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  1. Does anyone have a wiring pin-out for the PCM. The Chilton manual has the cluster.
  2. Hello, I received a used 2007 Edge SE from my sister for free because of the expected cost to repair. The issue that was diagnosed at the garage it was taken to was for the infamous ignition coil failure-pcm burnout. I drove it onto the trailer to tow it and drove it back off with no issues starting. I then sent the PCM to Circuit Board Medics in SC to be repaired and ordered new coil packs and spark plugs. Once i received everything I took my time replacing the coil packs and plugs and had everything back together before even putting the PCM back into its slot. After connecting it I turned the key to ignition and tried to start... no crank. I checked all my connections, fuses, tried both keys. The PATS light is flashing code 1-6. When I called CBM they ran me through troubleshooting that included fuses, connections, and looking for bent pins, no luck. I then sent my Instrument Cluster, both keys and PCM back to them to make sure the PATS wasn't the issue. They call to tell me everything works on their end and that when they put them in their Edge to test it, it fired up right away. They informed me that it could possibly be the immobilizer ring around the ignition. After getting everything back and in the vehicle I unplugged the immobilizer ring and the PATS code changed to what looked like 1-1, so I am assuming the ring works like it should. I connected my battery to my running Flex to make sure I had enough juice in the battery. I checked my grounds and sanded the paint and reconnected them. Replaced all the fuses associated with the PCM including #33. Also while trying to diagnose what I did wrong I tried to connect my OBDII scanner and it would power on, but not link to the PCM. Tried another scanner, same thing. Tried both scanners on my 2015 Flex and 1999 CR-V, both worked just fine. My wife knows the wife of a Tech at the local Ford dealer and tried to explain the issue while I was at work and he was under the assumption that the keys needed to be reprogrammed. So before I take it to Ford any thoughts? The PATS code 1-6 means no connection between cluster and PCM correct? With all the symptoms and things I have tried I'm inclined to believe it isn't a key programming issue. I know this was a long read but I have been steadily searching online for everything I can think of for the last 2 weeks and I'm stumped... Hopefully someone can come to my rescue on this.
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