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  1. Isn't the gen 2 covers molded to the housing? (Not sold separately). And aren't the tabs on the housing and not the cover? (I have a gen 1 and only seen a gen 2 once).
  2. Possibly motor working and blade connection broken. See if blade moves by itself.
  3. enigma-2

    Dorman Engine Oil Drain Plug

    I have Fumoto drains (chrome or course) on my garden tractor & backup generator. Use a short length of clear plastic tubing which inserts into an empty plastic, oil container. No drips. Metal to metal, so makes sense. But plastic oil pan would call for a plastic drain (plastic-plastic expansion). And for $16 not a big investment. Would make oil changes much easier as no tools needed (or only a screwdrive in the Dorman case). Wouldn't worry about what little oil left in pan; insignificant. Doesn't make sense if you have oil changes done by mechanic. As for the $80 listed in post is ridiculous price. Don't trust company as there's only $3 worth of plastic involved. (They are selling their own protection when they fail and get sued).
  4. There was another discussion here some time back where to responder claimed it just popped in. This discussion may help:
  5. I really don't know, but I doubt it. Others would have written about it if so. The only candidates talked about were behind the grill and having to remove the front end to reach it. Possibly (and I'm guessing) going through one of the fender well panels.???
  6. There are far too many places where grounds occur to list separately. One place to check for electrical corrosion is the connection at the SJB. See if this link helps: https://www.autocodes.com/b106e_ford.html
  7. enigma-2

    Just for fun

    Some of these make sense, some, .... well somewhere in China there's a drunk pervert bragging to his buddies about his ability to translate Wnglish. 32-34.jpg.pro-cmg.webp 1-86.jpg.pro-cmg-800x1062.webp hat.png.pro-cmg-800x1067.webp mom.png.pro-cmg.webp 15-53.jpg.pro-cmg.webp 20-51.jpg.pro-cmg.webp pics-2.png.pro-cmg.webp rest.jpg.pro-cmg-800x1067.webp
  8. Wow. I'm impressed. ... and you were asking us for advice? lol What's a "CSS module"?
  9. enigma-2

    2018 Edge Front Suspension Noise

    Been discussed here before. This may help understanding its purpose:
  10. When I was a kid they had what was called "The Mobile Gas Economy Run". It was a race (sort of) that the various automakers held the see who had the best gas milage. In an era where gas mileage averaged maybe 8 mpg certain cars, notably the Nash Rambler was posting in the mid 20's. The drivers were taught to use certain tricks, such as maintaining a nearly constant throttle between 30-50 mph, avoid quick braking and rapid acceleration. (For the latter, they taught the divers by placing a raw egg between the bottom of their shoes and the accelerator pedal. They could not break the egg during acceleration and breaking.) Same is still true today. To get great gas milage, slow, constant acceleration, anticipate breaking and maintaining a constant speed under 50. Boring I know, but you could try it as an experiment and see what your car can get above 500 miles.
  11. enigma-2

    Replacing DRL bulb with LED

    I'm confused. You have HID headlights and want to replace with LED, or a different car with halogen?
  12. enigma-2

    Driver Side Rear Door Ajar

    The extended warranty on the door latch expired on July 10, 2020 (with <120,000 miles) for the 2011-2014 Edge. MC-10169994-0001(1)(1).pdf
  13. I was talking to a fellow on another forum and he said they ALL come without screws. The screw holes are provided for screws should the tabs on the side break off. He didn't know what the thread or size was however.
  14. May need to see your local Ford dealer. Not showing up on any parts site.