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  1. Bumpin96monte

    15 Edge Hatch Stuck Closed

    Just to close this one out in case others search for it. Below is the issue mine was having (not my video): Put in a new latch (about $225 in stock at the dealer, look to be about $140 online if you dont mind waiting to get it shipped), but this is for the power hatch. Followed the procedure in the manual for setting it once replaced (manually close / latch the hatch), disconnect battery for 20 seconds, open then close with remote or dash button. Worked perfectly. For reference, I included a picture here of the flap for the release on the new unit. I could definitely unlatch it now without cutting that plastic open, but being the first time doing it, the manual wasn't clear enough about exactly where it needed to go to be able to do it totally blind. Everything else went exactly as noted in the Ford repair manual.
  2. Bumpin96monte

    15 Edge Hatch Stuck Closed

    Finally got it today, I had to go above that piece of metal. The window to get a screwdriver in is very short in height so its hard to line it up. I figured I'd post up here in case anyone else had to open it. 1) press the white cinch release button. If you look straight in the rectangular trim plug, you'll see a hole in the sheet metal just to the left of the bolt. Lay your head flat on the trunk floor and look at the very top of this hole and you'll just see the edge of this white button. Press it once with a screwdriver (it doesnt appear to have to be held while releasing the hatch, but it will permanently illuminate the 'hatch ajar' light on the dash unless you manage to get the hatch open and then re closed.) 2) stick your flat head screwdriver down into the flap almost at the bottom of the inside of the plastic trim cover. In the pic below, you'll see I tore the flap off plus cut left and right to see what I was working with. This is not necessary, I've shown the tiny spot the screwdriver has to go into. Once it's in, you just push left on that little bar to release.
  3. Bumpin96monte

    15 Edge Hatch Stuck Closed

    The problem is that's not a 15+. Mine looks nothing like that inside. The access hole is about half the height, and what's behind the hole is very different. Theres hatch sheet metal behind the access door, so the only way I can see to get to the latch itself is: A) through a 1/2" hole drilled straight inside (with a white button to release the cinch mechanism). B ) through what used to be a small flap at the bottom of the opening that you're supposed to stick a screwdriver in to release the latch itself. Theres nothing in there to move by finger. The manual says to use a 3.5mm wide screwdriver inserted on the right side of this flap (which is inserted 45 degrees angled down inside the outer access hole.
  4. Bumpin96monte

    15 Edge Hatch Stuck Closed

    Attached is the diagram I'm trying to follow.
  5. Bumpin96monte

    15 Edge Hatch Stuck Closed

    I've got a 2015 Edge with the power hatch which has gotten stuck closed. The left side appears to push out a bit when pressing the fob button, but clearly the latch is still latched and isnt allowing it to open. I tried to open it via the access panel per the repair manual instructions, but I cant seem get it open that way either. I found and pressed the white 'cinch release button' but I cant figure out what is supposed to slide in the lower release. Manual says to stick a flathead in the right side of the opening 10mm deep and to slide to the left 5 mm. I found the flap they're talking about, but there doesnt appear to be anything to slide inside of there, it's a relatively flat piece of metal that slopes away on the left half. I cut the flap off and cut the opening much larger (since it's all hidden anyways) and I still can't see anything that moves / slides. The flat piece of metal I see inside the hole has some slots in it much further to the right of the access flap, but I cant get that part to move at all. Any ideas on how to get it open? On a side note, I did try just taking it to the dealer. Ones earliest appointment was October, the other was a few weeks into September. It seems silly to wait a month to fix something simple like this. Thanks in advance for any thoughts/ suggestions!!
  6. Bumpin96monte

    Need Help with Purge Valve PN 2015 2.0

    Wow, no idea how you found that number, but thats exactly it. Hours on Google + 2 local dealers and I was at a dead end. Oddly enough, they didn't even want to sell it to me as they said "it's not even for my vehicle". Thank you very much!!
  7. I have a 15 Edge with the 2.0. I've got a P1450 code and have traced it down to the evap purge valve under the hood. Problem is, I can't seem to find the PN for the replacement. Tried the typical online parts sites, many of which show the cannister and valves in the back, but none seem to show this hose / valve under the hood. I went to the dealer, and they gave me BB5Z-9G271-B. This was not the right hose for my vehicle: -the valve was a different design -the valve bracket was different (90 degree bend, very short) -the valve to splitter hose was 90 degrees (mine is fairly straight) -it came with another T valve built in for 4 total hose connections (mine only has 3) -hose lengths in front of the splitter had incorrect bends and were nowhere near the right length. Any idea what the correct PN is? Car is out of warranty, and I don't want to pay to have it fixed as I've already found the problem and just need the part.
  8. Bumpin96monte

    15 Edge Trim in Front of Sunroof

    It's not under warranty, hence why I'm asking here...
  9. Bumpin96monte

    15 Edge Trim in Front of Sunroof

    Anyone ever have issues with the black trim panel between the windshield and front of the sunroof? Wife came home from work today and the whole center was popped up. She said it was making a ton of noise so she put on the hazards and drove home slowly. I found one white clip loose underneath it and it appears to still be attached on both ends, although I'm not sure how. Do I have to buy a new panel or do I just need replacement clips? Any idea how the ends come off? As we needed to drive it asap, I put a strip of black vinyl over it bridging it to the windshield to keep the wind from getting under it and causing more damage. Luckily the panel looks undamaged from the top other than just being loose from the body. Any help would be greatly appreciated!