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  1. enigma-2

    New radio has no audio

    Owners manual. Shows pin #7 as the connection for front speakers, etc. Turn it all all the way and see if you hear and popping or weak static. Audio circuits working). Curious if the antenna is sending signal.
  2. enigma-2

    Radio has no power.

    I only have the 09 service manual so there may be some differences. One fuse supplies power to ignition switch, ACC comes off pin 6 to pin 3 of the SJB. The manual doesn't show the electrical breakdown inside the fuse panel, but you could see if power is getting to pin 3 when the ignition switch is set to ACC. I would tend to center in on the SJB being at fault more than the Ignition switch. Still, the power is supplied separately to the radio from the ignition switch when on in the RUN position and the car wouldn't start is it was defective. Have you checked for codes yet? I'd think that's your next step to take.
  3. enigma-2

    New radio has no audio

    Assuming that everything is wired properly, front speakers to #7, rear to #8, sub to #9, I'd verify the radio is actually switched to the FM spectrum and not switched to AUX. If nothing is plugged into AUX, you'll no sound. I do this every once in awhile. I sometimes watch cable TV on my cell phone and run the sound via BT to the head unit. Next time I start the beast, I forget its switched over to IBTSTI and get no sound (until in sinks in and I switch over from duhhhhh to ahhhhh).
  4. The preamp is where such tone controls as bass, treble and equalization control the audio signal that adjusts the sound to the internal amp. These amps are enclosed in the Audio Control Unit (the radio). You could try a reset (pull negitive terminal of battery for 10 minutes) or reset via menu. If it were me, I'd replace the head unit with one off ebay. $50 for 6-disk or $275 for navigation.
  5. Why not just add a backup camera to the head unit? Mount the camera at the back, run the wire up through the tire well through existing groment, under back seat, through console to back of radio. Kits have pre-made harnesss that plugs into ACU.
  6. enigma-2

    No display on sync

    Try a reset. Hold the next song bottom on the steering wheel and the radio power bottom at the same time. If this reset doesn't work, pull the fuse, wait a few and push it back in. It's worked for others. Check your manual for the fuse number, think it's 33.
  7. enigma-2

    Radio has no power.

    Did you check fuse 28 with the ignition on?
  8. Sounds like what happened to my 09 mkx. Ford replaced the fan assembly. (Can't advise on costs as replaced under extended warranty). When you're driving, the airflow through the radiator is sufficient to exchange the heat from the a/c. But when you're driving slow or idling, there is no air forced through the radiator and the airflow has to be generated with the electric fans. (If the fans fail, fairly common failure in the 1st gen, the a/c system high heat sensor turns off the compressor to prevent damage). Easy way to test is to turn on MAX AC and see if both fans are running. If not, the fans have failed. They both come out together on a subframe assembly. Make certain you replace only with Motorcraft as aftermarket have known to be problematic.
  9. I was going to be a smart ass and talk about how you open the glove box and push the button that sticks out on the left side real fast until the generator charged up enough to light the bulb. But I figured you would get miffed and so I didn't. Powered off the interior lighting circuit. I'd pull the box out, unplug the light and test independently for operation. Or you can test it while still attached by pushing the button that sticks out on the left, real fast, until ..... (good afternoon for margaritas).
  10. I think it depends on whether you initiate the text screen or the system initiates it. When I'm listening to the Sirius and get a text message, it switches to the message screen. After it finishes it switches back to the previous screen. If I switch to the message screen, it stays on until I switch it to another function like CNN or whatever.
  11. enigma-2

    Media hub fuse

    Check your fuse for Sync modules. Think its #29 in passenger compartment fuse panel.
  12. enigma-2

    Sony stereo

    If you're talking about over-the-air reception, surround requires a much better signal than regular radio. Perhaps its just dropping out of signal strength? These shark fin antenna's are questionable. I know they're base loaded, but just can't beat a 1/4 wave.
  13. Put the audio system in the speaker all around test and see if your subwoofer is working. My THX has great bass.