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  1. Peter520

    DIY oil changes

    I'm new to the world of forced induction so I have some interest about oils in ecoboost engines. In no way am I doing the 10K mile oil change as noted in the manual, call me crazy. I am not even 100% comfortable with 5K miles on the motorcraft synthetic blend. So, I have been searching the subject for a few months now. Outside this forum, it seems Castrol Magnatec (now also full synthetic) is popular with ecoboost users and I'd like to bring it up here. Anyone have good or bad info on this oil? Yes, there are many good synthetics out there and yes everyone has an opinion. I have some time to do my first DIY oil change which would be #2 for the vehicle itself. (first oil change was free at the dealer) I do consider our use as severe since it's mostly used on short trips within the city.
  2. Peter520

    Just discovered a 17 Edge followed me home!

    I'd love to find driving lights. We had a pretty good storm one night and the headlights barely lit up the road.
  3. Peter520

    Howdy y'all

    Thank you.
  4. New member here. I installed HIDs last fall in my '17 Edge and worked great till we hit about 0 degrees while visiting Minnesota (road trip from KC) for Christmas; neither bulb lit up. I didn't know/notice till the trip home in the evening. Thankfully I kept the OEM bulbs with me but I think I'll stay with the halogen bulbs and not have to worry about headlight failure on a family trip. I don't know if was the bulbs or ballasts that couldn't handle the cold. All I know is after that cold night, it didn't work. Other than that, it was in the teens before failure.
  5. Peter520

    Howdy y'all

    ‚ÄčI find myself checking out YouTube videos about our newish ride, 2017 Edge 2.0, decided to register here for additional information. I'm also a giver but I have a lot to learn about this vehicle and I like to know my cars. I work on my own for the most part for two reasons: Saves money and I get some enjoyment out of it. My dad is a Ford man so I've been around Ford trucks all my life and I helped wrench since I was 2. Okay, I handed him tools at 2 but worked my way up and now he asks me for advice on these new cars since I have computer/technical knowledge and learned other things along the way. Peter is my name. 2017 Edge SEL 2.0 AWD