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  1. enigma-2

    2016 Edge Sport - Powerlift trunk issues

    Have you tried a manual open/close to test for binding? Havevyou tried lubing the hinges?
  2. That's not good sign. You losing cooant?
  3. 14.2 volts when running shows the charging system is working. Test battety voltage when the car is off (tests just the batterys voltage). Should be getting 12.2 to 12.6 volts. If it's less, assume the battery is not taking a charge. Could be a bad new battery. New batteries need a full charge to srart off. Freezing weather and a short drive home may not be sufficient to get an adequate charge. In really cold weather, batteries not charged will freeze and short the plates together. And it's been really cold in certain parts of the US last week.
  4. I was looking at the FordPass app. Did you see the info it collects and distributes? INFORMATION THAT'S SHARED: Precise location. Email address User ID User interactions Device ID "Other" stuff DATA THAT'S COLLECTED: Full name Email address User ID Address Phone number Sexual orientation ??????? And "other" stuff ????????? Health and fitness information Copies of your photos Files and docs, and Interactions of user with app. I *think* we've discovered who Big Brother really is!
  5. enigma-2

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Must be something you hate about your car. That IS the object of this post after all. (Can't get off that easily). lol
  6. enigma-2

    Lift gate sensor removal

    What? I have it on my 2009! (Although it works a little differently). With mine, I simply kick my foot on the bottom of the cargo area and yell "Hey Linda, open the hatch". Pop's right open.
  7. enigma-2

    LED bulbs- rear turn signals ?

    Could be cheaper ones, didn't really look very closely. But then again, isn't anything you really need. (Esp at those prices).
  8. enigma-2

    Lift gate sensor removal

    In addition to the directions Haz published, a guy in tbe explorer forem wrote about disconnecting the antenna and the exact procedure to do it (what panels to pry, etc. Now tbis is for the explorer but could be similar. Might be useful. https://www.explorerst.org/threads/tailgate-disabling-the-kick-to-open-or-close-motion-feature-full-pictures.1938/
  9. enigma-2

    LED bulbs- rear turn signals ?

    Yes. But you'll need a resistor to prevent what's known as hyper-flashing. Your current bulbs are 3137NAK. These bulbs are CANBUS compatible and should work fine (there are others, you may wish to shop around). https://a.co/d/5QPylyk
  10. enigma-2

    Door Sill Protection Ideas

    I have a platinum white 2009 mkx, oem scuff plates, plenty of kids and passengers passed through it. No scratches on the painted edges. The scuff plates are scuffed, but who cares? I'd say, live with it and put a good quality of wax on the paint. (Mine is still holding up from the last time I had it in for a detail).
  11. It's my understanding that it very much is a thing. We have fewer blue cones in our eyes which means we don't see as well with blue light. Plus, blue, because of its shorther wavelength, focuses at a different point on the retnia. Our eyes see best in a yellow-green light. (In-fact, only 2% of the cones see blueish light). You can see better detail in a dark setting with 4300k light. Unrelated, I was reading a study that discussed that the old-fashioned 7" round sealed beams actually put more light on the road than our newer polycarbonate housings. (But the newer one illuminate the sides of the roads better).
  12. enigma-2

    02 sensor

    After reading your post I checked the Lincoln Maintenance Manual and there is no recommendation for changing the O2 sensors at any specific intervals. Checked the service manual and same/same. Don't disagree but thought it strange they don't require changing or testing for age. They used to trigger a check engine at specific intervals for that. Wonder what changed?
  13. enigma-2

    Sticky Steering Wheel

    A lot of these cleaning products are not designec to be used straight on interior materials. For example I use Chemical Guys All Purpose Cleaner and it needs to be deluted 20:1 to use. Used full strength can damage to surface of vinys and leathers. I dont think that the use of any cleaner would help the situation, think I'd try a Magic Eraser (gently) and try to clean off the surface. Think a steering wheel is a composit of both vinyl and leather. Most likely you damaged the surface coating on the leather. It may be possible to retreat the surface with a sealer designed for this purpose (I've never tried this). Try contacting a upholstery shop in your area to see if they know what might work. Otherwise another way to sidestep the problem might be something like this. https://a.co/d/8sBQFaA
  14. enigma-2

    Replacement for the 8" sub

    The 2-ohm coil will deliver high sound output (2 ohm draws more current than 4-ohms), but may distort at high volume (depending on quality). The one in my 09 MKX with THX doesn't distort). A 4-ohm speaker isn't as loud (after all it draws 1/2 the current as a 2-ohm) but it also won't distort at high volumes. A lot has to do with the design of the amp. Usually if the amp and speaker are designed as a matching pair there shouldn't be any problems. As the speakers are rated in impedance and not resistance, you can't measure it by ohming it with a VOM.
  15. Ford discontinued map updates for all cars over 10 years old. I called Here about a year ago and they concured. (No more updates, sorry). If I get in an area where the map software is out of date, I pop up Google Maps on my phone. It would be nice to update every couple of years, but with modern cell phones, it's no big deal.