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    engine cleaner

    Hello, Is it safe to use a bottle of Techron Complete Fuel System cleaner in my Edge. It's an eco boost engine, so I think it is turbo. Appreciate any info.
  2. Hi, My 2015 Edge had a P1450 code showing. Dealer changed EVAP vent solenoid. Same code came back and they changed it a second time. That repair lasted 6 days and now I have a P1451 code. Appreciate any knowledge of what this is.
  3. kenthurgood

    2015 Edge P1450 Code

    I bought a 2015 Ford Edge SEL AWD 2.0 ecoboost, certified on a GM dealership lot. Vehicle has only 45,000kms, but is over the 3 year warranty. Being certified on the GM lot, they say it has 3 month 5,000km full warranty. Within a week of purchase, check engine light came on and this has been an ongoing problem for over 3 weeks. First, the GM dealer claimed that their tech for Fords was on holidays, then when he did return and found the problem to be the rear purge valve above the fuel tank, they said they had to get in touch with the Ford dealership the vehicle first went into service at. Funny thing, although 95 kms apart, both dealerships are owned by the same family. When I went to see why I had not been contacted this week as promised, I was told the person looking after this was on holidays this week and this would be cleared up next week. I understand some emission items have a longer warranty. Should I just go to a different Ford dealer and will this be covered by Ford. I have read online of how major a repair this is. Appreciate any knowledge.
  4. Thanks, I know I can have both, but that setup does away with my having the tach,temp and fuel all showing on the left side.
  5. Hi, Is there a setting that will allow me to have my odometer and miles to empty side by side, like they have in the Nissan Murano. Please don't take offence and say, if you want that, buy a Murano. Appreciate any info.