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  1. Cellbine

    Tesla style replacement radio

    I ordered this unit. It should be arriving sometime this weekend, I hope. I'll post when it arrives and pics after the install.
  2. Hey everyone, I bought these DVD headrests and got them installed. https://www.dhgate.com/product/2x-9inch-touch-screen-headrest-hd-dvd-player/413363262.html?skuid=457387186664472578 I have a question about the wiring for the experts out there. I have tried tapping into several fuses and all of them keep the units on even when the car is off and locked. Can anyone tell me what wire or fuse I can tap into to make the units turn off when the car is off? I have purchased an in-line switch to install so I can kill the power to them and ensure the battery does not die. 9Also to be able to shut them off when the kiddos get out of control lol.) I just need to wait until it arrives to install it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks. _Cell
  3. Cellbine

    Tesla style replacement radio

    So I called them today and they said that it allows control functions for the heated seats. Also, they have had a user report that it did not work with Sony but no one has contacted the company back saying it has worked. So they only have the negative feedback from it. They said that if it doesnt work, then only the front speakers will work or no sound will work. If that happens, then they will contact the manufacturer and have them send a harness to try to restore the Sony sound system functionality. It would take about 2 weeks to get the part they said.
  4. Cellbine

    Tesla style replacement radio

    This is awesome. I sent an email about the Sony compatibility to the maker and also asked about heated seat control. I havent seen anything about heated seat functions. Im hoping to save and buy this at the first of the year.
  5. True, no airbags deployed for me and I got my car back after a week. It was a pretty quick turnaround.
  6. Hey all, It has been awhile since I posted, but thought I would pop in and let you know I got gently rear ended! I had to get my impact bar, hitch replaced, and bumper repainted and repaired. The bad part was that they put me in a 2018 Edge Titanium! Man that car was nice. I got my Edge back, so all is back to normal now.
  7. So....I did this last week. I have wanted to install this for about 6 years now. Finally decided to go for it and it has been fun so far. Don't really care about what it is supposed to do...I like the sound. It is giving off a little whistle, but I'm sure that is because the stock exhaust cant handle all of the extra air coming into the engine. It almost sounds like a turbo blow off. So far, so good.
  8. Hey everyone! Guess what, I am back in the States now. Last week I tore out the DDM Tuning HIDs and put halogens back in. I started to have a bunch of problems and needing replacement bulbs more frequently, so I decided to simplify the setup and go back to OEM. I will have a bunch of my stuff in storage shipped to our house sometime in the next month and I will add the Daytime Running Lights setup put back in. I am excited for that day. Hope everyone is doing well!
  9. One of my OEM turn signal lights failed so I decided to swap them out with Drive Brights LED turns. I had Dave's turns in the back with his new rear light assembly I installed earlier this year and was really pleased with them. I have had LED switchbacks several years ago but were not impressed with their performance during the day, but these suckers are bright! They did come with and I installed resistors for them. Rear Shadow Black Light assembly: A picture I posted a little bit ago: The front turns: Against my 55W HIDs:
  10. Nice, I didn't contact them about warranty. Ill have to email them and see what the process is. Replacement bulbs were only $35 after shipping though, so not much impact on my wallet. That is great that you have been able to run yours for 4 years though! I hope these new ones run that long. Thanks! TRS was probably a good investment. I remember from forum posts a while back that TRS is a much more expensive option for people to take, but seems that you pay for what you get =). I'm still really enjoying this Ultra HID kit. Hey Perf, no kickback. Seems that anything goes here in Korea as for lights though. However, I made sure to angle these lights so they aren't blinding anyone. They are really bright and have been great on the road.
  11. My driver's side headlight bulb changed colors on me about a month ago. It changed to about the 4300 temperature range. So I ordered new bulbs, replacing both sides at the same time hoping that DDM tests and ships the same temperature bulbs to me. I purchased 9006 type 5500k bulbs here: http://ddmtuning.com/Products/UltraHIDBulb Here is the before and after bulb replacement picture. I was parked in front of a slanted wall, so the light/bright spots are skewed: Below on the left is the new bulb purchased to replace and the original is on the right. The original bulbs both had cloudy glass around the middle part of the bulb: I did not have to cut any tabs to fit the bulbs in. However, I did remove the headlight units to replace the bulbs like I did for the original installation. Took about 1 hour to get everything taken apart and back together. Tested the lights and everything looks good. So I'm looking at about 1.5 years before I have to change them again if they last the same amount of time as the old ones did.
  12. Cellbine

    Your music, what are you listening to these days?

    For over a year now, I have only listened to music in the car with my family. When I am to and from work I only listen to podcasts and audio books to get learned.
  13. Cellbine

    Pool Cue Help

    Haha, thanks for understanding. At the moment I am considering selling the z2 shaft. My folks are coming to visit us next month, so I will put it to good use =)
  14. Cellbine

    Pool Cue Help

    Oh man, sorry to hear about the crack. As far as selling it goes, I have the predator z2 shaft along with the poison shaft which would have to be sold with it because I couldn't do anything with the extra shaft if it wasn't. I would have to have $700 + shipping for it. The price is not meant to be insulting/disrespectful, I am just really attached to it and have no real reason to sell it. Every time I think about selling it I just haven't brought myself to do it. It is meant to deter you LOL. This cue feels like an extension of my arm and has served me well. I am unsure of the exact weight. I like lighter sticks so it is most likely 18oz, possibly 19. There are no weights inside the bumper/butt cap.
  15. Cellbine

    Pool Cue Help

    Found it, ST1-4. http://www.poisonbilliards.com/pool-cues/retired-cues/