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  1. the RFID never uses the battery. it can't. it's not wired to the battery in any way. you can take out the little "pill" and look at it. it is totally self-contained and waterproof. it's an antenna and a chip. the radio signal from the car energizes the circuit through the antenna. the chip processes the signal and transmits a new signal with the code. all of this is using extremely weak signals which is why, as you say, the key has to be close to the transmitter/receiver. the battery is only used for the transmitter functions of the key: lock, unlock, remote start, lift gate, panic, etc.
  2. 1. The RFID in the key-fob does not use the battery. It is passive. The car has a transmitter that emits a radio signal. The RFID captures that signal and sends it back with a code. The energy for this is from the radio signal, not the battery. If you are not able to start the car with the key in your pocket, but you are able to start it with the key in the position that you describe, then there is another problem. 2. Do you have the owner's manual? it's quite helpful for things like this. My 2020 says: i would guess that yours is similar. any of those points true? 3. worth upgrading? that's up to you. for me the juice wouldn't be worth the squeeze. i would possibly just get an aftermarket radio.
  3. you should be able to eyeball the cubic foot. it doesn't have to be precise. from what i know, the filling should be fairly loose. no resistance to speak of when you touch it. it should not feel solid by any means. far from it.
  4. i think you have convinced me that i should do that to my 2020 ST!
  5. a picture would help. are you talking about the vertical piece? is it broken or did it just come off? did you take it to a dealer or an auto-glass repair place? my guess is that they're telling you the whole thing needs to be replaced because the piece is bonded to the glass at the factory. Need to find out if it's available as a part. If so you can replace it.
  6. ben senise

    Next Gen Edge

    i think i need glasses and more patience. i saw the chrome on the lower right corner and thought that said EDGE. sorry!
  7. ben senise

    Next Gen Edge

    yuck. do they have to put "FORD" a second time under the Blue Oval (that says Ford as well)? i find that thing to be horrendous.
  8. ben senise

    Ford's new full LCD instrument cluster, fits 2011+ Edges

    it's a kickstarter project and the first 50 are $899. none had been taken when i looked just now. it's strange because it looks like an original ford part. they must just be reprogramming them somehow. are they making the frame or using factory ones as well?
  9. thanks but no iPhone for me. I'm not willing to be locked into that walled garden.
  10. ben senise

    Long Last - ST owner

    very nice, congrats and welcome!
  11. ben senise

    Spare Tire TPMS

    what is the reason for you wanting the system to read a fifth wheel? so you can monitor the spare while it's in the back? or are you worried about having to perform a manual reset after changing a tire due to a flat? the car only has for sensors so it can't monitor the spare tire. would be cool if it could but alas. if it's the latter, don't worry. the system will automatically read whatever tire is placed on the car. i have summer and winter tires and never had to reset anything. just drive a little distance and everything works. i also carry a small tire compressor so i could top up the spare if needed. but checking it on a regular basis is still the best.
  12. i have never seen magnetic connectors like that. excellent idea. i think i'll grab one of those. i used to have a wired dock but i got worried that the cops would bust me for it since they are really cracking down on distracted driving. they've busted people with their phones sitting in the console while plugged in. not even using them. just from a technical point of view, i'd still like to know if it's possible to up the wattage though.
  13. i was worried about this but went ahead anyway. i finally managed to snag a "motorola" MA1 wireless adapter for android auto. it works perfectly. when i used my pixel 5, i plugged it in to a USB cable and it charged fairly quickly. now when i use AA wirelessly, i lose a bit of battery power even when the phone is on the wireless charging pad. i just drove an hour using googlemaps and listening to tidal and i lost a few percentage points of my battery. not a huge deal and i could deal with this on a longer trip by plugging in the phone like i used to. i did a quick search online and nothing popped out so i thought i'd post something here before i go to bed so that tomorrow i will wake up and magically find the solution to this problem here on this forum. 😎 i have to verify but i think my phone can charge wirelessly at up to 10w. i'm guessing that the Qi pad in the edge is 5w. i'm going to look for a way to increase that power. an updated component? a hack? i'm open to suggestions.