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  1. The rear turn signal bulb in my 2010 Edge Ltd started to indicate intermittent failures. I have replaced the bulb and in doing so I found that the bulb holder showed significant evidence of heat build up. I contacted both my Ford Dealer and Ford customer Care because I regard this as a safety issue for various reasons (Ford Pinto comes to mind) only to be told that since i am about 6 months out of warranty it is my problem at my cost. I am in the process of sending a letter to Ford to clarify in writing that this is in fact there position.
  2. Theakerr

    turn signal

    Just had what I believe to be a burnt out right turn signal bulb in my 2010. Bulb holder show signs of significant heat if not fire. Talked to my dealer and Ford. 6 months out of warranty, same experience as Januwine. My problem and my expensee
  3. Theakerr

    edge won't move

    Thks for the link. Potentially very useful. Have saved it. Interesting that this is not in my Canadian 2010 owners manual.
  4. If you do a search on this forum you should come up with some answers. Briefly, there was a known heater problem with some 2008s. It was something to do with the manufacturing of the heater core. Some special factory tools were needed to correct the problem. Most, if not all those who had the problem, had the the warranty extended by Ford for the heater unit.
  5. Wonder if Ford did a Customer survey or if it was simply a "Management" decision. At one time when it came to buying a new car Ford was the preferred choice. This sort of change, almost slipped in, is the sort of thing together with a couple of other issues have eliminated Ford as my choice of preference. The latest sales numbers show Ford (and the other two NA Manufacturers) dropping against the imports. You have to wonder if I am not the only one.
  6. Theakerr

    Good MPG news for 2013 Edge Owners

    I dont think it is just 2013s. My 2010 is now giving 24 mpg (US) on the highway at 20,000 miles up from 23 or less. Also general mileage has gone up from 21 mpg to 22 mpg. Not a lot you may say, but a definite and repeatable improvement.
  7. Theakerr

    Consumer reports on 5 cars to avoid

    Re the road noise and wind noise for that matter, I think it is a variable and that on some Edge's it is much worse than on others. I have a 2010 that is definitely louder in both area's than my 2008. Although Ford dont want to talk about my issue, it is of note that as reported on this forum, the Ford CEO (Mr Mulhalley I think i have the spelling correct but!) announced a significant investment in robotics for door assembly to eliminate variability and subsequent interior noise. In my case, it is such (for a $45,000+) car that Ford is no longer my automatic #1 supplier.
  8. Theakerr

    Watch out in Ontario this long weekend...

    Yep, should be a revenue positive weekend, but will it actually result in improved highway safety?
  9. Theakerr

    Rebuilt 2008 Edge Limited(Ontario Canada)

    Thanks dranged. Interesting. Did not know about the rebuilt title - I learn something new everyday
  10. Theakerr

    Rebuilt 2008 Edge Limited(Ontario Canada)

    How will you register it? I understand Ontario now has another set of Nanny Laws that require repairs to be registered (yet another example of the Nanny Government not thinking things through - my $3000 cosmetic hit just shows up as collision damage with - so i am told - a real hit on the resale value). I know that when I had my turkey incident the insurance company registered it and apparently it will show up in the owner transfer package.
  11. Theakerr

    TPMS on summers didn't need retraining

    I have a 2010 and have never understood the "re-training" theory. I put my summer tires on, the low pressure light comes on, I drive about 1/4 mile it goes off. End of story. I suppose some people might call this learning. What does surprise me is that it takes about 30 km to activate when I put on my winter tires that do not have a sensor. Last year the tire sensor did activate when one tire went down.
  12. Theakerr

    New cars Black Boxed starting in 2015?

    I dont think he is paranoid at all! Look what is happening in the UK and we all know that we live in a Nanny world where Goverment knows what is best for us.
  13. Theakerr

    New Ford Edge RIde

    Out of curiosity, what pushed you to the Edge instead of the Murano? I ask because the Murano was on my finalist list, but I dropped it because of the very illogical packing groups which pushed the price up to get what I wanted. I can't remember all of them but the one that does come back to mind was that to get a heated passenger seat I had to go really upscale in other areas. The Edge Ltd on the other hand gave me what i wanted without the sun roof, nav system, etc
  14. Theakerr

    Fuel Mileage Getting Better 'n Better

    I am assuming you live in Western Canada. If that mileage is achieved in Manitoba or Sk in Winter, that is truly amazing. When I hit the 1st Manitoba gas I see my mileage drop and it stays down until I can get some good AB gas. This is true not just of the Edge, but of my Passat before and my HD Electra Glide.. My assumption is that there is more alcohol in their gas.
  15. Theakerr

    2012 Winding Road Review

    Interesting, especially the fuel economy numbers, which are even more interesting in view of the current Honda issue. The other thing that surprised me was the quoted numbers for the Venza. When I looked for my 2010 (in Canada) there was NO way the Venza prices were even close to the Edge (There were still offers on the Edge).