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  1. Victor

    Any recommendations maintenance ?

    Ok, I recently replaced the spark plugs and pcv valve. Besides that, looks like I have a lot of work ahead. Thanks for your input.
  2. Victor

    Any recommendations maintenance ?

    I’ve kept the oil changes up to date. Changing it every 6 months. I recently replaced the spark plugs as well. Oh and I did flush the coolant system a couple years back.
  3. So my 2009 Edge Limited just reached 130,000 miles. Any recommendations maintenance wise?
  4. Victor

    2008 Ford Edge Limited rim help

    Does anybody know where I can buy the chrome cadding for the 20" rim?
  5. Victor

    Correct oil to use

    I use Mobile 1 10w-30 on mine.
  6. If not, can I use a random bolt or would that cause the manifold not to seal properly?
  7. Victor

    Shock replacement

    Here's a link.
  8. Victor

    Reverse brake squeal

    My 2009 Edge Limited has the same problem. Also, it's always recommended to change both front and rear brakes. Same for the rotors. As for the rotors it depends how worn the are.
  9. Victor

    Headlight Removal

    Seems simple. Here's a link.
  10. Where can I buy replacement bolts for this? I kind of snapped 2 of them when I was putting it back on.
  11. Victor

    What oil would you recommend

    @enigma-2 I'm about to reach 124,000 miles. But as I previously stated, the last time I changed my oil was last year in July. So it's about time I change it again. Regarding the coolant, I've only changed it one time and that was in 2020 if im not mistaken. Bro, did you really say I should consider changing the blinker fluid? Lmfao I have H11 LED headlights so I don't need Blinker Fluid.
  12. Victor

    What oil would you recommend

    Thank you for all of your inputs guys. I appreciate it.
  13. Victor

    What oil would you recommend

    I live in LA, and since my Edge has over 120,000 miles on it, I've been using 10w30 Full Synthetic.
  14. Victor

    What oil would you recommend

    I change the oil and filter every 6 months or so. As for the filter, I use the Motorcraft FL-500 I haven't changed it since last year in July so it's about time I get to it. I don't know if the previous owner had the water pump worked on or not.