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  1. ben senise

    Sync ALWAYS loses the USB drive now

    thanks. i'll try swapping it out with another one and see what happens.
  2. 2016 Edge with Sync v3.0 build 18093 Up until recently, Sync would occasionally lose the USB drive. What I mean by that is that the USB drive does not show up in "sources." The usual AM, FM, Sirius, and even my phone show up but I have to unplug and re-plug the USB stick in order to get it to show up on the screen. Has anyone else come across this and is there a fix? I've got one of those really short USB sticks in there and it's a pain to get to. I didn't find any old threads on this. I guess I'll try a factory reset but wanted to check here first since i haven't had much luck with factory resets in the past. thanks
  3. ben senise

    Aftermarket Grille options for 2019

    i've seen pics of the stock grill sprayed with matte black Plasti Dip or similar. not too much of an investment and if you don't like the results, just peel it off.
  4. ^^^ exactly this. ford is a MASSIVE global company. they don't listen to their customers. if you don't like what you see, buy something else. the way things are today, i won't be replacing my 2nd edge with a 3rd. vote with your wallet.
  5. i usually get about two years out of mine. winters here on the left coast are fairly mild by canadian standards. car is garaged and rarely left parked in the sun. car has 40,000 km in just over three years.
  6. thanks for the info. i was just thinking that i'll probably put on a new set before winter.
  7. ben senise

    Snow ability

    in my experience, the greatest factor in snow performance is the choice of tires. i remember people complaining that their BMW X5 sucked in the snow and i found out that they were using summer tires. four-wheel drive or not, summer tires do not work in the snow. neither do all-season tires. what kind of tires did you have on the fusion? if they weren't winter tires then that is why the car was horrendous. i have a 2016 edge Ti AWD 3.5 with michelin latitude x-ice and the car performs fantastically in the snow. we had a very big dump of snow last winter and the small roads don't get plowed. there was a good 20 cm of snow on the road and i just cruised right through it on curvy roads and hills. no problem at all. of course one has to adapt their driving to the conditions.
  8. ben senise

    Did someone had to ORDER their Edge?

    although i like the new ones, if you offered to give me either set, i would take the '16 ones. i really like those ones. let me know if you want to get rid of them
  9. ben senise

    Did someone had to ORDER their Edge?

    looks gorgeous. hope you enjoy it for many years to come.
  10. okay, got it. thanks. i misunderstood.
  11. are you saying that the climate control was not functioning or just that you didn't see it displayed on the panel? i have noticed that when remote starting the car, the various indicators like seat heating and AC don't light up but the seats are warm or the AC is working. it's bizarre and i've wondered why this is so but it is what it is.
  12. ben senise

    New Edge with 20" wheels, ride sucks HELP

    the ford.ca (i'm in canada) website lists the following sizes for the SEL, SE, Titanium, and ST respectively: 245 60/18 245 55/19 245 50/20 265 40/21 as you can see, there are four different wheel diameters available. They all have a tire diameter of 29.6" except for the ST which has a diameter of 29.3" the car's dynamics are very much affected by wheel diameter, offset, and tire width. braking for example is much less effective with a larger diameter tire. simple physics and geometry. ABS, traction, stability are all affected by geometry that is different than stock. it may be true that the internal parameters in the system may have different settings but for the purpose of the OP's question, he does not need to change anything for the new tires if he got tires that are a standard factory size.
  13. ben senise

    New Edge with 20" wheels, ride sucks HELP

    the whole idea of larger wheels is that the tire has a shorter sidewall and conversely, the smaller wheels have tires with taller sidewalls. the overall diameter, and thus the circumference, is the same on all edges from the factory no matter what the wheel size is. go to https://tiresize.com/calculator/ and plug the old and the new tire/wheel sizes into the tire comparison tab. that will give you the circumference which should be the same. if it's the same then the wheel will rotate the same number of times in a given distance and your odometer and speedometer will be correct.
  14. ben senise

    Did someone had to ORDER their Edge?

    looks great claude. congratulations. wasn't such a long wait after all