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  1. Something that has always bugged me on my 2020 Edge with Sync 3 is that if I'm using Android Auto and I want to change something on the Ford Sync system, like the steering wheel heater for example, i have to tap the screen so many times to get to the heater button and back. Or if you want to talk to the Ford Sync, you have to back out of Android Auto. I got a 2023 Ford Transit with Sync 4 and a large tablet style display and Sync 4 has a very good solution to this problem. When Android Auto is on the screen, there is a mic icon. If you tap that, you talk to google assistant. If you press the "speak" button on the steering wheel, you get Ford Sync so you can say "set temp to x degrees." I'm just wondering if there's any way to change the behavior on Sync 3 to match the behavior on Sync 4.
  2. sorry for the late reply. i haven't been on the forum as much lately. i eneded up buying the Gorilla 61148FS - LUG NUTS; FACTORY BULGE LUG 13/16" 14-1.50 CHR i ordered some gorilla nuts but they were the wrong size on the tapered part. thread size and socket size were fine but the conical tapered part was fine. it seems that the "bulge" designation is important. i've had them for about a year now and have changed tires 3x and they seem fine. i'm 100% satisfied.
  3. my 2020 ST does that and my 2016 LTD did that as well. mine goes to some static filled AM station and i have to hit the off button every time. i don't have a solution for you. just wanted to tell you that you're not alone. ?
  4. i don't know that much about turbos but water in the intercooler sounds like a reasonable assumption and fits in with my deductive reasoning about the water being pre-combustion. water being post-combustion, e.g. exhaust, doesn't really fit the evidence since i believe that air flow should push out any water. if i accelerated slowly and keep the gear selection in manual so i could rev the engine up in 2nd or 3rd, i wouldn't get the smoke. i would only see smoke when i put my foot to the floor. the latest thing i did was watch the turbo boost gauge. i always thought that the turbos would spin faster as the engine RPM rose. i was very surprised to see that i could have the engine between 5 and 6k RPM the the boost was at zero if i was light on the pedal. OTOH, i could get more boost at 2k RPM by stomping on it. i need to find out what makes the turbos spin. i always thought that the exhaust just passed through the turbo making it spin. more exhaust, faster spin, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  5. i doubt it for a couple of reasons; first, why would i get smoke on WOT but not medium throttle, and second, the tank had the same gas in it before and after my winding it out a few times.
  6. thought i'd update this post with my latest info and conclusions/hypothesis. i was never very convinced by the leaking head gasket idea. i didn't have oil in the water or water in the oil. it was clearly water vapor as i noticed it fog up the outside of the rear window like a bathroom mirror after a hot shower only that it cleared two seconds after i took my foot off the gas. i started looking at the turbo boost gauge and there was a direct correlation between boost and white smoke. some here suggested water post-combustion but i started thinking that it was possibly pre-combustion, in the turbo or intake somewhere. so i wound out the engine, red-lining it, a few times in a row. watching the boost to to max. after a few runs like this, there was no more smoke. even after the car sat overnight in my garage, still no smoke the next day on WOT. I've driven it a few times since and still no more smoke. it seems to me that there was water somewhere in the intake and that winding it out a few times cleared it. it would be interesting if anyone else with the same symptoms tried this and what results they got.
  7. IIRC there was a recall or TSB on this issue a while back. i had a 2016 and took it in to be fixed. sorry i can't find it and don't have time right this moment.
  8. always, always, always RTFM on another note, i have never driven a car where the rain sensing system works as well as i would expect it to, including my edge. they wipe when they don't need to and don't wipe when they need to. i've checked everything but the results are still not satisfactory.
  9. i had a 2016 with the standard halogen lights. they sucked so bad and i was so tired of white knuckling it home on the dark and winding road home with loads of deer, bears, and cougars that eventually i traded it in for a 2020 with LED headlights and they are infinitely better. vision at night is excellent. the adaptive lights that pivot left and right are great too. i tried various bulbs and toyed with the idea of putting LEDs of HIDs but it just didn't seem worth it. You've got to either change the headlight assembly or the whole car.
  10. thanks! mine is a 2020 built late 2019, november IIRC.
  11. i think that this is the approach that i will take for the moment.
  12. so apart from losing coolant, what other detrimental effects would this leak have? is this a critical problem or an annoyance. going to the dealer is a major PITA for me ideally i'd like to wait for the next service.
  13. i must say that i've been driving quite conservatively as is evidenced by my 10.1 liters/100 km fuel economy. 23.29 mpg (US gallon) according to a conversion website. just don't have the chance to drive it hard. interesting that you mention the sulphur smell. i did notice a very faint smell when i had my wife step on the gas but i couldn't identify it. now that you say sulphur, i think that's what it may have been but very very faint. i'll check it out again. basically i just want to be sure that i'm not harming the engine or that it will fail the day after my drivetrain warranty expires.
  14. it was happening to me last summer and i was wondering if they put too much oil in during its last service. But i concluded that this was not the problem. did you ever ask the dealer or mechanic about this problem? it does sound exactly like my issue as well. to me, the white smoke that dissipates very quickly is more indicative of water/coolant rather than oil. when i've seen engines that put out blue smoke, that smoke seems to hang around a lot longer. this white stuff rises and disappears very quickly.
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