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    Maintenance To Awd

    It isn't leaking. I am familiar with that racket as I had a seal replaced at about 50000KM. So that was the last time it had been checked or filled. The fluid that was in there was just basically goop. I will been changing it several times over the next couple of weeks until I get that old stuff out of there. And yes. Approx 90k miles.
  2. Yamaspeed

    Maintenance To Awd

    Hello. I have 2010 with 143000km. I just finished changing all of the fluids. It took me a week to get through that as well as some other maintenance (spark plugs, fuel pump). I was driving in between each of the maintenance windows. What I noticed was that the litres per 100km had increased a lot over the last 10000km. Each fluid change did have a positive effect but the economy was still bad. That is until I changed the PTU fluid (which was empty) and the RDU fluid. Like magic the fuel economy came right back to normal if not better than before. I used Royal Purple synthetic 75/140 and the machine is like new. CHECK THAT PTU FLUID!
  3. Big thanks tot the OP for this writeup. My pump is making the exact same noise as noted above. Getting worse. sort of sounds like a wood chipper now. I ordered a new pump and will replace this week. Using a Napa Brand pump.
  4. I have a 2010 AWD Limited and it does have the access hatch. Weird.