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  1. ben senise

    Edge headlight beams are very low

    the dealer is just fobbing you off. "normal" because they don't want to deal with it. the first thing i would suggest is to measure the aim.if you are within spec, then that's as good as it will get. if not, then there's another problem. check this out: https://owner.ford.com/support/how-tos/exterior/lights/how-to-adjust-headlights.html# on a related subject, the headlights on my 2016 Ti were so terrible that they were dangerous and were the absolute #1 reason why i got rid of the car and bought a new edge with the much improved LED headlights. the engineering of the standard lights in that model, and i suppose it's the same as yours, is terrible. they are weak and poorly focused. i live in an area with a ton of wildlife and it is terrifying to drive here at night. there are many many threads in this forum that discuss how to improve the lights. be sure to check those out. i hacked some different sized bulbs to be able to use them in my headlights. they were a little bit brighter but not much. some people use LED or HID bulbs. but in the end, the reflectors and lenses just suck.
  2. ben senise

    Wheel lock laugh

    but when you fill a tire with pure nitrogen, do they purge the existing air out of it? no, so there's still all those other gases left in there. i believe that on race cars or maybe planes where they use nitrogen, there are two valves; one for putting the air in and another to let it out so they can "flush" the plain air out with pure nitrogen. if you just add nitrogen, you'll still be left with a significant percentage of other gasses.
  3. "what did I get myself into?" well, to me it looks like you got yourself into a very sweet ride! congrats! hope you enjoy it.
  4. ben senise

    Wheel lock laugh

    200 bucks? that's not funny. that's criminal. personally i would have gone back to the dealer and made them refund that money on the spot. that is disgusting.
  5. ben senise

    Titanium ST ???

    maybe he wears a T-shirt that says "10 Inches" as well. 🙄 lame.
  6. ben senise

    Blackout chrome

    i love the black headliner in my ST!
  7. ben senise

    Blackout chrome

    tail lights look great! did you take off the exhaust tips to wrap them or were they wrapped in place?
  8. i wasn't sure if my memory was faulty or not so i checked yesterday and can confirm that on my 2020 ST if i use the remote start i must NOT press the brake pedal while pressing the start/stop button. if i do, the engine shuts down. and if i recall correctly, this was the same on my 2016 Ti. i find it strange that a Lincoln would be different. Could it be a country specific behavior?
  9. ben senise

    iPhone holder or Mount

    i second the suggestion for the proclip. very good quality product.
  10. ben senise

    "Soccer Mum SUV"

    let them take it for a drive. and personally, i couldn't give a fork what people think about my car. i bought it for me. they're probably just jealous.
  11. i was reading an article about the new corvette and they mentioned that the remote start doesn't work when the hood is open. of course it makes perfect sense since you wouldn't want to start the engine while someone has their hands in the engine bay. it's just something that i never thought of. i figured that would probably be the case on my '20 ST so i opened the hood and tried the remote start button. the engine did not start and the horn honked as it does if you leave a door or the liftgate ajar. there you go. a bit of trivia for today 😁 did anyone know this already?
  12. ben senise

    Wheel lock laugh

    I always fill my tires with a mix of 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases. It works very well.
  13. ben senise

    Hello from Nova Scotia Canada

    not sure who that question was directed to but i'll answer. in BC, we haven't been on "lock down" for a while. at the moment we are not supposed to travel out of our medical care zone but they are large. only 4 or 5 in all of BC. Masks still required in stores or public places. restaurants were closed for indoor dining for a while but now they've been open for a couple of weeks. our new cases are down to well below 200 a day and deaths are in the single digits. my wife and i live out in a pretty rural area and we never really were affected by any restrictions. we just went shopping less often and stocked up more. we stayed home but still went out for walks on the beach or in the forests. but no dentist appointments since that's such a high risk activity but to be honest, i haven't asked what precautions our dentist is taking. we've both gotten our first vax and second should be in a couple of weeks. most friends are the same. the cities are a bit more hassle since sometimes you have to wait in line to get into a supermarket but people do that all the time to get into costco. now this was all in BC. don't know how the east is doing on a day-to-day basis other than the stats. Manitoba is having a rough time apparently. i think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. this summer might be a bit premature to drop all measures but hopefully we'll be close to normal next year.
  14. ben senise

    SiriusXM Traffic expires soon

    how about a cradle with a cable? i had this in my last edge and it was very convenient. just drop the phone in and pull it out. much better than fiddling with a cable. i got the pro clip https://www.proclipusa.com/