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  1. your edge should be able to run android auto off of an android phone plugged into the USB port. I'm not familiar with Apple Car Play but i would guess it's similar. Google maps is infinitely better than the built-in navigation. Personally i would forget the Sync Navigation and go with a phone if possible.
  2. ben senise

    2019 Edge SEL purchase in progress

    welcome. please post some pics. that's par for the course around these parts. 😁
  3. ben senise


    i had a 2016 with stock headlamps. the headlight performance was so bad that i traded it in for a 2020 ST with LED headlamps. Those are great. I live in a very small town and the drive on the dark highway from the main city (Victoria, BC) at night was harrowing. i first tried better bulbs but there was barely any noticeable difference. then i put in the slightly more powerful bulbs that you have to hack to get them to fit. it was many years ago so i don't remember the details so you'll have to search this forum. there are a few threads about lightbulb hacks. i was thinking about putting in HID or LED bulbs but didn't want to go through the installation hassle and possibility of poor performance so i just got rid of the car.
  4. ben senise

    How much oil is too much?

    thanks for the info MacT. i tried putting a quite narrow polyethylene tube down the dipstick tube but it wouldn't go. do you happen to know exactly how narrow of a tube i have to use?
  5. ben senise

    How much oil is too much?

    2020 Edge ST (2.7 EcoBoost, just under 10,000 km) i noticed a good amount of smoke from the exhaust when i stomp on the go pedal. it doesn't happen at idle or giving it gas in park/neutral. I connect my OBD reader and it gave no codes. I then thought I would check for excessive oil consumption but found the level to be higher than i would expect on the dipstick. the oil has about 4,000 km on it and is still quite clean so it's hard for me to tell exactly what the level is. I can tell that it's above the small hole that's above the cross-hatch pattern on the dipstick. I think too much oil can cause smoke and can also damage the engine, no? doesn't it score the cylinders or something like that? i'm wondering if i have done any damage already. it only smokes under heavy throttle so would the damage only occur then? What should i do? the dealer that did the last service is closed now, as in not there anymore. the same owner has two other dealers so i can go there but this is going to be a hassle since surely they will say that i must have added the oil myself. is there any way to remove just a bit of oil? or do i need to do another oil change? i'd be grateful for any suggestions you have and information regarding the severity of this problem.
  6. ben senise

    2019 or 2020 Nautilus vs Edge

    The the 2019 and onward ST still has an eco-boost V6 2.7. the huge screen began in 2021.
  7. @Haz where did you get the workshop manual pages? i would love to have the whole set.
  8. ben senise

    Fuel Plug Lock

    ok, funny but now i'm going to be getting ads for this stuff for the next two months. that's how amazon works.
  9. ben senise

    Fuel Plug Lock

    no, you're not the only one. i was very surprised at this as well. drilling holes in gas tanks to steal gas has been in the news here as of late (british columbia). that and stealing catalytic converters. it doesn't seem to end.
  10. ben senise

    Fuel Plug Lock

    and they'll install it for only $10! LOL!
  11. ben senise

    Gen 1 Rear Seat Mod.

    that post was from almost a year ago and the person only posted that one topic and nothing since. hasn't even been on since: Topic Count:1 Post Count:1 Joined:08/26/2019 Status:Offline Last Activity:April 20, 2021
  12. how much longer is your lease? i'm thinking that i would probably just get some 3M body molding two-sided foam tape and stick that thing back on. maybe put some silicone or something to prevent water ingress. or possibly that gooey black glue for body panels. there are loads of incredible adhesives for autobody work and that would eliminate the need to deal with the headliner.
  13. ben senise

    Cargo Cover Recommendation

    same here. i had a 2016 Ti and now a 2020 ST and the cover seems to be the same one on both. neither of them attach in any way to the seats. it's a spring loaded roll in a sort of box that is held in place just behind the rear seats by spring loaded tabs into holes under the farthest rear windows. there is a rigid flap that closes the gab between the roll and the seat back.
  14. ben senise

    2020 ST snow/ice

    have you looked at the left display set to show power distribution to the wheels while this is happening? i've looked at this many times in non-slippery situations and seen the power being sent to the rear wheels. i would imagine you can see the same.