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    2019 Ford Edge ST Towing

    Enigma, thank you so much. Yes on my edge I have completed the general maintenance for oil change and trans fluid. My edge only have 34 k mile son it. Also I just got new tires roughly a month ago.(265/40/R21). I live in Michigan, and traveling roughly 3 hrs north, and if you know Michigan its pretty flat :). You have any knowledge of exceeding the tongue capacity any? EDGE ST is 350 lbs. I think I would be 375 lbs?. Thanks.
  2. jjerisk

    2019 Ford Edge ST Towing

    Thank you for sending this. My Ford ST already has a class 2 towing package on with the 4 pin connector. I need to rewire it with 4 pin to 7 pin so I can use electric brakes on the camper. I have already bought that kit off amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002Q80GS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 My main concern is towing a 3200 lb camper. I don't want to exceed my tongue capacity or damage my vehicle. Any help would be great? Thanks, Joe
  3. I am looking at towing with my Ford edge ST. It has the class 2 towing package with the 2" rec. Per the OEM's standard: Max towing capacity: 3500 lbs. Max tongue capacity 350 lbs. I need to get wiring and brake controller for the 4 pin to 7 pin so I can control the electric brakes on a camper. My questions has anyone on here haul a camper before with their edge? if yes, what kind of camper? I am looking at hauling a camper with a dry weight of 3000 lbs, and I am not adding and fluid and bring a max of 200 lbs of cargo. The GVWR of the edge is 5700 lbs. Any helps or details would be great. Thanks, Joe
  4. Hello,I am looking for the part number for the large plastic splash guard under my car that covers the front the engine. Mine has cracked, and I would like to replace it.Can anyone help me with this?I have a 2012 Ford Edge 2.0 L Eco boost.
  5. Hello, I am looking for the part number to order online for the large plastic splash shield under my cover that covers the oil pan? Any help here on what the part number is or a reference on where I can buy it?
  6. Thank you. Do you know the part number for this assembly ? It doesnt show up any where online.
  7. The v6 engine has la different ocation for this purge valve. I watched this whole video, and went to my car and couldnt find it!
  8. Hello everyone, Last week I have a Code ( check engine light come up) on my 2012 Ford edge SEL. I have 2.0 eco boost. I went to auto zone and the code that was read stated I need a canister purge valve. I bought the valve on rock auto. Today I tried to install this & I looked all over online and within my engine. I can not find where to install this thing. ANY HELP?????? I have attached the picture on the canister purge valve I have bought. Thanks, Joe