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  1. ben senise

    Just joined the site

    welcome! our edges are the same, perf blue st. what wheels do you have? do you have the 401 package? i bought my '20 in feb this year. i have the black 21" wheels but not the hi perf brake package since it is not sold in canada. i have the 401 package. one of the best things i've learned on this forum is the use of forscan to reprogram some of the things on the car like the horn beeping when i get out to pick up mail and leave the car running. also having the turn signal flash 7 times instead of 3 when i tap the stalk.
  2. my complaint is the opposite: not sensitive enough and the setting is as far as it will go. but it is interesting to see that grime could affect it. maybe i shouldn't clean my windows so much!
  3. ben senise

    2022 Edge timetable

    no ST specific color for the '22? ๐Ÿ™ i like my performance blue and the that it's unique for the ST.
  4. After posting about the poor performance of the rain sensing wipers on my Edge, i got to thinking about some of the other features that i was excited to get when i traded my 2016 Ti for my 2020 ST. Just wondering out loud here about how many other people have similar feelings about the tech in their cars. 1. rain sensing wipers - as per my other post, they don't wipe often enough in light rain even at the highest sensitivity setting. i'll probably turn off this feature if i cannot increase the sensitivity. 2. auto-high beam - the road to the town where i live is very hilly and very curvy. if i have the headlights on auto high beam, they take far too long to turn off the high beams when another car comes within view. again, i'll probably just turn off this feature since it doesn't really work in my experience. 3. adaptive cruise control - i find the acceleration and deceleration/braking on the adaptive setting to be too aggressive. doesn't matter what distance i have it set to. whereas i can see the cars braking far ahead and just lift off the gas to gently slow down, the ACC just keeps barreling down the road and then brakes heavily when i reach the slowing cars. it's not smooth. the distance setting just changes when the car brakes, not how aggressively. i find myself using this feature less often than i anticipated. this is on a very busy two lane (one each direction) highway. 4. self-parking - i knew i wouldn't like this feature and i was right. i find that i can parallel park the car better and faster myself than it can. i never back into a side-by-side space so that feature is wasted. when i tested that feature, it seemed to take forever compared to me just doing it myself. how do you feel about the features i've mentioned above? do you share my point of view or do you think they are wondeful? am i doing something wrong? i'm just curious and wanted to get other people's opinions.
  5. just wondering if anyone else here has a similar complaint and if anyone knows of a solution to this problem. the rain sensing feature on my 2020 ST is flaky. sometimes it works well, others it lets so much rain collect on the windshield that it's effectively useless. today it was raining very lightly. very small drops. i needed the wipers to cylce about once every 5 seconds. the best the rain sensing feature would do is once every 20 seconds. after 10 seconds, my sight is becoming degraded by the water gathering on the windshield. if i turn off the automatic rain sensing, the thrid click from the top on the wiper stalk cycles the wiper about once every 5 or 6 seconds which is fine but what's the point of having this feature if it doesn't work? even in moderate to heavy rain, the wipers sometimes don't wipe as often as i would like them to. does anyone else here have a similar experience? is there a way to increase sensitivity so the wipers wipe more frequently? i've maxed out the ring position on the wiper stalk, i.e. it's all the way up. yes, the windshield is clean and the sensor area clear. it's far too many menu clicks to be changing this all the time and i'll probably choose to leave the automatic rain sensing off rather than turn it off and on all the time.
  6. ben senise

    His and Hers Edges

    i must admit that i'm not crazy about the tail end on the 2019+ refresh. i had a 2016 and since it was a Ti, the middle section of the light bar lit up. A bit gimmicky and space ship looking but it was better than the black space on my 2020 ST. have you ever walked up to the wrong car and wondered why it wouldn't open? ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. ben senise

    Using an insane amount of gasoline?

    you have a lead foot perhaps? ๐Ÿ˜‰ but seriously, like 1004ron says, first step would be to see if that's actually true. those "distance to empty" figures are predictive based on current driving. stomp on the gas and the calculations are basically "if you keep driving like this, you'll run out of gas in x miles." if you're driving uphill, it'll be pessimistic and so on.
  8. thanks for posting that. doesn't seem too bad for sixty-bucks or so.
  9. ben senise

    Engine wants to stall...Code P1450 ?

    ^^^^^^ this is the kind of info that makes a forum like this one invaluable. hopefully this will be of great use to someone in the future. thanks for posting this update Cerberus. ๐Ÿ‘
  10. ben senise

    Mastinique, MI

    great pic!
  11. ben senise

    3.5mm audio jack input to USB

    ok, got it. i understand your predicament. if you do end up getting that device, i hope you get acceptable sound quality from it. managing music libraries is tough. i don't do apple anymore. i was a HUGE apple evangelist from the first mac until my iPhone 4S. but then steve died and the company went to hell as far as i'm concerned. beautiful products but they just don't compete with the other things out there and they don't care. it's their walled garden. with regards to sound degradation in your previous fords, the sound was going from digital files on the ipods to an analog signal and them amplified. so there was only one conversion. IMNSHO, fm transmitters absolutely suck. the sound is bad, there's often interference, static, etc. that works to export but i think pete wants to manage his music, as he says "sync and update it as I add songs and playlists and make changes." good luck pete, please let us know how it goes.
  12. ben senise

    3.5mm audio jack input to USB

    pete, i had a quick search on the inter-webs and found quite a few people posting more or less the same quandary as yours. i was unable to find a solution. the problem i see is that you're going from digital source files on the ipods to analog (3.5mm output line) back to digital (for the USB) and then back to analog (out the speakers). there has got to be a noticeable degradation along the line. the cassettes are a different story but again, if it's music you've got on there, you could source the same albums in digital format. are you not able to copy the material on your various sources to a USB thumb drive? don't know if it's an option for you but i have Spotify and it has almost every album i've ever owned. i rarely listen to my music files anymore despite the fact that i have thousands of songs on a thumb drive in FLAC format and a few MPEG files. i understand that your original question was about getting a device to get your analog output onto Sync3 and of course, your use case could be something entirely different that i'm not considering but it would be the easiest and most straightforward solution.
  13. ben senise

    3.5mm audio jack input to USB

    what are you trying to connect to your Sync3? this device you posted appears to convert analog sound signal from the 3.5mm hack to a digital signal on the USB plug. i'm curious to know what source you've got that you want to use.
  14. my favorite although i go for the .40.
  15. i never put anything in that space in my edge.