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  1. ah, i was thinking of goof off which is acetone. i just checked their MSDS. i use lighter fluid, the kind you put in a zippo type lighter to get sticky stuff off. that would be similar to goo gone. i might grab some goo gone one day to see if it's better.
  2. i'm not sure but i believe that goo gone contains acetone and acetone can dissolve plastic/synthetics. i would guess that the fabric used on the headliner and visor is synthetic. i would be afraid to try. in any case, if they don't bother you, then better to leave them. for me, i find them distracting and more so on the black headliner than that beige/sand headliner on my '16. I posted the pics and the source for the vinyl just in case anyone wanted to cover these stickers with very little effort and not run the risk of trying to peel them off with alcohol or any other solvent.
  3. i tried that. didn't work on my '16 and left a mess. the ST has fabric rather than vinyl on the visors and the sticker looks like it is really embedded in the fabric. i didn't want to make a big mess. my solution is clean, inexpensive, and easily reversible. is it totally hidden? no, but i don't see that yellow and white in my field of view. it seems to be more of a problem with the black headliner than it was with the beige headliner because of the high contrast.
  4. and me! i downloaded the edge owner's manual before i picked up the car and read it almost cover to cover. the salesman was going over the features in the car and i told him that i already knew. i wasn't rude. he was super nice. i have since referred to the manual many times to make sure i understood how everything works. but it's very true, nobody reads the manuals for anything. and nobody uses the help function in apps. years ago people would ask me about something on a computer and i would answer "i don't know. let's look it up" (even when i did know the answer, just to show them.) then i would click on help and find the info. some people, a lot of people, are averse to finding the answers. it's strange.
  5. ben senise

    2016 3.5 Slams into 2nd gear under light acceleration

    i solved my transmission problem. i traded my '16 Ti for a '20 ST. 😊 but i noticed something different on forscan when i was making a few mods to the ST. there was a parameter somewhere to clear the memory of something transmission related. i was going to go back and take a closer look but i forgot. now i don't know if forscan has changed the way it presents info or the info that forscan gets from the car is different but the interface had some differences on the '20 from the '16. i'll try and have another look when i have a moment but in the mean time, maybe someone with knowledge can comment. it would be great if this would be possible to clear with forscan on older edges.
  6. ben senise

    anyone have real world experience with Pre-Collision Assist?

    coincidentally i just watched a couple of videos that people have made while doing the event and yes! they do an exercise where they drive towards a fake car and the automatic braking engages. very interesting.
  7. if people actually read an owner's manual then we wouldn't need the stickers!
  8. the stickers i've seen in the US are just as obscene. i say get rid of all these warning stickers and let evolution take care of the problem. 😉
  9. yes, factory nav. if you don't have factory nav, i think you can't get the display unless maybe there's a hack with forscan. i didn't have factory nav on my '16 and i couldn't get google maps on the display. what does EVIC stand for?
  10. I realize that this is an old post but last time i saw it, i still had my '16. now that i too have a 2020 ST, i can comment on your problem. my 2020 ST gets the instructions on the right hand display of the instrument cluster. i assume you're not seeing phone, entertainment, and navigation at the top level of the menus. i use google maps as well and i was happily surprised to see the instructions for auto android nav and not just the built-in nav. I have Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20136_PRODUCT let us know if your problem was ever resolved.
  11. I didn't do this to edge I or II but now that edge III has a black headliner and visors, i thought i'd cover up those obscene stickers. the contrast is not as strong in real life as it looks in this pic. it's super easy and removable should need be. i got a letter sized sheet of vinyl from michael's, the art supply store. it was only just over a couple of canadian pesos so not a huge deal. you can get at least four of these cover-ups from one sheet so do it with a friend and save! lol. it's called ORACAL® 651 Intermediate Cal Vinyl, Matte
  12. ben senise

    picked up my new 2020 ST this afternoon

    one emblem for the back and one for the front? that's wild. did they mention why they do that?
  13. ben senise

    picked up my new 2020 ST this afternoon

    that's not bad. i thought it would be totally blank but i like this since it's just more discreet. i'll have to check this out. thanks
  14. ben senise

    picked up my new 2020 ST this afternoon

    what did you use to black out the ford emblem? i was thinking about doing that as well. do you have pics with a straight-on view? would be nice to see. did you do anything to the ST on the steering wheel? i'm not crazy about having tags all around a car. i don't need to tell everyone what car or engine i have. the red ST is a bit loud for my taste. i would prefer if i could remove all of them including the seat stitching. i was torn between the performance blue and black but my last two edges were black so i decided on a change but i do like the black and yours looks great.
  15. ben senise

    picked up my new 2020 ST this afternoon

    the seat heating doesn't stay on. the setting stays set to on so that when i get back to the car after stopping somewhere like a gas station the setting is on when i restart the car. not only did i de-badge the rear, i took off the front "ST" but i didn't like how that spot on the grill looked without the badge so i painted the badge gloss black and stuck it back on with 3M trim tape. i like it. it's very discreet.