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  1. Jgaburri

    Power steering problems

    I pulled a vacuum on the system and followed the procedure in the chilton manual and it still does the same thing. Did some more testing that lead me to a possible steering wheel valve in the rack to be bad. Change the rack once again and still having the issues just not as bad was atleast able to drive the car. It is hard to run slightly and then after moving so far it goes on its own and you have to fight it then. The only thing left is a power steering pump could this be causing the issue
  2. Jgaburri

    Power steering problems

    How does one pull a vacuum on the rack and pinion
  3. Jgaburri

    Power steering problems

    One line connects through a banjo fitting the return line is through a slip on hose if these are backwards they came from the factory backwards. The lines on the new rack and pinion are the exact same as the old rack and pinion
  4. Jgaburri

    Power steering problems

    The have now replaced the broken clock spring and it is still doing the same thing and the airbag light wont go out
  5. Jgaburri

    Power steering problems

    Double checked the high pressure line from the pump to the banjo bolt and the return from the rack to the cooler
  6. Jgaburri

    Power steering problems

    There is only one way for the lines to go on plus the lines are the same as the one I previously removed
  7. Jgaburri

    Power steering problems

    On my wifes 2009 Ford Edge I have replaced bothe upper struts, both lower control arms, both inner and outer tie rods, and the rack and pinion. Once I bled the power steering fluid and started the car the horn started to blow on its own and the steering wheel now turns in both directions by itself. Has anyone seen this issue or has heard of it yet please help.