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    *UPDATED Livernois Tune for Edge Sport*

    What other mods do you have? And did you have them at 14.2? 13.4 is blazing.
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    No options

    Given Supply and Demand, aftermarket manufacturers have to wait for the there to be some demand before they start making products if they want to stay in business. In this case, enough STs have to be sold, to people that want to modify their vehicles (and void their new car warranty most likely), that will buy the product to make any money. There aren't really that many parts avail for the 2.7 from previous years. Those on this Forum excluded, there likely aren't THAT many people who want to modify their Edge for performance, from a "business opportunity" standpoint. Having owned my own business, you don't just start "cranking things out" without a market it takes a LOT of work.
  3. Edge E

    Edge ST features & improvements over Edge Sport

    Are there any tests yet where the HP pans out to better performance? It is possible the Sport already had the extra HP/Torque. Drove the MKX before buying the Edge, and there was zero difference on the ass dyno for both 2.7TTs. Would not be the first time a company has done this to "upsell" a more expensive product.
  4. Going to add...which points to the "no real difference" theory........ the new Edge ST is no faster than the Edge Sport, and in fact is slower..... With an 8 speed and more hp/torque something is not right. I think the Edge Sport 2.7 is/was underrated. I will say this...octane makes a big difference. It is possible that the MKXs I drove did not have 91 or above in them.
  5. Correct. Why i mentioned the engines. Specifically, the horsepower/torque difference doesn't pan out in test results. Having driven both, and owning the Edge Sport, the Edge feels and tests faster. By the way, if you check the stats, there isn't any weight difference. I'm wondering if the numbers are fudged. Wouldn't be the first time that a manufacturer has underrated a non-upscale engine vs. the upscale version. Could be gearing-haven't checked. Wondering if anyone knows for sure.
  6. Is it tuning? Or is there actually a difference? The numbers always seem to favor the Edge. Something seems fishy.