4.5")​ M14x1.5​ 70.5​mm 35-52.5mm 22 inc I think ive read that the 2013 edge has a 63.44mm center bore... so this creates a problem.... https://www.wheel-size.com/size/ford/edge/2013/ Looks like the 2010 and under edge would have the same center bore as the Moostangs.... dammit.
  6. Hi, I know this must've been asked but i unfortunately can't find a direct answer on this. I have the 20" chrome wheels on my edge i purchased used. 3 of the wheels have bends in them that are causing vibrations in the body and steering wheel. I found a set of 18" 2015 Mustang GT wheel take off for low money. I'd like to get these but i can't find out if the center bore is the same. I think the off set isn't too far out so that shouldnt be a problem. Anyone do this on their car or know if it will work?
  7. sgkukov

    Will 22" Sport Wheels Fit on 2014 SEL???

    How does the car ride on 22's? I feel like the 20's are too much. I'd almost like to get a set of 18's from an Edge.
  8. Sorry if this was covered but i couldn't find it - anyone have info on changing text messages in a 2013 Edge so the text can be displayed while driving? I'm not looking to engage in detailed conversations but it would be nice to read the message. If there's a way to also put in GPS routes while in motion that would definitely be helpful, i won't do it but my passenger would.
  9. Oh yes, good call on the water pump. I'm a ford guy too, i typically don't get into brand loyalty but all of my fords have treated me well. Had a 2003 Explorer that gave me zero problems in the 6 years i had it. Still have a 2010 Mustang V6. Both the Mustang and Explorer both had the 4.0L that has been really really really good to me. (knock of wood) now that my Edge uses the 3.5l i suppose the next vehicle will be a 2011-2016 Mustang uses the nearly identical 3.7L. Ive heard but havn't checked that the water pump is external on that model car due to it being a longitude mounted motor (enough room to make it external) Alright, my first oil change I am checking the PTU oil and maybe maybe changing the anti-freeze. The new stuff they use is supposed to be not corrosive at all. Ive seen too many car guy that really know their stuff and do their own maintenance always having problems and parts wearing quickly for them. Seems like they might change things or get involved sooner then they need to. I try to avoid that.
  10. Hey Guys, Have had my Edge for a month-ish now, been a great car so far. Decided to check the trans fluid recently after about 15-20 minutes of city driving. The fluid showed low almost at the bottom of the dipstick register. Freaked out a bit, drove to Wal Mart for the LV stuff, bough it, checked the fluid again in the parking lot, still showed low. Got home 10 minutes later, checked the fluid again and it showed full. Not sure what do? Does the Edge just take a really long time to warm up to check the trans fluid?
  11. Hey Guys, Bought a 2013 Edge recently, feel like i got a great deal. 2013 SEL 82K miles, single owner, awd, for $10,500. Installed remote start. Followed the instructions on here and it worked out perfect. Using Forscan was much easier then i thought. Anyways the remote start works great but I was wondering is there anyway to modify the temperature values on my heated seats? I think the stock value is anything under 32 Degrees and the seats warmers turn on. I would love the seat to come on with anything below 50. Does anyone if there is a value that can be modified using Forscan to get the seats to come on in warmer weather? Thanks
  12. Sorry, rehasing an old topic here.... is the hood switch needed on an 2013 if im just using the 100 series remote start?
  13. Thanks for the response, ive read that the remote start function doesnt even have the same distance as the unlock/lock functions on the key fob. If it had the same distance that would be good. The 100 series gets installed in the quarter... i wonder if there's any tips or tricks or mods to increase range a bit. Do i need the hood switch on the 100 series?
  14. Hey guys, Right about to buy a 2013 Ford Edge, great deal on it. SEL with 80K for $10k! No sunroof is my only complaint:( Anyways im looking at buying the factory remote start kit. The one way kit, simple plug and play (and programming) that works with the 2 included factory remote start key fobs. I know Ford has the 2 way system that requires a seperate fob and a more detailed expensive install, im shying away from that due to expense, involved install, and having a a separate remote start fob. I know i cant get 2-way range out of the 1-way but are there any tips or tricks to increase the range of the 1 way system? Is there a special way to mount the antenna for better range? Maybe resting on the quarter trim in sight of the window instead of attached to the metal quarter. Or is there a beefier antenna option? Part of me wonders if Ford actually limits the range on purpose, (as a security feature) like it can tell how far away the FOB is and limits it via software? If thats the case i'm boned. Anyways any help would be greatly appreciated!